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Strange Daze: On the Small Blue Dot

Baby Cages: The Strange Practice of ‘Airing’ The Baby | In 1906, Eleanor Roosevelt, who would go on to become the First Lady in a promising future, hung her baby Anna out the window of their house on East 36th Street in Manhattan in a chicken wire cage. Not for long though, for her neighbors almost called the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Clearly, the idea had not gained popularity back then. But by 1937, similar cages were being distributed in the Chelsea Baby Club of London, to members who resided in high rise structures that lacked any gardens.

The Strange Petroglyphs of Dighton Rock | While studying the inscription, Delabarre found what appeared to be the name “Miguel Cortereal” and the date 1511 scribbled across among the lines and markings. Delebarre claimed that the message is an abbreviated Portuguese-style Latin, which can be translated to say “I, Miguel Cortereal, 1511. In this place, by the will of God, I became a chief of the Indians”.

Wild-eyed Raving Prophets???? Fulfilled Prophecies of the Babylon Bee – Google Sheets

AIDS REDUX? 2022 United States Monkeypox Case | Monkeypox | Poxvirus | CDC The rash associated with monkeypox can be confused with other diseases that are encountered in clinical practice (e.g., secondary syphilis, herpes, chancroid, and varicella zoster). However, a high index of suspicion for monkeypox is warranted when evaluating people with a characteristic rash, particularly for men who report sexual contact with other men and who present with lesions in the genital/perianal area or for individuals reporting a significant travel history in the month before illness onset or contact with a suspected or confirmed case of monkeypox.

About, you know, the Thing:A Psychopath Responds to a Psychopath – The Thing and his wispy hair plugs are driven hither and yon in the gas-guzzliest (and so greatest gaseous-emitting) vehicles conceivable — short of actually pouring fuel into an empty swimming pool and tossing a match on it. Custom-outfitted 747s with four thirsty jet engines. Two 747s, are necessary for the entourage. Then via a 9,000-plus pound armored limousine based on a Chevy Suburban that uses twice as much gas as a Suburban –“ because it’s armored several inches thick. The Thing is surrounded, wherever he goes– “ and wherever he stays — by heavily armed men. But he is the president — “ and must be protected! This is understandable. A maniac might otherwise do him harm.   

daily timewaster … Is Bad, It’s Nationwide

How Sin Eaters Saved The Dead & The Dying | In 18th and 19th century England and Scotland, sin eating was a profession. Beggars, destitute, and those in want of a measly morsel of nutrition took to the career path of relieving the deceased of their sins, by eating them. When a loved one lay dying on the bed, families would call one of these sin eaters home. They would lay a piece of bread on their chest and hover a glass of ale or wine in a customary manner. The sin eater, sitting at the tip of the bed, would then eat the bread off the chest of the deceased or dying; he would drink the glass full of liquid too. In doing so, the family believed that the sins of their kin were absorbed into the foodstuff and taken in by the sin eater. This, rather dubiously, provided the departing a way into heaven.

The Consent of the Governed Is Slipping Away Choose your community wisely. Thousands of pages of regulations won’t preserve the social order if the the consent of the governed and the social contract both unravel.

A Psychopath Responds to a Psychopath – It is interesting to note that after government shooters shot (and burned to death) a whole building full of mostly women and kids at Waco, Texas there were no calls to “deal” with it —  by taking away the government’s guns. 

Nor after every tiresomely repetitive unjustified shooting of harmless people by armed government workers; i.e., the “police” Egregious examples include the 2016 murder of unarmed and crawling on the floor Daniel Shaver by an AGW named Philip Brailsford at a La Quinta inn in Mesa, AZ. Brailsford was punished with lifetime disability payments for the ”PTSD” he claimed he suffered as a result of shooting Shaver as he begged not to be. It is not an isolated case. Such cases occur with more regularity than those performed by the non-badged. More than 1,000 of them, every year to date. Even if “only”  a fourth of those were “unjustified” it is still a lot of them.

Call it the Museum of Intolerance. New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage has banned Florida governor Ron DeSantis from speaking on its grounds. DeSantis was scheduled to give a talk on “the vibrancy of Jewish life in Florida,” but when museum officials learned that Jewish life in Florida doesn’t include getting mugged while walking to a bodega or being pushed in front of a subway car, they gasped, “You call that vibrancy? Where’s the excitement?”

Museum leadership also slammed DeSantis for banning transgender propagandizing of kindergartners. According to museum directors, this prohibition “does not align with our values of inclusivity.” Because of course, a Holocaust museum is exactly the place to celebrate modern-day Mengeles who chop the privates off children.

