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Strange Daze: Opulence, I Has It

The Bagwan speaks…

“Naturally a government of such massive size and influence must be staffed. Huge edifices must be constructed, bureaucracies created, directives issued and laws written. Hundreds of thousands of new jobs will become open as these agencies begin to function. You might wonder what sort of people will be attracted to these new centers of power and influence. Easy answer: The same sort of people who are attracted to the Internal Revenue Service, Environmental Protection Agencies and Departments of Education—petty busybodies, grim manipulators, and small-minded paper pushers. These types will exert more direct control over your life than any religion ever could. Indeed, this motley throng will become the new priesthood of the new America. – The Laughter Of Future Men | The Return Of Scipio March 26, 2009

Raconteur Report: Something To Occupy Your Mind On A Lazy Saturday: This Is A Drill The pre-Revolutionary militia standard was ready to mount or march, 60 seconds, with musket, powder and shot, water, one day’s ration, bayonet, and hatchet. In 60 seconds, at your front door, or beside your saddle mount. It’s still a damned good standard.

Resurrecting the Spudnut, America’s Forgotten Halloween Treat Mr. Spudnut, a bow-tied anthropomorphic doughnut, served as the mascot for the burgeoning chain, hawking doughnuts made with “a special blend of finest wheat flour, powdered whole eggs, specially prepared potatoes, milk solids and other vital ingredients, all mixed and blended perfectly to the secret Pelton formula.”

Jupiter’s Icy Moon Europa Glows in the Dark

bookofjoe: In the shadow of Mt. Fuji The shadow in the photo above extends for 15 miles.

Is somebody at the door? I thought I heard the bell.

Are we in the grip of a mass psychosis? – The New NeoLeClerc on October 7, 2021 at 12:43 pm said: Yea – we are in the midst of a fever dream. A bat-bitten drooling fool, who hops about with his left foot ensconced between his dentures, spouts spittle-flecked fantasies of grandeur. His dear and glorious physician spouse prescribes pizza slices for troops who slumber on concrete floors. His noble son – our contemporary heir to Rembrandt – impregnates Arkansan exotic dancers, and smokes crack with Russian ladies of easy virtue.

Meet the BOSS, the Largest Structure in the Universe (So Far) Astronomers recently discovered a wall of galaxies 1 billion light years across, larger than anything else yet identified in the cosmos

China is a declining power—and that’s the problem | American Enterprise Institute … on the other hand, just suppose …. Suppose both China and the US are in decline … | South China Morning Post

How to Recover from Pandemic-Induced Mind Fog Being 21st-century consumers, we are at all times exposed to conditions that probably contribute to mind fog or other forms of malaise. We’re full-time subjects in many mad science experiments: industrialized food, noise pollution, overabundant passive entertainment, decreasing face-to-face interaction, increasing employer demands, blue-light-emitting screens, over-identification with news and world events, lack of physical activity, separation from nature, separation from community, and many more well-known and well-discussed pitfalls of modern life.

‘Woodnest’ Cabins Are Tiny Tree Houses in This Norwegian Forest

Is There Any “Science” Behind Covid Mask Mandates? — Manhattan Contrarian Of the three studies that provided statistically significant evidence in intention-to-treat analysis that was not contradicted within the same study, one found that the combination of surgical masks and hand hygiene was less effective than hand hygiene alone, one found that the combination of surgical masks and hand hygiene was less effective than nothing, and one found that cloth masks were less effective than surgical masks. In simple terms, it’s nothing, nothing and nothing. Not a single one of the 14 RCTs showed a statistically-significant benefit from mask wearing.

Never Yet Melted » Is It Any Wonder That Ordinary People Are Losing Confidence in the Expertise of the Credentialed Elites? ”Charles,” said Cordelia, ” modern Art is all bosh, isn’t it?” ” Great bosh.” —  –Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited, 1945. Representatives of the international credentialed elite are in the natural order of things in charge of our cultural institutions. They are responsible for the custodianship and ongoing cultivation of the artistic heritage of our civilization.

SWEET METEOR OF DEATH MISSES EARTH. DAMN! The huge asteroid nobody saw coming – The vast majority of asteroids come in from the outer solar system, either the asteroid belt or the Ort Cloud. That allows us to detect them early if we’re being vigilant. This one came in close to the sun, blinding our telescopes and not giving us a hint of its arrival until it was basically upon us.

