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Strange Daze: Foggy Daze of War Thickens

Internet Advertising Algorithm knows what I might be looking for at this point.

Russian Forces Seize Chernobyl Nuclear Plant; Kremlin Willing To Talk Kiev’s “Terms Of Surrender” Update(1:49pmET): Ukraine’s government has confirmed that the Chernobyl power plant site has been seized by Russian forces. “The Prime Minister made the announcement in a televised briefing, saying Russian troops had taken control of the zone and the nuclear power plant,” Bloomberg confirms.

“The facility is located about 80 miles (129km) north of Kyiv, several miles south of the Belarus border. Holding Chernobyl would provide Russian troops a staging point that couldn’t be shelled,” the report adds, in reference to the potential for dangerous radioactive fallout given the permanent presence of nuclear waste there. Speculation remains that should the site come under direct shelling, there could be nuclear contamination released into the air, potentially impacting other areas in Europe.

Daytona 500 Swamps NBA All-Star Game, Genocide Games Ratings Sunday’s NASCAR Daytona 500 netted a 4.7 average rating with 8.87 million viewers on FOX, making it the most-watched Daytona 500 since 2019 (5.3, 9.17M), according to Sports Media Watch.

Psaki, a former competitive swimmer raised in Greenwich, Conn., seems to never have encountered people living paycheck to paycheck, or worried about how they’ll feed, clothe or educate their kids — amid a global pandemic, no less.

The followers of the Covid cult, and the Soros cult, are the prototypical personal utopians. Covid cultists seek a world with “zero Covid,” an earth from which the bug has been banished. We cannot “return to normal” until Covid is gone.’

‘That roar you hear is bad credit whooshing out of the banks. It looks like we’re going to get both a ripping inflation and a collapse of equities and assets all at once –with a side-dish of disappearing livelihoods, vaporizing pensions, and sinking standards-of-living. One surmises that all the meshugas over Ukraine was designed as a distraction from the financial disorders now at hand. The news media has faithfully played the Ukraine story to the max while ignoring the growing disarray in North America.

Why Progressives Don’t Care For Black Lives What has occurred in San Francisco and other progressive cities is the triumph of evangelical Wokeism over evidence-based medical care. Many progressives are well-meaning. Others, like the San Francisco Coalition for Homelessness, defend open drug scenes, including ones populated by pregnant addicts. Radical Left activists at the Coalition, openly at war with “capitalism,” use appeals-to-emotion, and bullying, to demonize those who advocate mainstream addiction medicine and psychiatry.

Woo-wee, that was a close call, huh? But remind me: what was the war supposedly about? Protecting Ukraine’s hallowed border? Bwahahahaha…! Borders? We don’t care about no steenkin’ borders (especially our own border). Upholding the sacred honor of NATO? Really? Who exactly would be punished if the US tries to shut down the Nord Stream-2 pipeline that will send much-needed Russian natgas to gasless Germany? (Did you guess our NATO ally, Germany?) Would Germany suddenly discover that the pipeline is none of America’s business? I think so.

In response to that pent up demand: Top Condom Maker Expects Sales To Shoot Up As Lockdowns Ease | ZeroHedge

ANALYSIS: Is Putin’s End Game To Make Biden Look Stupid? | Analysis: Working.

One Hundred and Fifty Questions to a Guerrilla – 11. What weapons should a guerrilla unit carry? The unit should be equipped with the same type of rifles to facilitate the supply of ammunition, and in addition, it is good to have a light machine gun which is always useful in our operations. Each guerrilla should always carry his own first-aid kit, canteen, a watch synchronized with the unit leader’s, and many need field glasses. A guerrilla should also wear as a belt a rope some six feet long which can be used at night by a companion who holds on to one end thus not losing contact with his unit. This “tail” is worn wound around the waist. The part left over is what his companion, following behind, holds on to. No one is ever lost this way, no matter how dark the night is. It can be used in scaling peaks, crossing rivers, and for tying up bundles of firewood.Why Do I Need To Know Everything? – In the past, you became an expert within a specific domain. For men, that meant farming, war, or governance. You spent most of your waking hours perfecting your skill in those fields, and trusted other experts for matters which you did not know. Today, the experts are liars. They will say anything the oligarchs want to keep their jobs and maintain a pleasurable lifestyle. We don’t have experts anymore, only shills, marketers, and traitors to mankind. The “experts” have declared this additive to be safe in food, but they lie for profit, and I must search online for the real story.

