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Strange Daze: Why is there never a cruise missile around when the world needs one?

If you don’t like masks or lockdowns, tell me…what do you think is more effective? Angrily harassing shoppers and diners? Or canvasing for Larry Elder in the recall? Those MAGA morons could be out there working for the recall or collecting signatures to defeat Soros. But no. They wanna brawl. Because that’s what MAGAs have become: apologists for unrest.  With Friends Like MAGA… – Taki’s Magazine – Taki’s Magazine

Fruited Fates from the Far East:  How Taiwan Will Fall into Beijing’s Lap, Like an Overripe Mango, 

Riddle me this:   How is the Delta Variant Spreading If There is No Direct Delta Variant Test?

Man Getting Evicted Wishes There Were Some Way He Could Go Out And Exchange His Labor For Money To Pay Rent |

Cat to Cobra, “Fuck you and the honey badger you rode in on.

Easy Riders: It’s Not a Self-Driving Car Unless You Can Sleep In It

Sell This Book! |   A close reading of the lawsuit indicates that what these publishers are looking to achieve is an end to the private ownership of books—not only for the Internet Archive but for everyone.

Don’t be a slimy secretive billionaire chunk of evil: Google Founder Larry Page Secretly Got Residency in New Zealand  Page, worth an estimated $121 billion, is just the latest tech billionaire to be revealed as having secret residency or citizenship in the island nation, which has been attracting wealthy westerners who see it as a place to flee if society truly collapses from climate change, rampant disease, “pitchforks” for the rich, or any other host of problems.

Squirrel Parkour Artists Are as Smart as They Are Athletic – 

How giraffes deal with sky-high blood pressure

When the British Wanted to Camouflage Their Warships, They Made Them Dazzle Smithsonian Magazine

Going up… going way way up…   Space Elevators: How a sci-fi dream could be built today

The changing art of the subeditor: ‘You had to read the type upside down’ 

 The Great Retreat begins  The US military is in far worse shape than even its biggest skeptics comprehend, and these retreats, from Afghanistan to Ukraine, are taking place in order to hide the US military’s lack of capability. With the prospect of a vaccine mandate being forced on an unwilling military by an unelected commander-in-chief, the US military will be fortunate if it doesn’t fall apart faster than Creepy Joe’s eyes light up after catching sight of a child in the crowd.

Raconteur Report: And This Is Why You Flunked Logic 101   Countries with the highest vaccination rate have the highest infection rate. The US, with something like 60% vaccination, has an infection rate of maybe 10%. Mexico’s infection rate is reportedly something like 2%. But their death rate is 10 times higher in Baja California, than in American-side Califrutopia, right next door. Yes, medical care in Meh-hee-co sucks balls, unless you’re rich. (A Ha! There’s one reason for the difference that has nothing to do with vaccinations!) But does anyone seriously think that the virus, which generally kills less than 3% of victims, is magically 5-10 times more deadly just from eating burritos and drinking horsepiss cerveza? That’s simply fucktarded stupid, contrary to actual science, logic, and common sense. What it should tell anyone with a basic issue of common sense, is that Mexico probably has 5-10 times as many cases as they’re reporting, (which ergo, nota bene, means their infection rate is as bad or worse than the US, even though their vaccination rate is in the piss-poor category, undoing the entire recockulous premise) but they have no money for testing, just like they have no money for treatment, nor vaccinations. So another 10-17M people with no to mild symptoms never got tested in Mexico, because they’re living barefoot, on beans and goat meat, and the local hospital uses reading goat entrails and chicken bones as a treatment modality, because the “doctor” there has a bone through his nose.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?  Word To Your Mother: A new Warsaw Ghetto Uprising is going to be a lot funnier with 1,000,000,000 guns in circulation, instead of 2.

Narrative Collapse The Covid crisis is not about official lying. Whole institutions are being discredited as they are employed to support a narrative that is increasingly implausible. Further, it is becoming clear that the system itself is infested with sociopaths. The narrative collapse regarding Covid is now calling into question the narrative of the Biden presidency and the regime that put him in office. The biggest victim of Covid may turn out to be the regime itself.

Cori Bush Hires Mercenary Army To Arrest Anyone Who Doesn’t Want To Defund The Police |   Bush has arrested thousands of Americans so far. Prisons are filling up quickly, but no worries: Bush says she is holding a protest to make sure violent criminals are released as soon as possible to make room for pro-police Americans.