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time –   On this, the second anniversary of the death of George Floyd, the evidence is now overwhelming: American elites have blood on their hands for their hysterical response to a local police blotter incident that has since brought about many thousands of incremental dead bodies on the pavement. The Floyd fiasco has been the domestic policy equivalent of the Iraq invasion: a massive, self-inflicted national wound.

The proof is in the simultaneous eruption, once the great and the good turned sharply against the police during the mostly peaceful protests, in not just black-on-black shootings, but also in black traffic fatalities. It turns out that cops being made afraid to pull over black reckless drivers and jaywalkers leads more blacks to drive badly and/or pack a pistol.

Here’s a graph I drew up of the monthly per-capita rate of deaths by homicide from 2014 to 2020. I set the non-Hispanic white average of 2010–2014 to one so that you can easily see the racial ratios. Try to pick out when the “racial reckoning” that is being celebrated today began:

An Ode to the Card Catalog As of 2015, the Library of Congress site says, “You might be surprised to learn that we still sometimes use card catalogs in the Prints and Photographs Reading Room, where our cards typically lead to photographs, drawings and other visual materials, rather than books. While much of the content on the cards has been converted and added to our online catalog, some unique indices are still in use today by librarians and researchers alike.”

A much-needed respite. Men chanting a Marian Antiphon in a gorgeous Italian church, with an “Old Roman” drone. Heaven sounds like this… |

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  • John Venlet May 26, 2022, 9:17 AM

    I cannot believe, though I saw it with my own eyes, that people walked out on that Marion Antiphon, but it only makes sense, as so many individuals reject the message of salvation also. The chant was beautifully inspiring!

  • enn ess May 26, 2022, 10:11 AM

    I find that Voyager 1 is still functional is simply amazing. Top that off by how far it’s traveled all these years. I think it must have the most advanced intellect ever devised by human or God(s). It got the hell out of town when the gettin was good, and it ain’t comin back either. Cause we’re tryin our very best to mess it all up. Somewhere sometime in some far off bizzaro world there may be life and they are gonna look up as this thing goes whizzing by and wonder WTH. Unless of course it gets swallowed up in a black hole, sorta like that process practiced in the District of Cartoonistan.

  • gwbnyc May 26, 2022, 10:11 AM

    -old childhood friends visited last week and we ate at Keen’s Chop House on E 36 th St. Since then I’ve tripped over several references to the address, and the Roosevelts.

    • ghostsniper May 27, 2022, 4:28 AM

      jeez, prime rib: $68
      Way too rich for my bluh….

  • Dirk May 26, 2022, 12:15 PM

    Speaking of Babies, as of last Sunday morning I became a Great Grandfather! A shiny handsome grandson, Tripp Pearcy.

    • John Venlet May 26, 2022, 12:17 PM

      Outstanding, Dirk. Congratulations!

      • Dirk May 26, 2022, 12:25 PM

        Why Thank You John!

        It’s kinda cool. I’d never really given much thought to being a grand or a great grand, is it the life shared, that eventually creeps into my brain. This I know, some how, I will be in this great grandsons life as much as possible. I dig being around and with kids, they literally make me smile!

        • ghostsniper May 27, 2022, 4:36 AM

          Ya know, you can sit on the porch and spend some quality time with yourself pondering the life cycle and your connections with the past and the future and even become a little light headed when you take in the scope of the whole thing. From my grandfather, born in 1900, to our grand daughter that will most likely live to around 2090 (she was born in 2015) that’s almost a 200 year timeline. And to think of all the things that have happened in those almost 200 years. Things I say to her today might get passed on to her kids and grandkids and reach into the next millennium. Until she was born I never really thought about this stuff. Choose your words carefully for they may last longer than you think.

  • Dirk May 26, 2022, 12:21 PM

    Agree amazing chanting. Has always soothed me deeply, living in southern Spain. I visited a lot of church’s very very old church’s. Simplistic yet powerful.

    The history of the Catholics, the Moors, the Romans seemingly every few years must have been brutal. On the staff.

  • Gordon Scott May 26, 2022, 12:34 PM

    I was lucky enough to attend a Gregorian concert at the Basilica of St. Mary’s in Minneapolis about ten years ago.

    I’d say you have to go to a gay church these days to find men interested in the music. It’s not true, not quite.

  • The Dot Doesn't Belong to Klaus May 26, 2022, 7:14 PM

    Card catalogs are a construct of the white male patriarchy and books are usually printed on white paper which is racist.
    They will be burned and then the kulaks will be purged.
    The governed will be jabbed harder until morale declines and this will be mandatory for the good of the unity collective.
    Don’t be a shirker as you belong to the hive comrade and they will decide what is best for you.

    • Dirk May 27, 2022, 11:49 AM

      Dot Doesn’t!,

      From the beginning,I’ve always said WHITE IS RIGHT!

      Will be extremely difficult to prove my theory wrong!.

      Agree fuck Klaus!