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Strange Daze: Sunday Snappy One-Liners

Hot Wheels: 1942 After the halt of automobile production and “freeze” of car sales, these 1942 Buicks were among the last new models the public could buy until the end of the war.

‘The Batman’ Delivers A Solid Superhero Entry But Fails To Comment On The Hardships Of Trans Lives In War-Torn Ukraine

VISA and Mastercard Will Announce The Next British Prime Minister Tomorrow at 4:00pm GMT

Russia Removed From Apple Maps

DeathShot Promoters – Western Rifle Shooters Association

Box of Human Heads Stolen

“Anyone they trust to inform them is someone they trust to control them.”

The Left Goes Full Orwell

Don’t be neoconned again

Who needs High School English when you can have Social Justice instead?

Putin threatens war on any third party creating Ukraine no-fly zones

The GOP is on the cusp of not just a red wave, but a generational political realignment, and this is when we start flirting with the 100 percent failure rate of neoconism?

When I Met Putin › American Greatness

How Capitalism Destroys Radical Movements | Nebula

What does it mean for Russia to break with the West? It is salvation. The modern West—where the Rothschilds, Soros, the Schwabs, Bill Gates and the Zuckerbergs triumph—is the most disgusting phenomenon in world history. It is no longer the West of Greco-Roman Mediterranean culture, the Christian Middle Ages, or even the violent and contradictory twentieth century. This is the graveyard of toxic waste of civilization—it is anti-civilization. And the faster and fuller Russia is disconnected from it, the sooner it returns to its roots. To what? Christian, Greco-Roman, Mediterranean—European—nm [?] that is, to the roots common with the real West. These roots—their very own!—the modern West has cut them off. And in Russia they have remained intact. “Wartime Remarks.” By Alexander Dugin  Dugin is exactly right. – Liberty’s Torch

The Blackening Of Europe In addition to having their major cities and capitals transformed into global cities dislocated from their nation-state, their blue and white collar jobs out-sourced, their wages and thus jobs undercut by cheaper immigrant labourers, their houses bought by transnational foreigners, their traditions and political culture undermined and altered to accommodate the plurality of immigrants’ ethnic identities and align with cosmopolitan visions of the future, their national identity scrubbed free of any notion of their ethnicity and descent, and their leaders and other European elites making and implementing ground-breaking decisions without democratic consultation, native Europeans are also not afforded special rights to protect, celebrate, and enhance their unique and collective ethnic identities and ways of life. Instead, they are compulsed into political subjection and silenced through various methods of state-enforced coercion such as multiculturalism, political correctness, and punishment of dissent.

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  • KCK March 6, 2022, 10:39 AM

    The Germany meme: it brings the funny. Because: irony.

  • gwbnyc March 6, 2022, 10:39 AM

    any gain, any advantage will be squandered and/or given away as always, and BFD, we’ll never get a straight vote again anyway.

    these pukes could have stood our ground.

  • Richard March 6, 2022, 11:20 AM

    Re: DeathShot Promoters

    The review of the adverse effects from the ClotShot is stunning. Pfizer et.al. had to know that the poison they had produced and were pushing was doing tremendous harm. When it became clear that there was something tragically untoward occurring as a result of these injections, they, the pharmaceutical industry, should have been screaming from the roof tops to stop their use immediately. Obviously, they did not then, nor have they since.

    Not being a lawyer, I can’t speculate as to how such a wanton dereliction of responsibility on their part might negate the indemnification from lawsuits they received from the government. Decisions were made and they cared only about the filthy profits they stood to make.
    Trial lawyers have had huge paydays with their successful litigation against the tobacco and asbestos industries, to name just two. It seems to me that potential awards could be colossal, with judgements against an industry which so ruthlessly killed, injured, or put at risk unsuspecting people who injudiciously trusted an industry with a history of doing harm. To soften that a bit, these same victims were denied full disclosure of potential harm, or were pressured into capitulating.

    Now, of course, the Ukrainian conflict comes along at an auspicious moment for an industry that could otherwise be under siege. With wartime reportage sucking the oxygen out of the room, the crimes committed may well go unreported and unpunished.

  • enn ess March 6, 2022, 11:41 AM

    Smoke & Mirrors, smoke & mirrors, we live in a world now consumed with distractions, innuendos, obfuscations, fiction, continuous lies, and smoke and mirrors. The truth is what anybody says it is. There is no difference between fiction and fact, it’s all “science” and none of it can be questioned.
    All I know is that the Sun rises in the East, (at last observation), and sets somewhere else, (I think), but exactly where is anybody guess.

  • MikeAustin March 6, 2022, 1:29 PM

    That Deep State fool who met Putin learned nothing from the encounter. But this Thomas Friedman wannabe decided to grace us with a long essay about his own consorting with “the best and the brightest”. His writing resembles an essay composed by a precocious high school kid applying to Harvard—and I had to read many such. The last part of his pompous and name-dropping blather says it all:

    “Who ever would have thought that puny spy I met in 1990 and ’91 would come to this demonic and utter evil?”