One dogma of this new religion is that America “needs to have a conversation” about race. But Americans have been talking about race since at least the 1860s. Nobody is trying to avoid talking about race, but many are trying to control what is said. …

I am a descendant of slaves and a child of the Great Migration, but antiracists will tell you that I’m not really black. I suffer from internalized racism, they insist; I’m trying to “curry favor with white people.” They dismiss me and other black nonconformists as sellouts, traitors, or Uncle Toms who are “skinfolk, but not kinfolk.” Consider the slurs that the voices of “tolerance” have flung at Sen. Tim Scott since he gave the Republican response to Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.

What does it tell us about our “conversation” about race that the very people who demand it would exclude unconventional black thinkers like Thomas Sowell, Carol Swain, Shelby Steele, John McWhorter and the late Walter Williams? There is no rational debate in the church of antiracism, for it demands a blind faith. And it is punitive, for it is a religion without grace. — Voddie Baucham, “Why antiracism zealots are trying to silence black voices like mine”

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  • John the River August 10, 2021, 5:04 AM

    It cheers me to know that the million voices of Karen will quickly fall silent after the first real shots are fired. Those voices that cluck and nag and insult will emit the final click of jaws snapping shut as they scurry to their hiding places to await the resolution of the fighting.

    It is the now quiet and enduring silent ones whose action will shout out in a great voice.

    p.s. New Zealand isn’t really all that far away, and they have no army worth mentioning nor the interest to protect you.

  • Richard August 10, 2021, 7:05 AM

    It’s sorta cute that David Cole of Taki’s Magazine still evidently believes we have real, honest-to-goodness elections and equal application and protection of the Law. To wit: Those “MAGA morons could be out there working for the recall or collecting signatures to defeat Soros. But no. They wanna brawl.”

    Come now, David. Weren’t you paying attention during last November’s putsch? If anything Antifa and burn, loot, and murder were rewarded by an overwhelmingly corrupt cabal of mayors and bureaucrats in various “criminal justice” agencies. They, the unindicted criminals, have their game plan for all future “elections”.

    Want to know something else the Leftist scum learned, David? Their axiomatic belief that, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”, was affirmed and ratified.

    But fine, David, that’s not how we roll. So we’ll just go on being that roly-poly clown that gets right back up after being punched down. We’ll get right on those petition drives and collect gazillions of signatures and present them to the election officials so as to get them on the ballot. A ballot cast on a Dominion voting machine, so absolutely no worries there, David.

    And if our petitions are denied, why we’ll just take the bastards to court. That’s where we’ll show ’em, David. And after devoting tens of thousands of man-hours and spending a similar amount of dollars, some Leftist-scum judge will show us the door by denying us standing.

    Good grief! The democrats must be thanking their lucky stars for the caliber of the “opposition” they are confronting.

    As for the picture of the man who self-identifies as being a female; somehow it’s absolutely perfect and emblematic of the deceitful times in which we’re living. Gaaaaa!

  • Casey Klahn August 10, 2021, 8:11 AM

    David Cole, in Taki Mag. Noted that your nerdy friends could not figure out society 101. The cool kids get to riot, but you don’t get to. Y A W n. In a Color Revolution, just the riot (doesn’t matter whose side sez wut) serves the Left. You fight, you lose. You fail to fight, you lose. It’s 3-D chess, Mr Spock. Remember about “never get off the boat”? How about, “never go down to the riot”?

    I need to clean my guns.

    Taiwan. Mr. Fred, whose guiding light is Sun Tzu, I guess, looks at the strategic situation as a half-empty proposition. This is what comes from reading Chinese authors on war. I think he’s gone island happy. Instead of seeing the first chain of islands as individual nations weaker than China, a simple look at the map and geopolitics reveals that China has trade friends, but no actual allies. If China begins a kinetic event, it will lose the war. It can land on Taiwan, but oh the ass-kicking it will get. If we fight. Of course, if we don’t fight, it gets Taiwan. It comes down to political will what happens to Taiwan. Who would win at the operational level in a Taiwan war? Everybody and anybody but China.

    China is alone in a cold, miserable world. It sits ass-deep in its cold rice paddy, sipping its juice box and copying the art and tech. of the West.

    If you’re China, is the calculus of: You cannot win a world war, or even a regional war, militarily, more solvent than: fuck it, we’re China and we have passions?

    The best military author of our time, VD Hanson, has written that you don’t go to war on numbered calculations, you go to war because you’re either pissed, afraid, vain, or petulant. My own take is that if Taiwan goes down because we don’t defend her, then China gets Taiwan, but a geopolitical nightmare that will never end. I don’t know how you go from no friends to everyone is your enemy now. It’ll be interesting to watch.

