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Strange Daze: Always Look for the Union Label and the Silver Lining

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Look for the REAL Union Label: Union Labor – by Michael DC Bowen – Stoic Observations Obviously working class people are left high and dry with little to no serious consideration. They don’t code. They weld. They pour cement. They repair material things. They prepare meals. They dig in the dirt for ores and minerals and for growing plants. They tend animals. They have no such people like them in Congress. They are forgotten, belittled, besmirched. They depend on complete fool outsiders like Trump because they are desperate. The slightest amount of patriotic sentimentality gets them in their guts. Why? Because in their hearts they know that their grip on the wheels of commerce is what makes America function.

They know the geography. They know the infrastructure. They know the pipes and wires. They know the arteries and veins. They know the currents and tides. They know the woods and watersheds. They hump furniture up and down stairs. They peel potatoes by hand. They birth babies. They coach kids. They know that they are critical and they carry out their duties with all the care and dedication required. In silence. We pay them lip service as ‘the heart and soul of America’ and all the truck vendors and country singers give them a bit of glory. But they have all of the political influence of a homecoming queen.

I find American economic discussions extraordinarily complex. After all this is the largest, most diversified economy in human history. I tend to believe its inefficiencies are useful given how much we are money-driven rather than culturally sophisticated. We’d burn through every social convention to get paid if regulation didn’t slow us down. Just like gangta rappers do. So there are probably a dozen ways in which the re-establishment of union power in America might be stifled such that the above talk could be rendered useless and even wishful. Still, it is the most legitimate kind of power I can think of that would be directly beneficial to the ordinary Joe. If you’re political, ask what the right unions might do for all of us.

What do you know? Why don’t we have good, powerful unions?

Howard Pyle’s *The Mermaid* (1910) – The Public Domain Review There is something profoundly haunting about a master artist’s last painting left unfinished upon its easel, especially when that work has had such a powerful hold on the modern world’s imagination. Writing about Howard Pyle’s (1853–1911) The Mermaid in The Outlook less than a year after the artist’s death in Italy, a “Spectator” described the unfinished and unsigned painting “brought back from Florence”: heaving sea of iridescent blue and green, a cold moon, and slippery rocks, from which a mermaid siren, glittering, mysterious, alluring, winding her white arms about the young fisher-lad, was dragging him down, down, into the depths below of white lacing foam. But the painting did not travel with Pyle to Florence: it never left the artist’s atelier in Wilmington, Delaware.

and everything else too: The Head of Frankenstein

It looks to me like, in the US, the right is increasingly embracing the “punk rock”; the right is becoming the counterculture, the left is becoming the authority figure waggling its finger at those who misbehave. The right is the coalition rebel forces, the left is the empire. Given the history of countercultures, on the specific issues that the right is pushing back against the left’s authoritarianism – I expect the right to win. This particular fight has been swinging back and forth for decades now, even if, in retrospect, it is sometimes difficult to figure out who was who. Approximately: 30s-40s, leftist authoritarianism (Prohibition); 50s-60s, right authoritarianism (Nuclear family); 70-80s, left authoritarianism (Equal access media laws tearing down religious radio stations); 90-00s, right authoritarianism (Anti-atheism); 10-20s, left authoritarianism (many names).

The Buying Mania for Old Songs Has Come to a Sudden and Ugly End Consider the case of Hipgnosis, the British investment fund that took the lead in this buying mania. The fund was launched in 2018 with the promise that old songs were “a better investment than oil or gold,” according to the Financial Times. Hipgnosis eventually raised more than a billion dollars, and during their first year alone acquired rights to 5,000 songs. But that was just a start. By the end of 2021, this fund controlled a staggering 65,000 songs. Whether your tastes turn to Neil Young or the Chainsmokers or Barry Manilow, they control the songs the whole world sings. And Hipgnosis was so convincing in its advocacy for songs as investments, others with deep pockets decided to acquire vintage song acquire catalogs of their own. Even record labels, businesses that usually focus on new music, decided that it was now better to invest in oldies. But those rosy promises have failed to come true. As it turns out, oil and gold really are better investments than classic rock.

You’re still going to have to shoot sumbitches in the face, long past the point you’re sick of it, and they still won’t leave you alone, not ever, until there aren’t any of them left. Look at what happened in Rhodesia. Look at what’s going on in South Africa. Look at Israel. You can’t build the fences high enough to make people who want to kill you stop trying. And there’s no where left to run. You’ll have to hunt them down and exterminate them to bring that happy moment to fruition. Waiting for the knock at the door is planning to fail.

Following his Mouth-of-Hell speech last week, declaring war on half the country, “Joe Biden’s” prospects are dimming along with sclerotic circuits in his brainpan. The Party of Chaos is desperate to survive the midterm election. Therefore, look for them to grudge up an excuse to make them not happen. They need a “national emergency” and they’ll manufacture one if necessary. Wait for it.

