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Strange Daze:

Never an incoming Cruise Missile when the world needs one.

“That Woman” sed, “When you leash a dog you leash yourself.”, and that is true. Another smart person said we are prisoned by the things that own us that we think we own.

In another lifetime I traveled the world and other than a small box of “things” I left with my sister, my whole world was on my back. Yeah, I was a turtle. And the most free in my whole life. I am sort of seeking that existence again. The very foundation of this country is crumbling all around us and I will do all that I can to not be pulled in by the societal inertia and the over ballast of material things that bind. I’m not giving up my lifestyle, for it is the essence of my identity, a culmination of who I am and have been for the past half century. But rather, streamlining, cutting useless redundancy, and focusing on the long term about things that matter. Nobody can help you better than you. ghostsniper

Fishermen catch 280-pound chunk of whale vomit worth $1.5M

Father of the Year

One Cosmos: Doing Nothing vs. Doing Nothing This utopian dream or Adventure in Laziness lasted until the fall, when, upon the *advice* of my father, I arose from my ass and obtained a part-time job in a liquor store. There I toiled for up to 12 hours a week, and if I recall correctly, my paycheck amounted to $16.50 a week (minimum wage was $1.65/hr).

Of course, that was more than sufficient for my simple needs, because it cost exactly $5.00 to fill up my Ford Pinto (gas was around 50 cents a gallon) and exactly $5.25 for a case of Coors. So my paycheck covered one tank two cases, with enough left over for several Big Macs, which were 45 cents back then.

This is not to say I was an early adopter of voluntary simplicity, being that I was just an involuntary simpleton.  

5 bedroom land for sale in Balado Bridge, By Kinross, KY13  Description – ‘The Golf Ball’, an iconic Perth and Kinross-shire landmark is situated on approx. 6 acres of prime development land in a beautiful rural setting with stunning panoramic views close to the town of Kinross and junction 6 of the M90 Motorway. The ideal location for commuting throughout central Scotland this is the perfect location for industrial, commercial or leisure development.

The recurring question of why the Jews didn’t leave Germany and Europe in time – The New Neo Did the great majority of these Jews naively and hopefully fail to see the Nazi menace, and did they stay in Germany too long? The answer to that is: it doesn’t seem that way.

MUST READ: Yoga Instructor and “Body Activist” Jessamyn Stanley Says White Supremacy has Polluted Yoga Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga instructor and “body activist.”

Jessamyn is making headlines for some reason after blaming white supremacy for polluting yoga.

Seriously. This happened.

NEVER MISS: The Saturday morning links @ Maggie’s Farm

David Warren is back from heart surgery Aristocracy is government by the best, once we recognize them. Its opposite is not democracy but kakistocracy — government by the worst. That the worst are the least suitable, most corrupt, unscrupulous and shameless, is generally conceded. But I read this Greek-founded word, kakistocracy, in a political blog, and guessed that some things might not be conceded.

Where not to be seen when the volcano erupts… Hint: it’s not Pompei.

The Wages of Divorce | Chronicles As with many other legal and cultural innovations that have taken place since the 1960s, it is hard not to notice the baneful results of making divorce easy and apparently painless. Perhaps those now scorned, uptight New Yorkers who made their critics “chafe” under “restrictive” divorce laws for almost 200 years, were more socially responsible than the wrecking ball of the nofault divorce culture that came after them.

An optimistic rejoinder : Essays in Idleness The “Pride” flag represents madness. It cannot sustain itself over time. There will be terrible wreckage, but in the end, sanity and goodness will hear its voice again.

Raconteur Report: Tick Tock There’s no crying in baseball. And there’s no voting your way out of ClownWorld.

And…. that’s it for this Saturday. I’m closing up shop and going fishing. Have to cool out before Monday at the hospital.

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  • Dr. Jay June 12, 2021, 11:02 AM

    I’ve not been able to onset with Maggie’s Farm in weeks. “Sad,” DJT.

  • gwbnyc June 12, 2021, 11:59 AM

    live rightly or you’ll be reincarnated as that stool d’Yoga is enveloping.

  • ghostsniper June 12, 2021, 12:13 PM

    Raising an elbow like that might get someone dropped like a used rubber.

  • jwm June 12, 2021, 6:58 PM

    Let’s see; vaporized in less than a second by a pyroclastic flow. Brains blowin’ up, and all that stuff. I would hate it, for sure, but there are worse ways to go.
    Some years back the LA County museum hosted a display of artifacts from Pompeii, and Herculaneum. Oddly enough, the thing that most surprised me was a cast iron skillet, just like the one my wife cooked dinner in just a couple hours ago.
    A cast iron skillet. From Pompeii. Now there’s an invention that stayed invented.


  • JamesJLyons June 13, 2021, 4:52 AM

    Raising an elbow like that might get someone dropped like a used rubber.

  • Snakepit Kansas June 13, 2021, 5:49 AM

    Who on earth would employ that big ol gal as a yoga instructor? C’mon man! I bet she can really punish a toilet. The least of her problems is whitey.

  • ghostsniper June 13, 2021, 7:35 AM

    @Snake, that thing is an imported Nigerian bipodal carbon unit, gender unknown, designed and built for maximum food disposal consisting primarily of vast amounts of sugar, salt, and soy, purchased with gov’t treachery.

    To keep up with it’s 10,000+calorie per day intake it must evacuate it’s massive bowels multiple times each day.

    It’s enormous girth means it is incapable of performing post evacuation clean up details as necessary so it harbors a constant smell of excrement.

    A creature most foul.

  • James ONeil June 13, 2021, 10:19 AM

    Strange Daze, serial killers, volcanic eruptions, plus plus plus size yoga instructors….

    hey look at the bright side, the world might end tomorrow!

  • Kevin in PA June 13, 2021, 5:35 PM

    I think James O’Neil is on to something.
    Sweet Meteor of Death may be my candidate of choice in the next election.

  • Teri Pittman June 15, 2021, 10:30 AM

    I’ve come to believe that our lives are overcomplicated. It’s a never ending stress. Our homes are too complicated. We don’t just open windows for ventilation and light off a fire when it’s cold. We don’t have a few simple outfits that we wear. Our cars are more complicated than ever. And we all have a bunch of expensive gadgets, designed to be obsolete in three years. There is nothing that resembles relaxation. People load up in complicated RVs, with slide outs, and park in narrow spaces to “enjoy the outdoors”.