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Strange Daze

Russian Fighter Jet Buzzes US Warship In Black Sea As American Presence Builds 

How Quickly America Now Rids the World of Covid-19 | Principia Scientific Intl. This may be attributed to a simple change of US government because the cases began falling right after the electoral college vote was certified for Biden. He was not even in office yet. Around the world, the word has gone out of his arrival, and the virus is fleeing in his wake. We have also seen precipitous declines in daily case numbers in Ireland, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Thailand, Slovenia, and Hungary. All of this in January, when respiratory diseases typically thrive and wreak havoc on healthcare systems.

Early visitors to America’s National Parks, 1870-1920 – Rare Historical Photos

Another Demonstration Of The Harm Of Academic Philosophers – Since Reality is indifferent to your feelings, and you can’t turn from a man to woman, and back again, as many do, on whims, Stock is a nut, and the academic philosophers who signed the letter are nuttier. Incidentally, if feelings turn a man into a woman, and vice versa, why is it feelings cannot turn a man into a frog or a dog—as the furries insist? Why can you not turn into a Buick, or a salad, or whatever your heart delights in? Why is it only sexual perversion that knows the secret location of the Reality switching knobs?

Most days, including Sundays, my husband and I take Max to the dog park. It’s amazing how much that seems to mean to the dog. Unless the weather is just too bad we go as early as possible. I do miss the day when dogs accompanied their kids out and about unleashed. I don’t remember when I saw my first leashed dog, but I do remember when leashed dogs was uncommon. — True North

It Makes One’s Head Swim • On 17 December 1967, Harold Holt⁠—at that time the Prime Minister of Australia⁠—decided to go for a swim. He and his traveling companions were passing near Cheviot Beach, one of Prime Minister Holt’s long-time favorite swimming and snorkeling locations. The water was a little rough that day, but Holt was a strong swimmer, and he dove into the ocean with confidence. As he swam away from the beach, his companions ashore watched as a current dragged him out to sea “like a leaf.” They called out to him, but he did not respond or show distress. However, he soon slipped under the waves and out of sight. His friends sent out an alarm.House of Eratosthenes Our side sucks at shaming their side. We’re not political. We’re farmers, construction workers, homeschooler parents, sewer pipe cleaners, animal husbandry professionals, etc. who make time for politics under protest. Yeah just a few of us are software weenies too. We’re all stealing precious minutes and hours away from other pursuits that are more worthy, because we’re cornered and we’ve figured out if we don’t care about politics at all, politics will surely care about us. We don’t shame them because it isn’t in our nature, it’s not part of what we do, and it would require a bit of extra time on top of the time we’ve invested already. For which we have yet to see a good return.

Hate to say it, but you’re seeing the default state: People who have spent their entire lives building exactly nothing, come up with the standards, policies and guidelines to be enforced upon the people who build the things. And they do this with fancy speeches. They steal the good results from the people who build the things, like for example the Trump administration with Operation Warpspeed, and they get cheered on by other people who reason emotionally, build exactly nothing. and make a lot of noise.

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What Lay Behind Elvis Presley’s Demise? Even Today, Experts Aren’t Sure More significantly, in 1967 Presley’s skull collided with a bathtub after snagging himself on a TV cable. Incredibly, tissue from Elvis’s brain may have wound up coming loose, where it entered his bloodstream. The process was little understood at the time. A succession of bumps and bashes could have given rise to a progressive autoimmune inflammatory disorder, which possibly attacked his organs.

Netflix movie The Dig the Remarkable Story of the Sutton Hoo discovery   Thankfully for her, a skilled local archaeologist by the name of Basil Brown (Fiennes) was on hand to explore the intriguing site. Self-trained, Brown started off in 1938 with items  “from the Pretty household, including a coal shovel and a pastry brush.”Nevertheless, he knew what he was doing. War broke out the following year, yet as bombs prepared to fall shovels were hitting the soil. Brown eventually unearthed an 88 ft longship from the 7th century. But it wasn’t just any old abandoned vessel. It was effectively a burial chamber, with its illustrious occupant bedecked in finery.

Architecture Drawing Prize winners named with extra ‘lockdown’ category In the Hand-drawn category, the winner took its inspiration from the abandoned mining island of Hashima in Japan. Dear Hashima, by architect/artist Marc Brousse, was made using ink, charcoal and invisible ink, the latter layer only visible under ultraviolet light. It was singled out by judges for its ‘incredibly individual technique’.

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  • Phil in Englewood February 4, 2021, 8:24 AM

    “Occurs to me I don’t even know what’s celebrated in Black History Month. Does anybody? Is it a secret?”
    Maybe the Rwandan Genocide? An enormous operation, carried out entirely by black people in an amazingly short amount of time. It was an historic accomplishment, and deserves to be remembered.
    No white people involved, so no racism, so no criticism from the rest of the world.