    My God, what a fool; what a dupe; what a blind ape. I hope he joins Graham and Hannity and Levin and calls for the assassination of Putin. Problem solved.

    • ghostsniper March 6, 2022, 2:28 PM

      You lasted longer than I did, Mike. I saw the signals early on (barbwire and minefields), but still pushed forward, then I go to the part about Bibles, Playboy’s and the insertion of fingers, and I seen no point in proceeding. It was a greatly embellished hit piece and simply a harsher version of what can be found in any CNN article. Essentially, an adult writer pretending to be a child.

      • Mike Austin March 6, 2022, 3:39 PM

        Or a child pretending to be an adult. He was writing to prove his membership in his tribe: “Russia! Russia! Russia!” And you are right about the CNN angle. My guess is that he was auditioning for a job there.

        This Ukraine business has certainly exposed those who pretended to be “on our side” to actually be allied with Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Romney, Obama and Soros. Barking seals like Hannity and Levin, had they any residue of honor, should leave the public stage forever. But they will not. It is and always has been about the money, not about honor.

        • ghostsniper March 6, 2022, 7:05 PM

          The divisions continue.

          Say, before the last election you had 10 “close” friends, as they say, and you thought all of you were on the same page.

          Biden stole the election and because of that you lost 2 of those close friends because they were for Biden. Now you’re down to 8 close friends.

          Covid came to town and 3 of your close friends saddled up and got the shots and now you are down to 5 close friends.

          Ukraine kicked up it’s heels and 3 more of your close friends took sides with the Ukes. You look around and see that what was 10 friends just 2 years ago is now 2 friends.

          Still 8 months til the election.
          How many friends will you have after 03 Nov 2022?

          I’ve been a loner all of my life but I’ve learned to tolerate people for brief periods. Part of the reason my wife and I have been married so long (38 years) is because neither of us can put up with a whole lot of other people. We have acreage and therefore lots of elbow room so we don’t get on each others nerves. Friends? I have a few but we rarely see each other. Maybe once a month, maybe 2 months. I’m good with that. Between my wife, my mutt, our cats and our occasional friends, I’m good.

          So they can keep dividing people as they see fit, it won’t bother me much. But I suspect this stuff is causing deep seated friction with many people. I’m going to keep standing back out of the way as this clown show proceeds.

          • Gnawbone Jack March 7, 2022, 2:10 AM

            Ghost that sounds about right to me; as mentioned before, avoid crowds.

          • Mike Austin March 7, 2022, 2:39 AM

            Your experience fairly echoes my own. I have been a loner all my life, though I have never been lonely—or sad, or depressed, or bored. And friends? Only two left. But they’re good ones.

            • ghostsniper March 7, 2022, 4:02 AM

              Mike, finally read your article on the Darien Gap.
              No doubt about it, you’re Batman!
              A good read, sort of felt like I was there with you, but without all the ticks, skeeters, and high humidity.

  • jwm March 7, 2022, 4:06 AM

    Excellent observation, Ghostsniper. Yeah, me too.
    More and more I find I have less and less in common with the few friends I have. There’s suddenly a lot of “I *heart* Ukraine.” going around. I’m staying quiet.
    Yesterday I rode with the monthly antique and classic bike ride in Long Beach. We made the tough climb over the bridge, and rode down to the Queen Mary. I had not been over there since the plague. Maybe they’re renovating, but the place was a shabby mess. They’ve had a Russian submarine docked next the to QM for a long time, now. I never did take the tour. The sub was a vandalized wreck. Someone even managed to break what little glass there was on the thing. The whole place looked like what it was- an abandoned amusement park. I noticed that the sub was a mess.
    I heard, “We outghta’ send it back to Putin, and drop it on his head.”
    I didn’t say shit.


    • Mike Austin March 7, 2022, 5:12 AM

      Sometimes “not saying shit” says a lot of shit. Silence keeps me out of trouble. It has come to a point where, if strangers ask my opinion of something, I never reveal it. “I don’t know” goes a long way. The only place I actually reveal my thoughts is here at American Digest.

    • KCK March 7, 2022, 6:08 AM

      We saw that Sove Sub, too. We stayed on the Queen for a night. I wonder what condition she’s in, now? Bad, I’ll bet, since the place was left to the ghosts for 2 plus year. I note the vaunted navy hospital ship that deployed for the Covidz was docked next the the Queen for a short time. What an absolute joke that was!

      Glad you’re getting out on the bike!

  • Tom Hyland March 7, 2022, 8:05 AM

    I read the whole thing… the Theodore Malloch article about his memories of the end of the USSR and the communist experiment. Looks like the US wants to try it on us, maybe they can make it work out this time. Malloch sounds extremely envious of the card sharks who made a killing when these markets opened and now he’s placing his job resume thinking he can finally get a cut of the action.