The Collapse of Biden’s World – The fate of large parts of the U.S. economy consequently depends not on regulatory actions in Washington but on bureaucratic decisions in China. The global world that Joe Biden had hoped to inherit is falling apart right under him, like a comedy car shedding its parts as it rattles down the road. As Niall Stanage of the Hill put it, “President Biden’s biggest vulnerability isn’t any single issue. It’s the risk that he could be seen as losing control of events.”

Apathy Becomes Us @ The Return Of Scipio “Apathy is the great enemy of self-rule. Indeed, it is absolutely antithetical to it. Apathy allows all sorts of grotesqueries to rise to power—which explains vermin like Barney Frank and Harry Reid. Only an apathetic people would allow such men to ride herd over them. It reveals a disinterest in public affairs that no Republic can survive.” [2009]

BIGGEST GAINER Congratulations to Otis, Your 2021 Fat Bear Week Champion サ TwistedSifter

Destruction Tests Are Destructive ==Liberty’s Torch Societies sometimes undergo destruction tests as well. The willingness of a normally tolerant people to tolerate deviance can only be gauged through a destruction test. Weimar Germany fell in part because its deviates and libertines didn’t know where to stop. The normal German majority saw the Nazis as a path back to pre-World War I norms, although they got something quite different in the sequel. I’m beginning to think American society is undergoing a test of that sort.

DRIFTING ALONG WITH THE TUMBLING TUMBLEWEEDS… COVID-19’s latest odd side effect: ‘Restless anal syndrome’  As days passed, the patient observed that physical activity seemed to relieve his stressed anus, while lying low only increased his discomfort, which also spiked during the evening hours.

“Opulence – I has it.” – Hunter Biden

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  • lpdbw October 11, 2021, 7:42 AM

    There was a Spudnut store in Champaign, Illinois, during my college years.
    I loved that place, and their donuts.

  • Tom Hyland October 11, 2021, 11:24 AM

    There were eventually over 30,000 Spudnuts sitting in lotus position in front of the Bhagwan… more popularly known as Osho. He and his group took over Antelope, Oregon back in the 70’s and during that time he accrued something like 50 Rolls Royces. His daily promenade through the village was quite a scene. A bunch of Osho people came to Santa Fe after he was deported to India and they’re still here. Regardless of that physical spectacle, he spoke a lot of truth. In this video he says that unfortunately We The People are retarded. That’s the truth. Another moment of truth in a similar vein was delivered by George Carlin… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIraCchPDhk

  • Jack October 11, 2021, 11:26 AM

    The people are retarded but Joe Biden and his pals are more retardeder.

  • jwm October 11, 2021, 11:53 AM

    Joey Bumblefuck has all the same control as Howdy Doody. He raises his hand when the string is pulled, and speaks on command.
    Except he’s too stupid to do even that very well.


  • James ONeil October 11, 2021, 1:25 PM

    The Indian looking guy (I wouldn’t presume to assume his nationality in this day and age but perhaps judging appearance is OK in one doesn’t mention color, or gender .) notes the people are retarded,the new green apple holder viewing the two Canuks (Academy of Ideas) mass psychosis video. But she doesn’t think it’s a fair, correct analogy to schizophrenia or any other kind of psychosis, car wrecks, cyberfarm, great but strange daze!

  • ghostsniper October 11, 2021, 2:07 PM

    I’d like to read a news article tomorrow stating that Hunter Biden was found in an opulent hotel suite, early Sunday morning by hotel maintenance staff, that had been ransacked and his corpse was horribly mutilated with all manner of sharp blades and very hot instruments with the end result of him being completely disemboweled and his head pulverized by heavy pieces of furniture in the suite. This is the aftermath of his 4 day drug fueled binge with 2 200+ pound jamaican negress prostitutes that were flown in on Air Force 2 last week. The hotel manager claimed the bill had not been paid and the balance due was more than $27k including damages and his attorney says a lien will be placed on the whitehouse until the bill has been paid.

    • Casey Klahn October 11, 2021, 5:47 PM


    • James ONeil October 11, 2021, 5:47 PM

      I wouldn’t wish that on any human being, no matter how deranged, depraved and despicable.

      Hunter Biden though, give me 5 seconds to think about it.

      • gwbnyc October 12, 2021, 3:15 PM

        not trying to influence you, but would the loan of the keys to my Checker Marathon for a week have any bearing on your decision?

    • Jack October 12, 2021, 7:36 AM

      I think Hunter would love to go that way and it’s reasonable to think that it might just occur.

