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Strange Daze : “Death to this massive maelstrom of lies” Edition

Antifa’s a Laugh Riot – Until it Comes for You!   The left has been laying the groundwork for this anarchist takeover for a long time. But even they must be amazed that the conservative response was to roll over and play dead. Except maybe they’re not playing.

Mick Hartley: Wing prisms

THE POWER OF STUPIDITY COMPELS THEE! Man nearly dies after inserting live eel ‘to cure constipation’

Busy decriminalizing everything from shoplifting to drug use, San Francisco’s lawmakers don’t seem to realize that the city may soon be left gutted of its residents and its most successful industries. Better policies and leadership could have prevented this situation. Instead, San Francisco ignored its everyday citizens, who want safe streets, and took its cues from a wealthy, hyper-progressive itinerant class. The results haven’t been pretty.This Amazing Koi Fish was 226 Years Old Hanako was a scarlet koi fish that lived from c. 1751 to 7 July 1977. In that remarkable span, Hanako”which means flower girl/maid in Japanese was owned by several individuals, the last of which being Dr. Komei Koshihara.

Trump Or Death – Even now Biden is poring over BLM membership lists to find a Black (we now have to capitalize dark skins) female VP. Because the best way to move to a post-racial future is ensuring everywhere has hard Black quotas. Quotas will become institutionalized to the nth degree. My guess is Biden won’t finish his term (strokes out, retires, disappears), or that he publicly cedes certain powers to his Black.

Time on 13 June, only a half hour apart, ran these two headlines: “Physicians have joined protests in cities across the country, and an open letter signed by 1,200 health professionals says protests should not be shut down for fear of COVID-19 transmission,” followed by “Hundreds of far-right protesters defy COVID-19 restrictions to demonstrate in London.”Vivid Photographs by Trung Huy Pham Capture Annual Water Lily Harvest in Vietnam |

The idea to defund the police and insult, demoralize, and banish them seems incredibly stupid, particularly if it’s coupled with the idea that crime won’t soar as a result. But anarchists have long had an agenda that includes getting rid of police, who are considered instruments of state oppression, and that was even before the all-important racial angle was added to give the idea a special attraction for those suffused with racial guilt.

The Master Baker Giving San Francisco Sourdough a New Shape Padilla compares unbaked sourdough to Play-Doh, and what he makes with it is equally fun. Only a few months into his baking career, which he embarked on in 1980, he created Dungeness crab-shaped loaves for a local seafood festival. They’ve stayed a standard on Fisherman’s Wharf, along with loaves shaped like sea turtles and teddy bears. He’s designed breads for every holiday, including hearts for Valentine’s Day and bulbous Thanksgiving turkeys fashioned out of dinner rolls. Designed last year, the turkey emerged from iterations of variously shaped and sized birds, until Padilla found the perfect ugly-cute combination. “It became so popular that, my God, we couldn’t make enough,” he says.

This could be a red-pill experience for these people, but it most likely won’t be. They’ll most likely continue to vote for the most extreme Democrat on the ticket and as they see their city crumble into ruin before their eyes, they won’t think of it any differently than they do an earthquake or flood. Eh, sh*t happens. They don’t need a red pill, what they need is a red suppository. A real BIG one. Ace of Spades HQ

The Da Vinci of Fast-Food: The One Guy Behind a Huge Number of Staple Fast-Food Items Everyone Loves “…Working on pizza I learned two things: that cheese is the most important thing that drives most people’s value perception of pizza (the more cheese the better—no matter how much you put on it, there’s never enough); and, dogs get to eat the crust, because most consumers who aren’t bread lovers eat the pizza and then flip the crust to their dog.”

November 1999 Crime in the Hood We have modeled violent victimization of whites in a racially mixed neighborhood. Our model is based on data collected by the Justice Department and reported in the NCVS. It paints a bleak picture for whites. As a neighborhood turns black, violent victimization of its white residents begins immediately. At first the risk is small, not much different from its previous all-white level. However, by the time the neighborhood reaches the half-black point, every white family of four has better than a one in three chance of being victimized within a year. Two factors account for black-on-white violence. 1) Blacks are 3 times more likely to commit violent crime than whites, and 2) black thugs prefer white victims, selecting them 64 times more than white thugs choose black victims. Most of the risk faced by whites, results from the predilection of black thugs to prey upon whites. As a neighborhood becomes overwhelmingly black, the risk curve for whites rises to ominous heights. In the last stages of transformation, the likelihood of a white being victimized within a year becomes a virtual certainty.

