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Strange Daze: In which the Terminator tries to eat a Prius

A fine painter who pays homage one of my old teachers, the late Wayne Thiebaud. Bio | John Brosio  Painter  “So I’m at school and I take an oil painting class with Wayne Thiebaud and the man knows how to teach. Wow. His level of articulation and direct approach would from day one begin to give vocabulary to things I had not yet known there were even words for . . . To this day I still maintain that I learned to paint in a single day from Thiebaud. He did a four hour demonstration of a flower in a little glass of water and I can recall thinking that even a child could do it. Seriously.”

Doesn’t melt in your hands? M&Ms execs try to get their candies all woke up.M&M’s re-designed its characters to be “progressive” and they look virtually identical to the old version except now they’re all apparently woke |  The most notable changes are to the brown and green M&M’s, the two female characters. Both have new footwear — brown’s pumps lowered to a more sensible height and green’s white heeled go-go boots changed out for what Mars calls “cool, laid-back sneakers to reflect her effortless confidence.” forward.

Those LA train robberies with their sea of crap left on the tracks? Point of order, Railroad Execs. Start having your own cops shoot them. Raconteur Report: Point Of Order, Slick The trains, the tracks, the cargo, and the right-of-way they travel on is Union Pacific’s job to police, which is why railroad police with interstate powers have been a thing in America since just about 5 minutes after the first train robbery in 1866. . . 90 cars/day is one every 15 minutes, 24/7. For three months! If they were going into someone’s house every 15 minutes, at a certain point, it’s a homeowner diligence problem, not a prosecution problem, i’n’it? Spare us all the PR assgas and bullsh*t.

Elsewhere: Chris Lynch has a more entertaining suggestion for the train robbers: “The second way would be railroad personnel with high powered dart guns. Start shooting would-be looters with elephant tranquilizers and see if that’s a deterrent.”

No mad reading skillz in the Masses for the endless ideograms of written Chinese? No problema!Reciting Pictures: Buddhist Texts for the Illiterate 

A ball unhacked by cats I hasten to point out. Hoss the Hairball weighs a whopping 102.12 kg (225.13 lbs), which makes it over 25 kilograms heavier than the previous titleholder. And because lumps of human hair are constantly being added to it, Hoss is expected to keep growing for many years to come, making it really hard to dethrone.

Real-Life Aquaman Survives 28-Hour-Swim After Being Washed Out to Sea by TsunamiI can’t walk properly, both my legs are not working properly – and when I can, I believe a baby can walk faster than I. So I just floated, bashed around by the big waves that kept coming.”

KA-CHING!: lsleofskye: Red forest…

Okay, that placid lily pond just got a whole lot more sinister. The Tyrant of the Deep

@homecoming.diary Are u all curious about my monthly electricity bill 🤪🤪#foryou #fyp #home #roomtour #cooking ♬ original sound – love dream

This is your child on way-too-much-money. This Company Builds Fantastic Playhouses That Can Cost Up to $400,000

Taki takes on the whore/madonna of American politics, Original Sinema: In a mass-media society, democracy becomes rule by sexy dingbat.    Newt Gingrich famously said that Washington is Hollywood for ugly people. It is now about to become Hollywood for the most fashionable people. Like pop culture, the way to the top is to get attention, and the way to get attention in the circus is to be the thing that no one has seen. Ocasio-Cortez, the slutty barmaid, is one example. Kyrsten Sinema is now the material girl of politics, mostly famous for being famous.

None of this should suggest that Sinema is an airhead. It takes special skill to make it to the Senate. It is one of the best jobs in politics. You do very little, you get massive bribes, and you get to live outside the law. As a result, it is a great job, which means it attracts the worst people in politics. Kyrsten Sinema has to be a highly skilled political athlete to have reached this point.

Her current act is to be a Democrat who selectively goes against her party on issues that energize the Republicans. For example, when she was a local pol, she opposed gun grabbing. This lost her support from the left, but it gained her much more support from normal people. This raises her standing, which she then uses to flatter important constituencies with her attention. Sinema got famous in local politics by knowing how to be famous.

Biden wants to do to the Ukraine the same thing he did to Afghanistan. Boo-Ya! It is Russia on the defensive, trying to protect her way of life from an ideological opponent. Instead of promising a world of material equality, the West promotes a world of cultural equality in which all the world’s people are turned into consumers and the affairs of the world are managed by a class of experts. The “end of history” will be the universal managerial state.

Russia, on the other hand, sees itself as the protector of Eurasia, a world that is not quite Europe and not quite Asia. Along with most of the former Soviet republics, Russia rejects the universalism of the West. Liberal democracy has its place, but it does not fit the culture and traditions of Eurasia. America’s crusade to impose liberal democratic morality on Eurasia is viewed as hostile aggression.

Oh dear, the insufferable burden of being a black grifter when caught grifting from blacks. Last week the paper ran a twelve-hankie portrait of BLM cofounder Patrisse Cullors, who is “healing” from having “PTSD” because the “little people” got angry at her after BLM sacked their cities while she nabbed multimillion-dollar book deals and splurged on fancy houses.