      On another note, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cafrJBvZi08

      • Jack October 12, 2021, 7:41 AM

        Never mind. Wrong vid.. YT pulled the segment of his pants ripping to reveal his engorged diaper.

  • Dirk October 11, 2021, 2:13 PM

    Bog wan and “ Sheila” had a political plan. They poisoned a City Council, gathered homeless from all over Oregon registered them to vote and took over the city. Voted and won,,,,,, Then they kicked all the homeless off bogwans compound, mostly to Bend and Hood River.

    Last I heard the compound was a church retreat. But then that was 10/12 years ago. Met Shelia, when she was in custody, at the Hood River Jail, for the poisoning incidents. Another lady also, I’ve forgotten the name. Brogan fled to India, he died some time back.


    • Mike Austin October 11, 2021, 3:55 PM

      I lived in Portland during the “Rajneeshee Era”. Like all “Eastern Mysticism” nonsense it was chock-a-block full of weirdoes, misfits, the unattractive, the disturbed, the mentally disabled, the creepy, the unwashed, the paranoid and the naturally felonious.

      It was strange, really. One day they were not there; the next, downtown Portland was filled with these creatures, every one festooned in red robes with a medallion of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh dangling from their necks. Robotic, repetitive, bizarre, as if they had emerged from some strange universe unknown to normal types. No one I knew could stand these perverse oddities. Most of the “Rajneeshees” were Caucasian Americans; or better, in Aristotle’s words, “natural slaves”.

      Like all false religions and world views, the Rjaneeshee movement collapsed into grotesquerie, law suits, mutual condemnation, violence and crass stupidity.

      All those who followed the Bagwan are still in Portland. They have morphed into the current insanity that infects that “City of Roses”.

    • gwbnyc October 12, 2021, 5:42 PM

      I thought the guy in the pic was that arab terrorist Obama killed with his playstation.

  • jwm October 11, 2021, 3:37 PM

    Best laugh of the day award.


  • PA Cat October 11, 2021, 4:25 PM

    Apropos of the 15-mile-long shadow cast by Mount Fuji: The mountain is known to generate clear air turbulence of surprising strength. In 1966 a BOAC Boeing 707 approached Mount Fuji as part of a two-week tour of Japan and Southeast Asia; the captain (an experienced pilot and WWII veteran) apparently wanted his passengers to get a good look at Japan’s iconic mountain. The result was a major disaster: the plane was literally torn apart by wind gusts that may have reached 140 mph, as the 707 was not designed to handle lengthy exposure to aerodynamic stress of that intensity. People living in a town at the base of Fuji could see the plane coming apart as it fell, one piece after another separating from the fuselage.

    There is a long read (with photos) about the accident titled “Over the Mountain: The Crash of BOAC Flight 911” at Deviant Art. One of the creepier aspects of the BOAC disaster is that a Canadian-Pacific DC-8 had crashed at the airport just the night before, and Flight 911 had to taxi past the smoldering wreckage of the Canadian plane as it prepared for takeoff. The author of the article notes, “[The BOAC crash] was an awe-inspiring testament to how powerful and destructive Mother Nature could be at times. Indeed, there is a saying in Japan about the strong winds around Mount Fuji: ‘When the sky is blue, Fuji is angry.’ A truly tragic crash becomes even sadder when you realize a captain’s kind and thoughtful gesture to give his passengers a memorable up-close and personal view of one of the most wondrous scenic landmarks of Japan ended up resulting in the destruction of the aircraft and the deaths of everyone on board.”


  • Mike Austin October 11, 2021, 4:45 PM

    Never heard of the Spudnut. But now I want one. No, that’s not true. I want a dozen.

  • Casey Klahn October 11, 2021, 6:34 PM

    I’ve been waiting for the chance to be on topic with my next China installment. The last thread was called Walkabout, which was a strategic reading of China just from a map analysis. IOW, it was the highest possible altitude look I was capable of taking by applying von Clausewitz and my limited but professional army training. That was here: https://americandigest.org/casey-klahn-goes-walkabout-on-china/

    The next level below a strategic analysis is an Operational Analysis, which is to look at how the war would play below the political level, and at the grand army level. The military shit, but at it’s highest order. Also, from the map.

    When you look on YouTube for this kind of analysis, you get a lot of whiz bang footage of missile ships and jet aircraft flying, Chinamen loading on and off of boats, and in the end you know less than you did going into the video about a potential attack on Taiwan. Everything you need to get started for your happy little journey into hell is available by looking at Taiwan, the South China Sea and the WestPac on a map.