Inside the Mystery of an Untranslatable 600 Year Old Book The “Voynich Manuscript,” is an ancient codex that after even 600 years has yet to be credited to anyone or cracked by the brightest philosophers, mathematicians or computer scientists. Even the Nazi codebreakers had a go. Like eager suitors, it seems they’ve lined up in vain to coax the truth from the text that just won’t reveal its secrets…

Ideas have consequences, it is said, and the current riots, lootings, shootings and so forth, are the consequence of the rot that has been taught, to the children in our schools and universities; touched off by restlessness from the Batflu lockdowns. That an idea as criminally obtuse as “defund the police” could be entertained, tells us much; but beyond this we might look through other demands of that most recent ideological movement, Black Lives Matter (with sixty affiliated organizations). For instance, we are instructed to disrupt the “white” nuclear family structure; to decarcerate prison convicts; to apply laws according to skin colour, &c.The triumph of Dullness : Essays in Idleness

Universities Sowing the Seeds of Their Own Obsolescence If being “woke” means that the broke and unemployed are graduating to ignorantly smashing statues, denying free speech to others and institutionalizing cancel culture, then the public would rather pass on what spawned all of that in the first place.

Taxpayers do not yet know what to replace the university with — wholly online courses and lectures, apolitical new campuses or broad-based vocational education — only that a once hallowed institution is becoming McCarthyite, malignant and, in the end, just a bad deal.

daily timewaster: Launching of the USS Nautilus; Groton, Connecticut, USA, 1952

These statues are not ours alone, to be discarded at the whim of those inflamed by fashionable political passions; they belong to generations that have come before us and to generations yet unborn. My Administration will not abide an assault on our collective national memory. In the face of such acts of destruction, it is our responsibility as Americans to stand strong against this violence, and to peacefully transmit our great national story to future generations through newly commissioned monuments to American heroes. Executive Order on Building and Rebuilding Monuments to American Heroes | The White House

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  • ghostsniper July 6, 2020, 1:12 PM

    A little longer.
    Just a little more.
    Almost there.
    See the whites of their eyes?
    Then suddenly a hell like never seen before is unleashed, full fury, and they wish to hell they were never born.
    Hell bent-Heaven sent

  • Jack July 6, 2020, 4:25 PM

    Seeing all of those body armored black guys with their ARs and shotguns really doesn’t disturb me and it won’t unless they start shooting. They have the right to carry and march around like little soldiers just like I and as long as that’s the extent of their buffoonery, no harm no foul. The little vids that accompanied their display did not provide any information on the purpose of all of that and while the tirade that the bald headed leader spewed has been heard thousands of times before nobody I know thinks for second that he’s just crying wolf. He seems to be looking for some kind of reckoning and we’re aware that it’s coming.

    If they decide to ramp it up though, the response will depend upon where they decide to start the party. Some inner city target would likely appeal to them because they feel safe in cities but the moment they move into the white suburbs the game will change. It’s hard to tell if our pussified governors will have the guts to send in their respective NG’s but if they do, these guys will be facing trained troops, many of whom have had recent battle experience, and they will certainly be followed by regular military.

    Here in the Deep South whites typically do not have any truck with these guys but most of us, at least the ones I know, are highly experienced marksmen who own multiple fire arms and have used them all of their lives. In a word, we shoot for fun and we shoot often. We love guns and if we’re threatened we’ll use them without hesitation in the face of those threats.

    What I suspect that these guys don’t realize or understand is that white people can be incredibly violent and all bluster aside, we aren’t politicians and we won’t bend either.

  • Fuel Filter July 7, 2020, 6:11 AM

    So much to take in…

    That first video was amazing! In less than two minutes the dude nailed it.

    Thanx for the hummingbird pics. Beautiful. Saved some of them for wallpaper.

    I was engrossed by the statistical analysis of White neighborhoods turning negroid. (Took Prob & Stat in Grad school.) I lived thru one of those transformations. Was renting a really nice condo in Long Beach (CA) and saw it happening.

    Got the fuck out while the getting was good.