    I passed into East Berlin on July 4, 1983, at the Friedrichstrasse Metro, and what I saw was a lot of gray peeling paint, bare lightbulbs, and a border guard w/ german shepherd on a chain pointing Western visitors to the customs window. Strange holiday to visit the Iron Curtain but that’s just how it was. I had to purchase $50 worth of DDR currency which felt like cheap stationery. I visited the first big museum nearby which held that bust of Queen Nefertiti. Then I started hiking. What I witnessed was an abundance of repaired buildings where bullet holes had been refilled like a calico quilt. There was only one auto available, the Soviet Trabant, which looked a lot like a Ford Fiesta. I kept on walking and walking. Now the buildings weren’t repaired. About 15 blocks further east there were few pedestrians, weeds were growing out of cobblestones and trees were growing out of windows and roofs. It looked like the Russians had just left town post-WWII. I had a pocket full of cash and thought maybe I’d find some lunch item to purchase for sandwiches. A bread shop had a line of 10 people. Then I went to a cheese shop and stood behind 20 people. Some salami would have been nice but the meat shop line was about 75 long. Fuck it. I found a pub and purchased a pitcher of some excellent beer. Sat outside and wrote postcards for a couple of hours. I had purchased the creepiest cards I could find, an Otto Dix painting of vultures flying over a war-ravaged cityscape.

    The whole of the Eastern Block fell because of a lack of money. If they couldn’t afford to keep East Berlin repaired then they hadn’t a pot to piss in. I believe what truly prompted the demise was the advent of the video camera. People were filming the grocery stores and shiny avenues of the West and the prisoners of the East finally could see how they had been lied to. Their politicians could no longer contain the angry herd with the tale “We are protecting you from the Western Evil.” Nightfall came and I walked up out of that Metro to the brilliance of sexy seductive West Berlin knowing that the inhabitants behind me are not allowed to walk these streets. Mr. Malloch is a liar and a shill for the Deep State. He knows what stolen prosperity is and he wants to become a cherished member of the “Big Club”… that club that George Carlin told us “we” don’t belong to. Everybody wants the freedom to live and Putin is pulling off a daring rescue for Russia. The evil in Ukraine is a Biden/Pelosi/Schumer racketeering mob and NATO invasion that Putin is snuffing dead. I applaud.

    • Hoss March 7, 2022, 1:30 PM

      Tom- Thanks for your insight, I think I would have enjoyed a trip into East Berlin at that time. What a great and eye-opening experience for you. I too grow tired of the constant BS because I think by the 12th hour after the Russians moved on Ukraine, I had a good grasp as to how they were going to frame the narrative in regard to the Ukrainian leadership. I never knew they were a bunch of Eagle scouts just looking out for the Ukrainian people. Choirboys all! Our corrupt politicians have been raping that country for years along with Zelensky and his cronies and the only person I have seen on TV question what is going on is Tucker Carlson. Quite a few more on the web are, but the types that watch CNN are not going to read the latest from the likes of James Kunstler or anyone else like him. I recommend his latest. Zelensky is tied to the WEF and that right there is a red flag at least for those who are paying attention and George Soros has been throwing around money in that country for 20 years. I wish Putin had not pulled the trigger on this, but I sure understand why he did.

      • Tom Hyland March 7, 2022, 3:37 PM

        Howdy Hoss. Yeah, a stroll through the wasted landscape of East Berlin was an experience I wish everyone could have seen. Folks have told me that it was amazing that I walked so far inwards without being detained or beaten. I too read Kunstler, every Monday and Friday, and he’s made quite an about face being he still professes to being a Democrat. Surely, not so much anymore? I posted this link the other day and am not sure anyone saw this, but this is comedian JP Sears delivering one his best reports ever throwing a sharp focus upon the WEF dark lord and his underlings… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G3nWyoQ5CQ

        • Hoss March 7, 2022, 9:46 PM

          Sears does a great job laying it out there. I had heard of blackrock buying up single family homes but had no idea of the tie in with our future masters from the WEF. Klaus is power mad for sure but his little “advisor” is demonic. I think we are going to need a lot of the bravery Sears talks about in the coming days. Thanks for the link. I sent it to several people. That needs to be seen by millions.

  • James ONeil March 7, 2022, 8:20 AM

    Read on the web today: Russia is cut off from CNN, Porn Hub, Facebook. The US is working on depriving them of MacDonalds and Coca Cola, If they keep this up Russians will soon be the healthiest, best adjusted, well informed people on the planet.

    • Vanderleun March 7, 2022, 8:25 AM

      He shoots! He scores! Nothing but net!

    • ghostsniper March 7, 2022, 1:13 PM

      Now if Putin could just get the US in line as well.

  • Dirk March 8, 2022, 8:22 AM

    Amusing! Good one James.