    Remember that our strategic analysis was basically: China HAS no friends. One simply cannot fight a war, especially one of global import, without allies. China may have trade partners and some very creepy simps, but actually no one to stand with them. To their back is the highest mountain range in the world, and some fukn hot deserts and high plateaus, and godless nations lay beyond. To their front, is a large seascape filled with a fence of pissed off and very unfriendly nations, almost all of whom we have fought as Americans. Japan, Korea, The Philippines, Vietnam. We’ve been there, and we’ve done that. What sort of wars have the Chinese been fighting? Nothing since their Vietnam war – they fought ‘Nam after they helped them. They are the ultimate Blue Falcons.

    We’ve done that. With amphibious armadas the likes of which the world has never seen: thrown across the Pacific with might, supplies, big stinky navy seamen and marines, multiple battlewagons, carriers and submarines. Most of that is gone but what we do deploy now is a behemoth compared to what China fields. One carrier? maybe some in keel and maybe a helicopter carrier or two?

    Amphibious warfare. Our history of being shore attackers is more interesting for all the alley-fights that came before D Day, in Normandy. We made every possible error one could make, and then we shined for the last year and a half of WWII as the penultimate shore invasion force. While I’m saying this, I want you to apply the same to carrier operations: one does not simply go out on carriers and fly planes from them. It is a long apprenticeship. Now we are: experts.

    OK, back to Taiwan. The sea battle will take place SW of Taiwan. Look at the map and note how it is a bottleneck for any Chinese naval forces wishing to maneuver. Surface battle is maneuver warfare. O look! Here come the Aussies (all of a sudden we like them for the near term, again) and the Brits! Perhaps the New Zealanders. The Chinese will probably bump into one another trying to open up an invasion lane onto Taiwan.

    The war for Taiwan will be a naval war, which is an anachronism, to be sure. However, the concept that China will have to adopt will be to get ashore before anyone can react. They will need to harness, to “become” surprise. They will need to use secrecy. Surprise and Secrecy are 2 critical principles of war (Clausewitz) , and Probably the Chinese can succeed with that. Look at the virus. Look at a Chinaman. You can never tell what he’s thinking (never play him in cards). Look at our intelligence services. O God! You get the picture: at the operational level our CIA is probably building the enemy a bridge to Taiwan.

    OK, we are looking at the potential kinetics; who knows what the politicians are thinking, anyway? That’s outside of my pay grade. Naval battle, secret shore attack. Oh, you think the air forces will be decisive? Really? Taiwan is a big swelling rock and mostly a sea mountain, with some crowded urban areas facing in towards China. The East side of the island looks like it basically drops into the ocean, and has sparse urbanization. Everything decisive will happen on the West, China-facing side. No, you cannot bomb everything from the sky (it’s physics). The air force never decided a war, and they are daily butthurt over this. Sorry, aviators. let the navy and the army lift the weight. I don’t actually know what the put-ashore will entail, aviation wise. I suppose the idea will be to get in to the beaches before allied aviation can arrive, and to jam the shit out of their electronics and hope for the best. Anyway, like I said, it’s fun to watch jets bomb shit, but lets get back to the war.

    China gets ashore, with huge losses everywhere and at all times. It’s a matter of waves of seaborne, and a bit of air-inserted, infantry. Scared shitless, immature, Chinese infantry. Still with somewhere like 80-100 miles of sea to traverse from China to Taiwan, they will put ashore, if they can convince their troops to pile up dead upon dead. because they will be taking it in the ass from allied army, navy and air. I can visualize some hotshot allied troops putting ashore as counter to the Chinese army, because moving around in the airspace is a losing proposition.

    But, they won’t be able to sustain being ashore. They may capture and even level the Tiawanese capitol, but their army will basically stand on rubble. the object of dominating taiwan may be to literally destroy it. Hmmm. OK, maybe they can accomplish that.

    That was fun. When we used to do command and communication exercises at Ft Lewis, WA, the exercise would always end with the universal sign of a plus with an open center and a dot in the center of it. That is the military map symbol for: Nuke! Then, we’d get in our cars and go straight to the O Club for beer and steak.

    Summary: China will have to go balls out in a withering hellstorm of missiles, bullets and artillery shells to get on Taiwan, and their only operational thesis will be: destruction. If they do it, they must win or it’s curtains for China. From a maneuver standpoint, they have a simple task but it is fraught with danger, and their only hope is subterfuge, surprise and security (political and technological ass-covering).

    beer me.