    My brother-in-law was in Korea and Vietnam, in the US Army. He is one tough SOB (he’s in Forks, now). He is getting older, and now he’s telling me some of his war stories because he knows I will listen and understand them. It seems the Korean War had its own version of Tet, which is some commie holiday. The otherwise static front in Korea was going to have a party, commie horde suicide attack style. Chinamen and NORKS were going to debouch from their side of the valley, blow trumpets, raise hell, and bum rush the US Army guys on this side of the valley.

    My BIL explained how the artillery and air force cover the deep kill zone. Then, the direct fire cannons and tanks. The mortars and recoilless rifles. Now, you got your .50 cal machine guns, and then all the .30s. Seriously, an M1 Garand doesn’t get much fun in a battle like that, but you can pretty much just expend ammo and watch the fireworks. We left Korea as battle gods, but politically, Truman was a democrat. What else is there to say? A Democrat can fuck up a wet dream.

    My best advice to China is don’t start a shooting war that you cannot win. Suck cock in some political boardrooms – you types like that sort of shit, and it’s your only real path to your goals of increasing your power. I read rice bowls, though. Mine says you’re still China.

    My advice to the Dems is kill yourselves now.

    My advice to myself is to avoid that war. Oh, I’m 63 in a few weeks, and I already did avoid Vietnam and now this…GD I am one smart SOB. (I joined the army in 75, right after Vietnam got over). Anyway, a war, if there is to be one, is coming my way, and it’ll be far, far worse than the one we could have with China.

    Voting? I look back on a few scores of elections where either the Dems cheated and won, or didn’t cheat enough and lost. It’s all about the cheat. That’s why you cannot go on Twitter or TV and say there was cheating. Don’t fukn say there was cheating. Anyway, if they didn’t cheat, they’d have to shoot their way to power.

    Where is my cleaning rod? I think I’ll take an afternoon and sip bourbon and clean chambers and barrels.

  • Terry August 10, 2021, 9:09 AM

    I am with you Casey. The entire world is on edge and the commies are the first enemy. DC is a prime target zone.

  • James ONeil August 10, 2021, 10:26 AM

    Yea everything Casey said above!
    Excepting the bourbon, of course, guns get cleaner when sipping Jamesons.

    I will allow unbonded Georgia shine works well too, must be something about those Tennessee and Kentucky barrels that makes a tipple a wee bit off.

  • ghostsniper August 10, 2021, 1:23 PM

    I’ve sipped apple pie (the real stuff) while cleaning guns and the next day I had to clean em again.
    It starts off sippin then quickly evolves into gulpin’ (dam! that glass is too small) then the next thing you know it’s bottoms up!

    If I seen that long haired monstrosity in person I would most likely be jailed within the hour, if I survived the blueline hustle. But that degenerate would never waste air again.

  • nunnya bidnez, jr August 10, 2021, 3:22 PM

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again..
    I don’t believe Richard Levine actually cut off his dick to become Rachel Levine. I don’t even believe he’s taking hormones. I think he’s just dressing up in his mommy’s clothes.. Geeez he’s got bad taste in clothes too. I demand proof. If he’s going to make policy for the rest of us, then he can’t do so under the false pretenses that he’s a trans-sexual. If he still has his dick, and still has testosterone in his blood, then he is perpetrating fraud under color of law.

  • gwbnyc August 10, 2021, 3:36 PM

    can obama serve as VP?

  • jwm August 10, 2021, 4:44 PM

    If Mr. Levine had a single female friend, she would inform the poor dear that he’s wearing a hairstyle that most women give up at about nineteen years of age.


  • Joe August 10, 2021, 4:48 PM

    I don’t know what to make of the Raconteur guy (Aesop?). I have no serious quibble with his “Logic 101” post. He’s fun to read occassionally, but in some posts, he is adamant that the pandemic is real, that lockdowns were good (he praised Gov. Newsome for it) and that there should be “universal use of PPE”. Says he works in an ER in LA and that they were slammed during the kick-off of the COVID games. (I have no reason to doubt that.) He said they test every potential COVID patient for both the flu and COVID — I’m guessing the COVID test is the super-accurate PCR test. I have no idea how accurate the flu tests are. It’s uncommon to see someone who’s “on our side” that believes the pandemic is real, that lockdowns work and who calls for universal masking.

  • Dirk August 12, 2021, 4:29 PM

    You in California, had better convince ALL your associates to vote, via the recall! That fuckers the devil.

    Change can happen without shooting.