House of Eratosthenes: Too Frightening to Contemplate The China Bioweapon must not be a bioweapon…must not have been a lab leak…must have escaped from a “wet market” or a Canadian postage stamp. Lots of people think that even though there’s no hard evidence to substantiate it. Because the alternative is too frightening to contemplate. All these people bossing us around telling us to wear masks and take vaccines and stay home etc….they must have our best interests and our collective health at heart. They must. Not because we have reason to think they do, but because the alternative is too frightening to contemplate. And they must have a plan. They must be competent. Because the alternative is too frightening to contemplate.

Kyle Rittenhouse Reveals Who In the Media He’s Going to Sue for Lying About Him “Right now we are looking at quite a few politicians, celebrities, athletes, Whoopi Goldberg is on the list. She called me a murderer after I was acquitted by a jury of my peers. She went on to still say that, and there’s others, don’t forget about Cenk [Uyhur] from the Young Turks — they continue to call me a murderer,” Rittenhouse said.

Transracial penis reduction – “Transracial influencer” Oli London, who was born white, male, and British, has already spent an estimated $250,000 on surgeries to “become Korean” and now has plans to undergo penis reduction surgery “to be 100 percent Korean.” “I don’t want people to get offended by this, but in Korea, [the average] penis is like 3.5 inches, and I get trolled all the time. People say, ‘Oh, you can’t be Korean. You’re not 100 percent Korean,’ and I just want to be 100 percent Korean,” London told Newsweek in January. “I would even have a penis reduction so I’m, like, the Korean average. That’s how far I’m willing to go. I can have it done in Thailand, and it will cost between $6,000 and $8,000.”

William James on the Stream of Consciousness  – “Annihilate a mind at any instant, cut its thought through whilst yet uncompleted, and examine the object present to the cross-section thus suddenly made; you will find, not the bald word in process of utterance, but that word suffused with the whole idea”. Figure from William James, The Principles of Psychology (1890)

The 90 % Church Wherever you turn your eyes you will notice that the 90 % Church is making new adepts at an unprecedented rate. The 90 % church is the new religion in town. Forget about wokeism and global warming. Those are outdated cults today. Moreover the 90 % Church rules over them anyway. The central precept of the 90 % Church is that you can conflate certainty with a claimed 90% efficiency/level. The vaccines were supposed to be 90% efficient when released. When 90% of the population would be vaccinated the pandemics would disappear. Masks are not perfect but they filter 90% of the virus particles, etc. Everytime that you read a statement starting with a pretty high percentage and ending with a definitive conclusion you are most probably contemplating a gospel of the 90 % Church. . . .

Profiles in Porridge: The Squishy Political Rise of the Beta Male There are certain “qualities” that this new class of “leaders” all possess. They went to good schools. They have multiple degrees. They have most likely not spent a large part of their life in the private sector. They probably had an Alpha male father. They tend towards being on the thin side. They eat healthily and exercise regularly. They are at some level aware of their Beta status and therefore deeply insecure. They socialize almost exclusively with people like themselves. They don’t yell…in public. They have fixers who handle the dirty work. They like well-worn paths and tracks. They speak in jargon. They don’t think outside the box and, in fact, specialize in building boxes. They believe in focus groups and task forces. They treat staff poorly. They over-react. They truly believe themselves to be a new superior form of human and, therefore, should automatically be treated as such. And because of all that, they know better.

HEADLINE OF THE WEEK: Procol Harum’s Gary Brooker Now A Whiter Shade of Pale –

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  • Princess Cutekitten February 24, 2022, 5:21 PM

    Hi Gerard! Did you write “Profiles in Porridge “ 😄 or is it supposed to have a link? For some reason it looks to me like there’s supposed to be more to it.

  • julie February 24, 2022, 5:47 PM

    Per Princess Cutekitten’s remark, it looks as though there may be a few links missing.

  • jwm February 24, 2022, 6:13 PM

    The virus was created in a lab.
    The virus was created on purpose.
    The purpose was to invent a new disease that would sicken and kill millions.
    It succeeded.
    Every covid death is a murder, every sickness an attempted murder.