    • ghostsniper October 11, 2021, 7:11 PM

      Just wait a few more months, the biden-commie team ain’t done yet, they’re just getting started.
      By Jan the US military will have the bite of a fagged out old hor to where a couple kids with BB guns will take it out for good.

      • casey October 11, 2021, 9:26 PM

        The thing about 300,000 troops to be discharged – that’ll become maybe 80k because they will get their vaxes. But, I agree any standing military will be cux in a matter of a few moths more. In a great irony, the Nasty Guard will be more manly than the regular army. Guardsmen, who used to be dirtbags avoiding Vietnam, are now dedicated and stalwart, because of their dual nature as civilians and military. Many are combat vets and in some cases more of those than in similar reg army units. Anyway, they will be a force when the balloon goes up. Also: veterans, like me, pissed-off and horny to fight and I mean for almost no provocation.
        IOW, the feds in DC have a serious problem if they want to try something stupid, like stopping the groceries and the gas.
        I wonder how I’ll look in a Civil War uniform? Answer: extremely pissed-off.
        My China analysis is based on a given of allies fighting China, but in Bizarro World, your guess is as good as mine. I’ll need a Bingo card for the crazy shit coming down the pike.

  • Casey Klahn October 12, 2021, 12:09 AM


    Beach: estrange and divide the beach approaches with clutter. Make infantry movement nearly impossible; physically hard and very costly emotionally.
    Shallow water: It’s a highly active CEW (counter electronic warfare) environment. In order to get missiles on boats, you need guidance. So, the Chinese will harden their counter to missiles, but then the counter to that is: small boats. Add to that unmanned boats and drones. Suck on that, China. It is rather hard to deliver follow-on waves when you cannot navigate around wreckage.
    Deep water: Try to fight the AnZacs, the Brits, the Japanese, and the US Navy all at the same time, in constricted space. We stand off: you sally forth. Fuck you.
    Airspace: who cares? The Chinese will be trying to advantage the air battle, but playing keep-up and defense the whole time. The overall advantage goes to the defense, and their air arm needs to cripple all other air forces in order to deliver. They will try to protect their initial landings but will do it sacrificially.
    Underwater: uhhhhhh. uhhhhh. I notice they did cripple one of out attack subs this past week with an “unknown” collision in the SCS. Interesting. It doesn’t matter because we can stand off with missile boats. Attack subs only support the surface fleet, and the allied surface fleet has the maneuver advantage. Suck it, China.
    Space: any questions?
    Intell: We lose in this arena.
    Unified command and national command: we suk.
    Logistics: China has rather an interior line of supply, but they totally suck at tactical and operational logistics. They are very weak in this arena. Plus, they have to project supplies that hundred miles, and I honestly don’t think they can. This puts the clock into play, and they must succeed quickly.
    China is ill advised to start this war, but stupider things have been done in history.

    • ghostsniper October 12, 2021, 7:03 AM

      Say what you will about china but it was the US politicians that have facilitated them all along the way. To the (surprise-surprise) peril of the US citizenry in all ways.
      If china claims it property (Taiwan) and the retarded US politicians inflict the severely tainted US military on them it will be the first time in world history where a pregnant female-male negress tranny fighter pilot gets shot down.

      Silly Milley will call for a ticker tape parade in it’s honor and the caisson containing it’s heavily diseased corpse will ease slowly down PA Av, with boomchuck toonz thumping, to Arlington and Biden will call that momentous occasion a national holiday.

  • Mac Siccar October 12, 2021, 6:27 AM

    Who is Scipio and what is The Laughter Of Future Men?

  • Mike Austin October 12, 2021, 7:42 AM

    I learned more about China from the writings and comments here than I ever did in 40 years of study. What is most appreciated is that no one here has slobbered over China the way that our media, politicians and entertainment industry do. Let’s call this slobbering “The China Syndrome”. The most egregious slobberer I have yet encountered is Vox Day. His writings about China are hard to read; indeed, they are cringe worthy. He performs for China what Monica performed for Bill. He should stick to reading comic books.