Yes, Cullors is claiming she got “PTSD” from those she gave PTSD (the people beaten and robbed by BLM, the families of those killed, and the store owners who lost their livelihoods).

IN WHICH THE TIRELESS CLIMATE CHANGE WARRIOR ARNOLD takes his ginormous Yukon  and attempt to eat a Prius: Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved in 4 Car Crash in Los Angeles

The woman who was driving the Prius was injured and reportedly bleeding heavily from her head. An ambulance arrived at the scene and took her to the hospital.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ they believe the accident was Schwarzenegger’s fault, noting that he was turning left while a left turn arrow was still red. The former California governor reportedly was not issued a ticket.

And finally… furthermore… 

@homecoming.diary Are u all curious about my monthly electricity bill 🤪🤪#foryou #fyp #home #roomtour #cooking ♬ original sound – love dream

LGBTQ or HETERO this girl needs to get hooked up hard and continuously. This is a waste of enough repressed sexual energy to power the Ginzu district of Tokyo.

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  • John G Condon January 24, 2022, 10:41 AM

    “What newly elected AZ Democrat Senator Krysten wore to work.”

    Puss in Boots wants his/her footwear back, Krysten.

    (Thats with a ‘K’, not a ‘C’, a ‘y’ and not and ‘i’ and an ‘e’ not and ‘i’)

    • Gordon Scott January 25, 2022, 8:42 AM

      I admit I am a fan of gals in boots.

      Senator Sinema has this habit of looking just slightly off. It’s as if she is not one of those women to whom fashion is instinctive. Rather, she has to be instructed by whatever means, and the lesson doesn’t always take.

  • Richard January 24, 2022, 10:49 AM

    CNN silent as a guest destroys Biden to their faces^^^^

    So, people are choosing to believe their lying eyes, instead of a bunch of bought and paid for whores?

    • Denny January 24, 2022, 11:07 AM

      Thanks Richard, I’d say that pretty much sums it up. #Let’s go Brandon

    • TrangBang68 January 24, 2022, 8:41 PM

      Yeah except the guest was a denutted Bush Never Trumper who helped get corrupt old Puddinhead Joe elected. Screw Joe and the Bushies.

  • PA Cat January 24, 2022, 11:44 AM

    The Earthquake Early Warning cat has competition: here’s Ivan, a kitten rescued by a cat shelter in British Columbia, telling the human cat slave that he wants his breakfast NOW!

  • Sirk January 24, 2022, 11:55 AM

    As girl, she got balls, wired but I admire her willingness to stand up to the left.

    The earthquake warning. My cat happened to be sitting on my lap, when I hit start she jumped up and ran off. I see her looking around the corner now.

  • KCK January 24, 2022, 12:36 PM

    I’m fuzzy on the details of Congresswoman Sinema (Cinema?) but she first came on our radar when she was chased into the toilet by some woke banshees. Is she a not-Left-enough democrat? is she a conservative in waiting? If wishes were actionable, I hope she becomes a democrat who stabs here fellow democrats like Marat in the bathtub. While wearing the fuckyou boots and the clingy minskirt.

    Ukraine. I was wondering yesterday if BranDone goes some troops there, whose side will he have us fight for? Shitty leadership is a clear and present danger to any any organization, and the people within. Rolls a frag grenade around in the sweaty palm of his hand.

    2 days ago i saw in my mind’s eye how that trump will have to make a statement to Putin on Ukraine; then the next morning he did so. That was a no-brainer, though. You know good and well that if trumop were president, the Ukraine war would not be looming large as it is right now. Biden owns this. Like Bush inadvertently soft-sold an invasion of Kuwait, and like Khrushchev meeting Kennedy and seeing his a a young push-over. Except you never, ever, in your lifetime, have witnessed a president of the United States invite a foreign adversary to invade a friendly nation like you just saw Biden do.

    Ok, those are the politics of the Ukraine War. It is a monster shit sandwich, with diarrhea dressing. Welcome to hell, Americans. Why does it matter to us, John Birch? It matters because after Putin dog-styles The Ukraine, he will geopolitically wrestle all of Eastern Europe into his fold. He will establish affairs in such a way as to prohibit NATO (remember NATO?) from almost all of eastern Europe. Recidivise the Cold War, anyone? First, he reversed The Crimean War, and now he wants to reverse the Cold War win. Fancy seeing Poland threatened? How about Finland and the Scandinavians? The Balkans? Pffffft.

    I hate to break it to you, partner, but appeasing a nuclear power is exactly what you don’t do. I’ve heard the right-side pundits say don’t go to war with a nuke power. Well, shazaam. How about we don’t go to war? That is done by deterrence.

    Well, here we are with a stupid puppet president, and his strings being pulled by Obama, who is actual evil-incarnated. He serves the international communist party, and if you didn’t like Kabul Airport a few months ago, you’re REALLY going to dislike Ukraine beginning days from now.

