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Strange Daze: Hush. Say nothing about the midterms lest ye queer the pitch

ITEM 9: Real Clear Politics now projects Republicans will keep every Senate seats they now have and will add seats from Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and New Hampshire for a 54-46 majority.

Washington D.C. to Legalize Public Urination | Why not? They’ve been drowning in it for years.

That’s the inherent futility of liberalism, in America, in a nutshell. Soft people who don’t know what they’re doing, pretending to know everything, seeking to impose their way of doing things on others who know what they’re doing. Softness trying to invade hardness. Every time it doesn’t work, and it never will, they get more and more grumpy and upset. Then they try to use their anger as an ancillary tool, to do the invading they’ve already learned they can’t do. Now you understand American politics. This is why we’re being told, with some legitimacy, every two years that “This election is the most important one of our lifetime.” It’s the liberals trying, once again, to invade the hardness with their softness, just like Sisyphus in the afterlife struggling to push his boulder up the mountain, only to see it roll back down again. That’s their struggle, and ours. It lacks even the faintest prospect of success, but they lack the understanding to realize this, so around and around we go. Their champion is a senile old man who doesn’t know where he is, who likes to eat ice cream.

‘Bibi Is Back!’: Exit Polls Show Netanyahu With Majority Bloc in Israeli Elections

Playing sea soundscapes can summon thousands of baby oysters – and help regrow oyster reefs

The French Revolution – Good Thing, Bad Thing? 

Now, I’m sure that all of this will rub the Tom Clancy-style milcons the wrong way. But it’s time to acknowledge that American hegemony, as it has been used by the Regime, has been an unmitigated disaster, not just for foreigners all over the world, but for Americans as well. It has created abundant amounts of ill-will toward us from its victims and gotten a lot of good American boys killed and maimed in pointless chess piece wars. All the while, the only beneficiaries have been a small caste of globalists who have enriched themselves at the expense of actual, real Americans whom they hate and are trying to replace with cheaper, more pliable foreigners. This has especially been the case after the Cold War ended and total American hegemony became increasingly centred around a combination of the fervent spreading of moral rot at the behest of literal perverts (hence the term globohomo) coupled with characteristically late-stage collapse phase-style looting.

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  • Anonymous November 2, 2022, 12:27 PM

    did anyone have the foresight to put a Webley and one round in the broom closet with that weeping bedsore?

  • jwm November 2, 2022, 3:53 PM

    Ace has the story of the weepy barista. Seems the poor kid is a female to male tranny. I can’t work up anything but pity. Some shrink, and some doctor told the poor girl that she’d be able to turn into a dude, and prescribed the testosterone to effect the change. There’s the result.

    Remember the one from a while back at the Gamestop store? Some dude in drag was “misgendered”, and (what do you know) acted like a pissed off dude, yelling, “It’s Ma’am dammit. Ma’am!” This weepy girl with a beard is the flip side.

    A doctor/ shrink with any kind of ethics would have sat either of these two down, and told them the truth: “No. You want to dress up, play act, do kinky sex, go knock yourself out. But, dude, you ain’t got a feminine bone in your body, and nobody is ever going to accept you as a chick. Lady, you ain’t never gonna’ be a tough guy, so don’t even try.”
    Obviously, that didn’t happen. No one told either of them to embrace the power of “NO.”


    • Snakepit Kansas November 3, 2022, 4:16 AM

      You show mercy for the pitiful and confused young woman. What a train wreck. This individual needs prayers.

  • jwm November 2, 2022, 3:54 PM

    another lost comment. this has been happening all over the web today. Maybe it’s my machine?JWM

    • Vanderleun November 2, 2022, 6:36 PM

      I clawed it out of the vast recycling machine/

      • jwm November 2, 2022, 6:46 PM

        Many thanks.


  • Barnie Sandlers November 2, 2022, 4:30 PM

    Free hammers and underwear for all!
    Eight hammers per Pelosi limit.
    May the hammer be with you.

  • Tom Hyland November 3, 2022, 3:26 AM

    To underline the USA USA USA RUSSIA!!! meme…. the experts conclude…. it was RUSSIA!!!!!

  • Franzoidle November 3, 2022, 2:11 PM

    Well, before social media you got pissed off and stamped your feed regarding the working situation. Then when your shift was over, you moved on to the next travail. Nowadays you post a video of yourself winching like a little bitch, for eternity. That being said, I do see a lot of understaffed stores with curtailed hours because no one wants to put in a full days work anymore(talking to you DQ). So at least this young something is actually holding down a job. Now where’s my double latte with a lemon twist, because I can’t get a chocolate dipped cone.