For the Sake of Delusion – by T.L. Davis It’s really okay, we know, we understand, you have so much of your life and your personal testimony invested in climate change as a problem you feel you can solve by voting for communists and converting the world to electricity produced by wind and solar, but it’s all impossible, stupid and while you don’t want to be wrong and have to admit that to all of your friends and family, you will continue the abuse of the earth, the people and the joke of electric vehicles as a viable form of transportation, outside of very narrow travel distances, forever.

The Corpse Of Democracy | The Z Blog This is the problem with mass democracy in a mass media age. Our culture, including the political process, is a giant lie machine. Imagine if people went about their day with people from the state following them around with a bullhorn, constantly shouting random slogans at them. This is what we have today. We are awash in nonsense from the mass media but are expected to have sensible opinions. It is no wonder that the political system is unresponsive to the public will.

War On Western Culture: Crushing The Modern World – In the last week, a sexual predator, felon and habitual criminal, African-American Cleotha Abston-Henderson, 38, raped and killed Eliza Fletcher, a 34 year old kindergarten teacher with two small children. After grabbing her off the sidewalk during her daily jog, he left her mangled body behind an old house in Memphis, Tennessee. As reported by the media, Memphis’ murders reached over 352 in 2021. Even more tragic, if the two had reversed skin colors, Memphis would still be in flames as of this writing. But because she was white, the legal process will move forward without BLM rampaging throughout the city.

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Farm or Die – The American Conservative We don’t have an economy. We have a couple of guys in Indiana driving John Deeres. The rest of us are just waiting tables, sending emails, and delivering Stranger Things Funko Pops to people who wait tables and send emails. It’s not real. None of it is real.

House of Eratosthenes It’s a one-party state, but it’s their party and they see nothing wrong with it. So their bosses can tell them…the wildfires are climate change…the power outages are climate change…the budget shortfalls are due to climate change…crime is out of control because of climate change…we’re just forcing you to suck up smaller sodas through these paper straws, and use these grocery bags, and buy an electric car you can’t charge, because of climate change. And they’ll buy all of it. There are no signs of possibly incompetent management. None are needed. It’s their guys running things.

Hugo Simberg’s Painless Death – Flashbak “The painting itself gives the answer. Everyone has to find it for themselves” – Hugo Simberg

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  • Anonymous September 12, 2022, 8:27 PM

    The mermaid guy is in a phrygian cap, an item I like to take note of.

    Didn’t follow up on the complete Mike Bowen essay but it’s smart money he’s never been in a union.

  • Jake Brake September 13, 2022, 6:46 AM

    Worked my whole life as a carpenter. Never been in a union. Fat guys with pinky rings. Work rules.

  • Mike Austin September 13, 2022, 7:05 AM

    Question: Why did the water system of Jackson, Mississippi collapse?

    Answer: The mayor of Jackson is Chokwe Antar Lumumba.

    Next question.

    • ghostsniper September 13, 2022, 7:42 AM

      Sounds like Obama dudn’t it?
      Where the fuk are we, dark afrika?
      They are turning the US into Dark Afrika 2.
      Eric Burden had it right 50 years ago – the world is a ghetto, or well on it’s way.

      • Mike Austin September 13, 2022, 8:29 AM

        Parts of the US are already there. Detroit, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Washington DC, Atlanta, Birmingham and Jackson are urban centers that would fit right into any nation in Africa. Just for fun look up each of the mayors of these cities. Notice anything in common?

        I would not be surprised if the schools in those cities soon required Swahili as a second language.

    • Casey Klahn September 14, 2022, 7:09 AM

      Same shit happening around Seattle area. African or Somalian named critters running for city council. Takeover, anyone?

      It ain’t “racist” to oppose Marxist bullshit. When we get peak mArx in these municipalities, those colored and queer will be of no use to the factory of communism. The lever don’t know color or sex, it just gets pulled. It’s the ultimate meritocracy: who pulls levers quietly and effectively, and without reward, wins. All others: gulag if they’re lucky.

  • Steve (retired/recovering lawyer) September 13, 2022, 9:47 AM

    Dear Mr. Austin:
    The next questions is, “Why was Chokwe Antar Lumumba elected mayor of Jackson, MS?”
    However, to ask that question is to answer it.

    • Mike Austin September 13, 2022, 10:12 AM

      Jackson is 80 percent black out of a total population of 153,000. Twenty thousand have fled this cesspool since 2010. Anyone who still lives there gets what he deserves—including those 25,000 whites who for some damn reason remain there. Their lives must be fun, quite entertaining and full of daily excitement.