    Those murders fall dead at the feet of the Chinese “scientists” at the Wuhan lab.
    And the Americans who funded them.

    And then there is the whole business of the vaccines.
    That’s another Pandora’s box of unthinkable thoughts.


  • Tom Hyland February 24, 2022, 9:14 PM

    This is a hilarious twitter page. I wish I could direct you 10 down in the scroll… the guy playing bongo on Biden’s head because that’s what I want you to appreciate. But all of it is pretty good.

    • mary February 25, 2022, 8:07 AM

      Beautiful! The cat at the end made me laugh.

  • ghostsniper February 25, 2022, 4:10 AM

    A friend has a credit card with a $100k limit on it and he uses it to buy silver that he then sells to other people at a profit. After filing his taxes on the profits 2 years ago the credit card company caught wind of what he was doing and warned him to cease and desist. He cornered them and got them to admit they were jealous that he was using the credit card to make a living. Last year he doubled the amount of silver he purchased with the card and the card company became livid. He filed his taxes this year on last years profits and the credit card company went ballistic. They levied what they claim are the harshest sanctions they are capable of.
    1 They said they will never raise the limit on his card.
    2 Even though he has never been late on a payment they said that if he is late there will be a penalty.
    3 He might possibly lose the discount on his car insurance if he pays for it with the card.
    4 Members of his bowling team may be refused a credit card if they apply for one.
    5 If he wants to add his wife to the card there may be a delay in getting it done.
    6 Though he has never used the card to buy airline tickets if he does he may not get frequent flier miles.

    My friend told me that these stern sanctions are unfair and unwarranted because he has done nothing wrong or illegal. He also said this has caused him to reconsider his options. He’s thinking about kicking that credit card company to the curb and getting another one. He said hardly a day goes by that he doesn’t get a letter-email-text-phone call from a major card holder offering him a card with much better terms but he is holding off because of his loyalty to the brand. His loyalty is wearing thin.

  • John Venlet February 25, 2022, 6:38 AM

    While Karex Berhad is expecting a surge in condom sales, Global Protection Corp’s, another condom manufacturer, is expecting a rise in demand from sodomites, for their One Male Condom, which has just been approved by the FDA explicitly for anal sex. Read it and weep.

    • ghostsniper February 25, 2022, 9:45 AM

      Shouldn’t it be called number 2?
      How about ribbed for extra traction in the mud.

  • KCK February 25, 2022, 7:47 AM

    I’ma just bullet-point this war brief based on my interwebs watching this morning – spiced up with some army lingo and knowledge.

    1. Russian aircraft being shot down, tanks and infantry-carriers (BMP, BRDM, PT-76, etc) being destroyed by man-fired Javelins and new-model LAW rockets, captured Russian troops…I love the smell of diesel fires in the morning. A Javelin is a medium anti tank weapon, operated by a gunner and a “loader,” and is a fire and forget weapon. It requires number 10 balls to close with a leviathan and poke it with this weapons system. Ukrainians are doing it, and dozens of Russian tanks have received sweet death-by-Javelin. Light Anti-Tank Weapons are the LAWS rocket, which has been updated and looks like a toy throw-away 2.5 foot tube, but yields nice results against smaller armored vehicles. Imagine running under an elephant, and spearing it in the belly; yeah, it’s kind of like that but the elephant has machine guns. Did I mention that the infantry have number 10 balls?

    2. Ghost of Kiev. True or not, this meme-worthy nugget had the whole world standing up and cheering for “tiny” Ukraine last night. It takes five air-to-air victories to be called an “ace” in the air force, and it just never happens anymore in modern aerial warfare. Missiles engage the targeted jet beyond your visual range, and the actual cannonade or machine-gunning of an enemy jet is kind of a comic book panel and not a real thing. But, incredible as it is, there is some anon guy whose skills, luck, and opportunity all venned and he managed 6 aerial victories, in one day no less. It’s hard to prove, but it gives Ukrainians a chuckle and a lot of hope. If the Ukes prevail, how many pilots will stroll into the bar and tell the babes that he might be the Ghost of Kiev?

