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Western civilization is a consequence of three things: The European nations, Christianity, and the Graeco-Roman legacy of philosophy and law. To restore it, anything and everything that stands in the way of those three things has to go. The elite narratives that are designed to subvert and undermine the three pillars of the West must be rejected. These include “civil rights”, “civic nationalism”, “social justice”, “equality”, and “feminism”, and “racism”.

The Highway Of Tears: A Canadian Road Where Dozens Of Women Vanish – GQ The story of the Highway of Tears begins in the autumn of 1969. Gloria Moody was a 26-year-old mother of two, originally from the nearby town of Bella Coola – a name that roughly translates as ‘stranger’ in Heiltsuk, the local indigenous language. She was looking forward to a weekend away with her parents and brother, when she went missing; her badly beaten body later found by hunters on a cattle trail. Her murder had remained unsolved for almost 30 years when, in 1998, a local police officer visited the family to give them their only update on the case – there were only three main suspects to the crime, and by then they were all dead. The killer has never been found.

“Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Heres Tom with the Weather.” ― Bill HicksThe Last Unknown Man | Early one summer morning, Son Yo Auer, a Burger King employee in Richmond Hill, Georgia, found a naked man lying unconscious in front of the restaurant’s dumpsters. It was before dawn, but the man was sweating and sunburned. Fire ants crawled across his body, and a hot red rash flecked his skin. Auer screamed and ran inside. By the time police arrived, the man was awake, but confused. An officer filed an incident report indicating that a “vagrant” had been found “sleeping,” and an ambulance took him to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Savannah, where he was admitted on August 31, 2004, under the name “Burger King Doe.”
A man standing I’m not a civic nationalist or an equalitarian. Unlike the President, I care no more about “lowest black unemployment ever” than I do about “highest Sri Lankan per capita income ever” or “highest Tibetan marriage rate ever” and I very much disapprove of the way in which white society is taxed to subsidize societies that cannot support themselves economically. I expect the whole 400-year endeavor to end very badly for everyone involved.

These Are the Highest Resolution Photos of Snowflakes Ever Captured To deal with the problem of melting, the microscope had a cooling stage that kept the snowflakes from vaporizing too quickly, giving Myhrvold more time to capture and focus-stack images. The camera was paired with short-pulse, high-speed LED lights, typically used for industrial purposes, to reduce the heat they put out and increase the speed he was able to capture images. With this innovation, the camera has a minimum shutter speed of 500 microseconds.

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  • John The River November 21, 2020, 6:38 AM

    Hi, my name is John and I am a Fox News junkie.

    It has now been two weeks since my last time ‘tuning in’ Fox News.
    I think I’m gonna be OK!
    Thank You.

  • Rob De Witt November 21, 2020, 7:06 AM

    In re the t-shirt salesman: Even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and again.

  • Stargazer November 21, 2020, 8:40 AM

    Pictures of those snow flakes (not to be confused with the college “snow flakes”) are wonderful. Thanks!

  • Kevin in PA November 21, 2020, 8:50 AM

    Loved the snowflake photos!

    The disturbing story of the Highway of Tears reminds me of the Green River Killer – Gary Ridgeway, but there have been others. In the Pacific NW and in the Canadian Pacific region seems to be a higher than ordinary number of these incidents. Ted Bundy also committed several of his murders in the greater Seattle area. In the North Cascades of Washington, there were periodic findings of bodies or body parts turned up in the forest or rivers, even after Ridgeway was caught. Creepy stuff. In B.C. there were a couple of pig farmers that had been discovered to be killing young women and then feeding them to their hogs, circa 1990s or early 2000s. Is there a nexus between the low light levels and some people’s evil actions? Not making excuses, but it seems odd to me that there are so many cases like these in that part of the world.

    Oh, and John, congratulations on dissolving your relationship with the toxic fake news crowd. Best of luck in your recovery. You will be fine. I hear NewsMax is gaining followers since the Fox News betrayal.
    I also hear, though I am not a social media user, GAB and Parler are gaining in popularity mostly because they don’t censor views with which they do not agree. It’s past time that the political right in this country get their own new channels, radio stations and other media outlets and run them like real news should be, ie. investigative journalism, report facts and not opinion, be the people’s watch dog of government.

  • BJM November 21, 2020, 12:00 PM

    Kipling hit the nail on the head in 1919.


  • PA Cat November 21, 2020, 3:10 PM

    Kevin in PA notes the clustering of serial killers “in the Pacific NW and in the Canadian Pacific region.”

    Two more: Robert Yates, who killed at least 16 women in Spokane and Walla Walla in the 1970s and 1980s; and Randy Kraft, the gay serial killer who murdered and mutilated at least 67 men (about half of whom were straight) up and down the Left Coast at the same time Yates was active in Washington. Kraft’s M.O. was to pick up male hitchhikers and offer them alcohol spiked with Valium or some other sedative; once they were unconscious, he castrated and killed them, then dumped the bodies along freeways. Kraft had a special fondness for Marines. At his trial in 1989, Kraft said that male hitchhikers in general were easy victims because “men don’t usually think something bad might happen to them; and parents who would never let their daughters hitchhike aren’t concerned about their sons.”

    Apropos of Canada’s Highway of Tears, here is an Australian documentary on the subject:

  • Rob De Witt November 21, 2020, 4:51 PM

    If you truly have to have a teevy in your house, get you one of those with an “off” switch.

    Baby steps.