    I will try to update the operational scenario for this soon-coming war when I have some more time. I want to do it before the Russians cross the Line of Departure.

    • KCK January 24, 2022, 12:38 PM

      Ugh. My typing. Sorry.

      • Amy January 24, 2022, 4:40 PM

        Maybe the only answer for Ukraine is pysanky. As long as the women of Ukraine write pysanka the world will go on.

    • azlibertarian January 24, 2022, 2:33 PM

      I’m fuzzy on the details of Congresswoman Sinema (Cinema?) but she first came on our radar when she was chased into the toilet by some woke banshees. Is she a not-Left-enough democrat? is she a conservative in waiting? If wishes were actionable, I hope she becomes a democrat who stabs here fellow democrats like Marat in the bathtub. While wearing the fuckyou boots and the clingy minskirt…..

      Those from the Right need to be very careful of Sinema. Very careful.

      She has a reasonable record as a Moderate D. She’s offered some support for military and vetaran’s matters, and of course is now on everyone’s radar as being one of the two D Senators in opposition to Brandon’s Build Back Better (sic) plan as well as his attempt to re-write the rules on the filibuster. For these reasons, she is appealing to those from the Right.

      However at her core, she is anything but reasonable. She began showing us her public stances by being publcly active in Code Pink. And depending on her audience, she will say some quite unflattering things about the people she represents.

      Do not be fooled by Sinema. While I welcome her positions on the filibuster, etc., she needs to be watched carefully. It is clear to me that she is attempting to become a Democrat’s version of John McCain, and as I did with John McCain, I think that she is out for herself more than for her constituents. I also think that she’s set her sights on being the Democrat’s candidate for President in 2028. You heard it here first.

      • Casey Klahn January 24, 2022, 4:29 PM

        Well and good, but does she carry a knife?

        2028? It’ll never come at this rate.

      • Dirk January 25, 2022, 8:44 AM

        Az, I’ll take that bet.
        Sinema has demonstrated a level approach to politics, “ on these specific issues” Were registered Republican, we vote for what we feel is in the best interest of the country as a whole. We are not vote self interest folks.

        I see her as a free spirit, one who is trying hard to achieve fairness in politics. She reminds me of a conservative Republican 20/25 yrs ago. Clearly tough as nails with defending herself from her own club.

        That she just got censored by her communist party in AZ, supports my observations.

        Presidential considerations ? Na, she’s demonstrated she’s not bought and paid for. For the left that’s a hugeeeeeee red flag.

    • TrangBang68 January 24, 2022, 8:46 PM

      What’s the deterrence to use against Russia, a nuclear standoff? If you’re advocating going all Pappy Bush and sticking a couple hundred thousand troops on the Russian border, it sounds like a disaster in the making. Ask Napoleon and Hitler how a ground war in Russia went?

      • KCK January 24, 2022, 8:59 PM

        Since you’re putting words in my mouth, I will surmise that you, yourself, mean rolling over and taking it from Russia.

        Deterrence will prevent war if believable enough and with enough bite. The opposite move is appeasement, which is another word for loss. Putin is calling you out.

        • KCK January 24, 2022, 9:00 PM

          I can’t believe you see me advising an offensive campaign. Are we even on the same planet, here?

  • James ONeil January 24, 2022, 1:02 PM

    Texts for the illiterate; George Bernard Shaw’s English & Americans separated by a common language.

    On the other hand, China back in the day, many languages but united by a common set of pictograms.

    Remembering NYC subways; each station along with the written name of the stop, a tile mosaic depicting a scene, different scene at each stop. Explained to me, done that way in the early 1900s, many immigrants, many different languages. dago Joe or Greek Gordie or Mike the Mick wants to get to Union Square. Buddy explains don’t get off ’till you see the house with the yellow trees behind (Peter Stuyvesant’s Bouwerie.).

    Storyboards common in religious sites. Stations of The Cross, for examptle. I’d stepped into a Buddhist temple in Thailand, admiring such a storyboard. A Thai gentleman and his young son came in. The gentleman explained, to his son, in English, the story told by the four panels. I doubt his 6 or so year old son understood English, I suspect he was telling me the story is such a way as not to embarrass me for being an ignorant farang. Nice guy!

  • gwbnyc January 24, 2022, 9:45 PM

    …I’m reminded I had a girlfriend named Lily.

    • Mike Austin January 25, 2022, 11:22 AM

      Do you have any “Pictures of Lily”? Pete Townshend does.

      • gwbnyc January 25, 2022, 5:18 PM

        made all the papers.

        *stands on accelerator, AMF*

  • leelu January 25, 2022, 8:24 AM

    Raildroad theftes: Why not use both – trank guns and ‘real’ ones.
    Keep the feral little fuckers guessing.

  • Gordon Scott January 25, 2022, 11:38 AM

    Jazus, just watched Home Alone girl. And I thought I had a lot of devices. I do like the look of the retractable-into-the-light-fixture drying rack.

    Mind you, if she faces a multi-day power outage, she’s toast. Uh, untoasted toast, I guess.