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Strange Daze: How it’s going so far. . .

Merkins: The Original Fake News

 Prof Tritto: COVID-19 was created in the Wuhan laboratory and is now in the hands of the Chinese military Rome (AsiaNews) – COVID-19, which is killing and infecting people all over the world, is not a naturally occurring virus; instead, it was created in Wuhan, in a level-4 biosafety laboratory. Not only Chinese, but also French and US scientists contributed to the production of this “chimera,” an organism created in a lab.

a cat’s tale: how getting canceled by twitter made me more optimistic than ever about free speech it’s the market-clearing solution. inviting “more government” into this evolution just tightens the ties between media and state that are already being used to such unfortunately fascist and partisan effect. it increases our dependence on both, prevents our development of the tools we need to truly gain greater and lasting freedom, and fortifies the very walls from which we must escape. the enemies of free speech and human agency are making a serious mistake, and as sun-tzu advises us, we should not interrupt them.

Attacus Atlas, The Largest Butterfly in The World, Has No Mouth And Cannot Feed | 

Group to Pay $200 to Anyone Who Provides Location of SCOTUS   Where’s SCOTUS? Protest organizers will Venmo $200 to anyone providing real-time locations of the conservative Supreme Court justices

it’s probably nothing: Watching the Water — MonkeyWerxOver the past several weeks we have seen Putin push all 70 of his submarines into the water as they set sail around the world. No doubt several of them are sitting off the eastern seaboard of the United States. An indication of their presence would be the 13 US Navy Subhunters scrambling up and down the East Coast and into Gulf of Mexico in recent days. In fact, we have watched a P8 Poseidon and P3 Orion beat a search path over the Chesapeake Bay looking for “something” for two days straight. Now on Day 3 we see US Coast Guard C130’s flying over the same area as well as the USS Ramage Destroyer motoring around of the East Coast which is one heck of a command presence. Clearly, the SOSUS monitoring system sitting on the ocean floor has detected something in the area that has them very concerned.

Time for a Big Mac Attack? It will be.

@dannygrubs Replying to @thadoomslayerr My chef friend turns one McDonalds meal into THREE gourmet meals🤯 #McDonalds #chef ♬ original sound – Danny Kim

@musectv Why this fridge snap like this?! #reactionvids #musecreacts #xyzbca #memestiktok #foru ♬ original sound – Musec lives

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  • Rob De Witt July 20, 2022, 10:44 AM

    That reminds me….
    I miss Bush.

    • Vanderleun July 20, 2022, 12:51 PM

      If you miss Bush buy a merkin.

      • pbird July 20, 2022, 3:50 PM

        I remain bemused, confused and wonder why.

  • KCK July 20, 2022, 11:25 AM

    SA is saying that if the news went straight, most of our current problems would unfuck themselves overnight? Damn…he may be onto something there.

    Remember that way you’d fuck with other kids in Jr High by placing the toe of your shoe on the counter of their tennis shoe, and wait for them to step off and come out of their shoe? That’s what Pooty is doing with his Boomers off our coasts. Reminding us that he’s got the nukes, and just fuck around and see what happens.

    uhhh that Biden and Zelinsky meme gives me the shit shivers. WTF, over? ewww. He’s saying what he said to Poroshenko when he said he was sending assassins. Meanwhile, Ivan is in the field, actually operating at no better than the company level. The Yooks have LR arty now, but they also don’t offer much of anything at the operational (corps size maneuver) level. I do like their bookend treatment of both ends of the front at once. That is a styling move, and at the strategic level.

    This war is like watching two spaz kids at recess slap fighting. It’s reminiscent of the Iraq-Iran conflict. It’d be interesting if either one of the 2 belligerents in Ukraine could actually run a war like a goddamned man. Fuck!

    • Vanderleun July 20, 2022, 12:41 PM

      Don’t think we’ve seen “Crazy Ivan” or even big Ivan yet. They gotta be keeping something like dukes up all across the NATO line waiting for JoeNato to pop off. That’s when the real fun begins. Or, as we learn in the holy script of “The Game” (Mike Douglas and Sean Penn):

      “They fuck you and fuck you and fuck you. And just when you think the fucking is over, that’s when the REAL FUCKING begins.”

      I’m going to put something up by Durgin (Russian philosopher for Russia and a Putin pal of longstanding) that lays the ground work for the advent of the Russian Caesar.

      Chilling and right on the money now.

      • KCK July 20, 2022, 1:34 PM

        It’s all good. I’m scratching my head, trying to remember the training cycles where we invade Eastern Europe and Russia back in the Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush era…wait. We never did train for that. We did train constantly for the retrograde maneuver, where you roll back fighting hard.

        I held the “he’s holding back something” theory for exactly 1 week into the war.

        • Vanderleun July 20, 2022, 3:59 PM

          History will tell. I just hope we’re around to write and read it.