      • ghostsniper September 13, 2022, 1:20 PM


  • Occasional Commenter September 13, 2022, 1:08 PM

    Once upon a distant time, unions served a purpose: to provide better working conditions and pay. But every successful system attracts parasites, and very soon, grifters seized control and started jacking up demands until unions became fiscally uncompetitive. Result: jobs went overseas. Now, they’re part of the American Communist revolution.

  • Denny September 13, 2022, 2:25 PM

    Unions = Sicilian shakedown criminality –
    From day one, I could never understand why some people
    would want to obey an organization that teaches its
    members to covet, hate and steal from the decent human being/beings
    that provide a living for them and their families.

    It’s the very same dirty deal that Adam and Eve signed in the Garden
    with that Sneaking Serpent.

  • ThisIsNotNutella September 13, 2022, 6:59 PM

    All true re Unions and the Boom Boom Era of Yore.

    But in Current year, you *want* Apple, Amazon, FB, Google, etc. to unionize. Don’t ya? 🙂

    You should. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of folks.

    Unrelated: Ever wondered why Huawei, DJI, Foxconn don’t go woke? Party Cells. That’s why.

    • Denny September 14, 2022, 7:55 AM

      “But in Current year, you *want* Apple, Amazon, FB, Google, etc. to unionize. Don’t ya?”

      Unionize? NO. You can’t fight an evil corporation with evil Sicilian union tactics and especially not with our current court and government red tape and crushing deep state legalities that favors only the bullshit of leftist and Woke causes. It would be much preferable for decent and honest employees to informally but freely petition their management and threaten rebellion even to the point of resignation from their company that has become a truly evil Fascist organization like the ones you mentioned above.

      The last I looked, we still have a choice about who we’re going to work for and when we’re going to quit.

      I don’t believe any wise person would compromise his soul, liberty or dignity with a paycheck from a whorehouse or membership in a so called union “Brotherhood”.

      • ThisIsNotNutella September 14, 2022, 6:11 PM

        Lemme guess… You’re a Libertarian?

        Dude… it’s all about Power and @#$%ing your enemies until they go on the burn pile and then saying ‘next please!’

        You want to inject the vilest most debilitating poxes into the serried ranks of your adversaries while you’re about it, too.

        Blind Freddy observing that Apple and Google and Amazon — at least as dangerous to you as USGov — bring down the Hammer of Thor (non-tranny version) on anyone attempting to unionise their workplaces might quit already on the knee-jerk Boomer Boilerplate about unions and think that maybe it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of folks.

        Just saying.

        • Anonymous September 15, 2022, 9:31 AM

          “Dude… it’s all about Power and @#$%ing your enemies”

          Thanks for all the praise but to Dude yourself, – labor unions are, and remain to be the
          evilest concoction of politically contrived murderous greed ever conceived by human beings. Summed up, they believe in hating anyone and everyone that might have a single penny or might deserve the slightest honorable respect more they they do. Believe it or not, they walk around with dresses that say “tax the rich” in blood red. There you go, I poxed them again.

          @#$%ing my enemies is not the first thing that comes to my mind because I’m a Christian and I believe that the terror of that burn pile is already assured. And just like what you have become, no one seems to know who their friends are anymore.

  • Casey Klahn September 14, 2022, 7:30 AM

    Howard Pyle comes from that era when illustrators were a paper’s thickness from fine artists. You have to calibrate your eye very tightly to know any difference, and for the most part viewers could not care less that the mermaid painting is HOWARD PYLE, not ART. It’s freaking beautiful, and so packed with skill Picasso could shit his pants over it. It’s the hair’s width difference between Wyeth, NC, and Andrew.

    The moon isn’t the main object, it’s the gold bracelet and the rocks, and the Cerulean versus red-brown. What are the fish for? It’s a triangulation. Why no weenie? Because of his audience in 1910. The loin towel ruins the gestural quality of what an all-flesh look would’ve offered, but anyway form trumps gesture in Pyle’s world.

    Skill like that guy had is madly good. Love it.

    I’d also lose the blue towel, but is that just me?

  • ghostsniper September 14, 2022, 9:04 AM

    Casey sed: “I’d also lose the blue towel, but is that just me?”
    What, are the rest of us celebate? lol
    If I was that painter, I would have painted her sans the towel, then layer the towel on top.
    That way, I’d know what she looks like entirely, but no one else would.
    My goofy little secret.
    Admit it, you’d do the same thing you dawg!

    • Casey Klahn September 14, 2022, 11:28 AM

      Coughss: trade secrets!

  • Wade Hampton September 15, 2022, 2:14 PM

    Q: Why aren’t there powerful US unions anymore?

    A: Because there aren’t any powerful US manufacturers anymore.

    Q: And why is that?

    A: Partly because there were powerful US unions run by stupid shortsighted thugs.

    You’re welcome.