    3. The Kiev airfield. Reports in the news that the airport was taken by paratroopers, then recaptured, are not perfectly accurate. Remember what I said yesterday: doctrine is such that the wise commander will not drop parachutists unless they can be linked up with by actual armymen. You know, the ones with heavy machine guns and light cannons. Parachutists are inherently underarmed, and over-sexed. Lots of bark, but little bite. So, my contention is that this was a Spetnaz-type op, with very lightly armed and very big-headed commandos, whose goal was not to capture the airfield but to preserve it for a follow-on airborne invasion. If you use my theory, the whole thing makes sense. Maybe they actually have preserved the airfield. I’m imagining the Ukrainian local commander, flushed with the notion that he recaptured the airfield, and then by tomorrow or late today, he has that Oshit moment of seeing little parachutes bloom over his preserved airfield. Watch and see if I’m not right about this.

    4. Snake Island and the little old grandma. Tiny Snake Island covers the access to Odessa, and Russian naval forces did kill the small detachment of whoever was stationed there. And you thought Lighthouse was a scary movie. But while they were about to get kilt, the Ukrainians did manage to tell the Rooskies to “go fuck themselves”. That’s epic. Then, the little olf Uke grandmas on the street corner, yelling at a Russian soldier and asking him why the fuck he’s there in Ukraine? That is comedy gold.

    5. Russian high-speed type marine or whatever fast-roping from a helicopter onto a Ukrainian ship, and his last 50 feet he free falls off the end of the rope. hahahahahaha! Dumbass. Fast-roping is for queers.

    6. As I expected, the interactive map of Ukraine has gone retarded, and is not giving formative reports of the battle. This is the chaos time when you can guess more data than you’re being given.

    7. Remember that Russia takes half. They took a bite of Ukraine in 2014. They took about half of Georgia. They took half of Finland. Half of Poland. Half of Germany and half of Europe. See a pattern? Good to review what winning a war is. It is: achieving your stated national objective. It may include, but usually does not include, taking a whole countries land area, capturing the enemy’s capitol city, or destroying his armed forces. A more usual scenario is forcing terms on the enemy, and accepting his surrender. My estimate is that Putin wants a regime change in Kyiv and the stand-down (by destruction) of the Ukrainian military. He wants to render the Ukrainian military combat ineffective; not necessarily killing every last uniformed member. His further goals are to begin to dictate terms to Eastern Europe, and also to win political arguments with Western Europe. He wants to shame America, but Too Late! We did that to ourselves already, asshole.

    8. A good counter to Putin’s nefarious plans is for NATO to simply rally at the borders and “demonstrate”. This reduces his ability to threaten and convince weaker European states into becoming satellites. In play are the Baltic states, Finland, and to some extent the former Soviet states with the word “stan” after them. Also, Sweden, Austria – any remaining non-NATO country. Another good way to damage Putin will be to humiliate him in various ways. An insurgency would be effective. Protests inside Russia are another. My favorite: sink a capital ship. remember that an occupation is a personnel-intensive operation and Putin won’t or can’t manage that. Trudeau occupies Canada (analogy) but he has the infrastructure in place to do it. Still, it is difficult for Trudeau as long as there is the internet, the written word, and middle-class citizens who think for themselves. Putin wants none of those headaches, and he doesn’t need to occupy to meet his objectives.

    9. Russians in Ukrainian uniforms, a la Battle of the Bulge when the Krauts did the same. Shoot them up against a wall. It’s the right thing to do. Russia has a bad habit of over-playing their special forces, and yet they seem to be not that fucking great at what they do.

    10. We were talking about the thesis of Clausewitz, which is the inherent trend of war to go total. Ukraine gives AKs and Molotov cocktails to civilians. Ukraine is nearing total war status (talking or dreaming about having nukes, as well). Russian troops will begin to lose confidence, little by little and in small places around the Ukraine. I still think Russia will win, but it is absolutely possible to humiliate Putin in many evil ways. Another personal favorite: encircle a large force of tank units, perhaps a corps or division-sized element, and play that wonderful army game called: kill sack. Have you seen the Ukrainian tanks in play yet? Hmm…makes you wonder what they’re doing, huh??

    • Vanderleun February 25, 2022, 8:32 AM

      Aside to KCK: Sorry that got caught. I overslept.