          • Rob De WItt July 21, 2022, 8:19 AM

            “As I watch this generation try to rewrite history, one thing I’m sure of: it will be misspelled and lack punctuation.”

  • ghostsniper July 20, 2022, 1:24 PM

    Casey sez this: “SA is saying that if the news went straight, most of our current problems would unfuck themselves overnight? Damn…he may be onto something there.”

    Then this: “That’s what Pooty is doing with his Boomers off our coasts.”

    I know the mail lady came by this afternoon and I saw several vehicles go by on the road out front today. And I spent some time in fantasyland on my right hand monitor today. Oh yeah, the best part. As I was walking from my office to the house this morning my buddy Cardinal saw me and swooped down to lite on the railing and say, “Howdy!”, so I rewarded him with some sunflower seeds. Also this afternoon I went out to my own personal range and ran about 300 rounds through my S&W M&P after spending a couple hours polishing the moving parts last night. Then I installed 8 “DANGER! FIREARMS IN USE!” signs along the south property line.

    Those things I know, anything else is silly rumor.

    • KCK July 20, 2022, 1:37 PM

      But Monkey Werx has really cool graphics. You’re not buyin it?

  • Lance de Boyle July 20, 2022, 1:41 PM

    A lot of steps and time wasted making soy sauce.
    Just go to to the store and buy a bottle.
    It’s just salty diluted molasses, anyways.

  • rabbit tobacco July 20, 2022, 1:51 PM

    Did you hear the one about the woman
    who had so many facelifts that she ended
    up with a goatee?

    • Snakepit Kansas July 20, 2022, 5:20 PM

      Heartily, Rabbit finally said it. I was worried that this crowd would think less of me if I said it looked like the guy was displaying women’s privates. At first it looked like large Meglodon teeth, then put on my reading glasses and the more obvious option became apparent. Gerard has a good sense of humor.

  • Sid V July 20, 2022, 3:57 PM

    “Supply chain issues topped out, turning”

    I work in the auto industry and this is definitely not the case.

    • Gordon Scott July 20, 2022, 5:49 PM

      Scott Adams is fond of pronouncing, “As a trained hypnotist, ah-hah-ha, if we just do A-B testing we’ll have the solution to (problem). And from then on he’ll claim he’s solved the problem, and we can think about other things, ah-ha-ha. Like, his solution to California’s wildfires is to have a bunch of drones flying all over to identify fires quickly.

      Now we used to have people in towers in forests who did that. We don’t anymore. And drones are an interesting idea, except that each drone needs a trained pilot to make sure that the damn things don’t fly in front of a 767. Also, drones require fuel, at least if you want it to fly for more than 15 minutes. Now what happens when that fuel-filled drone crashes into the forest, as they do?

      And yes, fuel prices are down, as they always are after July 4. And we’re past the danger time of a tornado taking out a refinery complex in Oklahoma. But the time of hurricanes is upon us. and all it takes is one gulf refinery or port going down in a storm, ah-ha-ha.

      Nuclear is looking better, yes. We are still years away from any functional plants. It could happen faster but we need more 60’s legacy anti-nukkers to die first. In the meantime, despite being slapped all over head and upper body by reality, the windmill & solar worshippers continue to claim that all we need to do is buy MORE! Chinese turbines and MORE! Chinese solar panels, ah-ha-ha.

      And still, no one will explain to me how, if all the third world kids are dashing across the southern border, where are we going to get the labor to run the Chinese-owned rare-earth mines we need to make all those batteries?

  • Clayton in Mississippi July 20, 2022, 4:36 PM

    Had to study this “wig” photo very closely — at first I thought this guy was wearing one, but, apparently, they’re not designed for the face!
    I was surprised to read see that this was a multi-generation (“J.G. Paine & Sons”) endeavor, successfully operating “. . . since 1827”

  • ghostsniper July 20, 2022, 5:28 PM

    It’s a moth.

  • Aggie July 20, 2022, 9:36 PM

    Haw. “Proud to be A Merkin” Is that a chastity belt key he’s got on his lapel?

    “Private fittings available upon request” Private fittings on privates.

  • Foo July 21, 2022, 8:56 AM

    Used to tease my goatee wearing fat guy friends it looks like a merkin with mouth slit…

    To disguise the lack of jawline.
    Now I’m the fat guy too low T to grow a decent beard.
    Where do I find these on Amaxon?

  • Foo July 21, 2022, 9:01 AM

    Scott Adams is brilliant, a world strategeryist.
    Just ask him.
    Of course, any amateur could do better than State Dept that has effed up war policy since oh…Obama first term, and finally fled Kabul leaving their female colleagues behind to be raped by the Talib.

    Caution: dont drink that mmm soo good coffee from the first sip or turn off when you hear these words:
    “You are deeper and deeper in the most relaxing state”…or next its:
    “now dance like a chicken!”