    Part of the official narrative on China is that she is the wave of the future. Read Thomas Friedman’s and Fred Reed’s essays—if you can stand to—to confirm that they too are slobberers. Another part is that China, with her vast hordes of soldiers, will simply overwhelm any opponent. Those who believe this claptrap are innocent of the campaigns of Alexander, Caesar, Hannibal, Belisarius, Subutai, Charles XII, Frederick and Napoleon. Another aspect of “The China Syndrome” is that in any war China will invade invade the US. May I ask how the Chinese will get here? She has yet to invade Taiwan—though she has has threatened to do so for 70 years—a mere 90 miles from her shore.

    And what of China’s actual war making—not computer simulations—since 1949? Between her losses in the Korean War and her ridiculous invasion of Vietnam (1979) she has remained huddled behind her borders, only to venture out from time to time to slap India around. China’s boasting about building an aircraft carrier are funny, if not absurd. She has yet to master the skills necessary to land and take off from a carrier, skills the US has had for almost 100 years.

    I could go on, but it would not add to what has already been discussed here. So is China my enemy? Certainly. Can she threaten me? Certainly not. Then what threatens me? The regime in Washington DC, that’s who.

    • gwbnyc October 12, 2021, 7:58 AM

      Friedman’d be alright if there was someone there to whup him with a canoe paddle every minute of his life.

    • ghostsniper October 12, 2021, 8:41 AM

      Mike sed: “So is China my enemy? Certainly. Can she threaten me? Certainly not. Then what threatens me? The regime in Washington DC, that’s who.”
      There ya go and I’m in almost full agreement.
      The only exception is the first sentence in that, as far as I can tell, china is not my enemy. It isn’t anything to me. The only connection that can be made between me and anything china is through the criminals in DC. China is way over there and any threat is minimal to me. DC is considerably closer and much more of a threat. DC’s long criminal fingers are much closer, maybe within a few miles, and that is where I keep my first level of radar focused. If there is ever any warring conflict between the gov’t of the US and china I believe china will prevail mainly because of the the US gov’t has a long history of failing and has spent decades descending everything into oblivion.

      Vox Day? As long as he behaves like an adult I have no problem with him but I keep him on a short leash. Yes, as his webdad I must issue him a sound thrashing now and again, it’s his nature I suppose.

  • gwbnyc October 12, 2021, 7:55 AM

    there was a Spudnut franchise in Mentor, Ohio- Center Street south of Tyler Boulevard (and Perkins Pancake House). They sold doughnut holes, “Spuddies”.

    I recall distinctly the gas station the other side of the Perkins having a sign that displayed “33⁹”.

  • julie October 12, 2021, 10:15 AM

    Re. that gigantic web of galaxies stretching across the fabric of the universe, I was just now watching/ listening to a video of an ancient Roman Christian chant. For visuals, it just shows ancient Roman art and mosaics. Skip ahead to the mosaic at the :43 second mark. Sound off if you don’t like the music, in this case the art is the thing.


    • Mike Austin October 12, 2021, 11:12 AM

      As a Latin Mass orthodox Catholic, the music grabs the soul and does not let up. Compare it with the saccharine and trivial music one hears these days in a Novus Ordo Mass. I can imagine the early Christians chanting something similar as they were fed to Nero’s lions.

      • julie October 12, 2021, 1:05 PM

        It gets all the way down into the depths of the soul, doesn’t it?

        Some day I would love to be a regular attendee of a Latin Mass. Right now with young family and busy lives, it doesn’t work for us, but maybe some day. My kids are learning Latin this year as part of their curriculum; what a blessing! If we ever do go, they will be able to follow along and maybe have a deeper appreciation for what they experience.

        • Mike Austin October 12, 2021, 6:40 PM

          I am a cradle Catholic. Until I left the “One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith” at the age of ten, all Masses everywhere on earth were Latin Masses. Men wore suits; women, dresses and veils. The language was Latin. The Bible was the Revised Standard Version.

          When I returned to the Church after 30 years of wandering in darkness I was appalled: The most common attire was shorts and t-shirts. The language was English; the Bible, some ridiculous and “modern” translation that escapes me.

          None of this affects at all the Dogma, Magisterium or Catechism. “Modern” man has no power to do so. The disease that has infected the world has infected the Church, but her teachings remain unsullied, beautiful, perfect.

          Your children are embarking upon a journey that ends in Eternity, an eternity with Christ.

    • Vanderleun October 12, 2021, 12:29 PM

      Interesting indeed. I’ve always thought that cosmology was where physics and metaphysics meet to close the circle.

    • gwbnyc October 12, 2021, 3:26 PM
      • julie October 13, 2021, 8:16 AM

        Beautiful – thank you.