  • julie February 4, 2021, 8:52 AM

    When I was a kid, my family was stationed at one of the Air Force bases near Sutton Hoo, round about the time they were making new discoveries there (mid 80s). I still remember the field trip where we went to the site to see the excavations and learn about the buried longboats. Also getting chased by geese. You can’t see it in the preview, but there’s a pond near that lovely little farmhouse. The way it looks in the show is about how it looked when I was there.

    Weird but true, Sutton Hoo is quite close to Rendlesham forest, site of a very famous UFO encounter with US forces.

    Anyway, looks like an interesting show. Too bad it’s Netflix, though.

  • gwbnyc February 4, 2021, 9:07 AM

    it’s Black History Year, it’s only called a month.

    meanwhile, true north, Manhattan-


  • Rob De Witt February 4, 2021, 12:43 PM


    That Principia Scientific link is suspected by Trend Micro to be poisonous.

    Still like to read it, though.

  • Gordon Scott February 4, 2021, 12:56 PM

    I don’t care how good of a lumberjack you are; getting a tree to fall that perfectly doesn’t happen without help. Even with a cable pulling in the appropriate direction, it’s risky. That thing can spin on the stump, and now it’s in the middle of the house.

    I’ve taken down trees close to houses. Trim off all the branches, like these guys did. Then you work your way down from the top, three feet at a time. Start the saw, check your position three times, cut, shut off saw, push. Reposition, repeat.

  • Casey Klahn February 4, 2021, 1:51 PM

    I had a fun customer in Seattle who’d often come into the REI climbing dept. He worked at the UW and was the head arborist, which is no small task. One time he was heading out to MI or WI or some such and going to participate in the world arbor championships. He returned with first place! I asked his main feat, and he said it was to flag where your full sized tree would fall, and he did, dead on for deflection and the flag out about 6 inches from the crown. I asked him the actual proper way to tie a logger’s hitch because we were all knot geeks of the highest order.

    Crimea was the main interest of Europe in the mid 19th Century. I wonder what makes that place unimportant, now? Cowardice? To be sure it’s cowardice. Putin deserves beating just for looking cross-eyed, but then I never did function well with others. Don’t get me wrong; I loved the no war presidency of Trump. But he backed that up with “don’t even think of fucking with me” personality. Reagan was that way, too. Biden? Seriously – he’s got a target on his back for the whole warlike world to throw darts at. China, Russia, Norks…everyone wants some of his ass.

  • Anonymous February 4, 2021, 2:00 PM

    Casey: …everyone wants some of his ass. Especially Camela Harris!

  • Casey Klahn February 4, 2021, 2:03 PM

    Let’s see…I hate even adopting (grabbing) my handgun because it means violent stuff is going to happen unless very smart moves prevail. It causes your heart-rate to increase and then you have to control that. Anyway the retard at the door couldn’t even function his .22 pistol but he did manage to get out a few rounds. Was it 3? He had maybe 11 – I don’t know. He kept trying to immediate action his semi-auto handgun but you could see he’d never drilled for that. What a retard. He pissed himself, too, which might be great to show in court if they do get him in there.

    How much trouble going forward would be saved by dis-abusing this porch monkey of his life urges? He went off, shot at the neighbor’s house, and stood off the cops in his house. None of that would’ve happened if he’d just met St Peter right then and there. Where is he now?

    .12 gauge through the door. end of problem. My opinion only.

  • gwbnyc February 4, 2021, 3:18 PM

    “Principia Scientific” loaded for me without the warning.

    Bailey’s. arborist’s gear as jewels-


  • Snakepit Kansas February 4, 2021, 5:40 PM

    Rooskie fighter: Looks like an accidental pregnancy between a US F111 and an A6.
    Lockdown drawing: Multiple complex vanishing lines, very clever. I’ve mixed both ink and lead before, which creates an interesting product. I will dig more into that one.
    Black History Month: Proof that overt racism does NOT exist, go see the KC Chiefs at Arrowhead (pre-lockdown) and see an 80% white crowd adore and cheer on an 80% black football team all the while wearing their jersey’s and appreciating the product. Not taking your hat of during the National Anthem might get your ass kicked.
    God drama keyboard: PREGNANT made me laugh out loud.
    Booze in the walls: I did some framing and dry wall hanging in my last house which was a fixer upper flip. Me and the guys drank a few beers during that effort and plenty of empties got stuffed into the framing prior to drywall hanging. Someday they will be found and possibly appreciated.
    GERARD: MORE STRAGE DAZE!!! This one was RICH!

  • Aggie February 4, 2021, 6:05 PM

    Am I seeing things, or did this bad actor shoot himself when he drew the pistol, or piss himself, or what? There’s a dark stain on his pants near the crotch that isn’t there early on.

  • Cris February 4, 2021, 6:12 PM

    Notice the guy in the tree video out by the street who doesn’t flinch when that thing comes down within a few feet of him. Confidence or something…

  • ghostsniper February 4, 2021, 6:42 PM

    You’ve heard the one, “Don’t take a knife to a gunfight”, right? Well that one was, “What happens when 2 cucks start a gunfight”? Come on man. 2 people shooting guns at each other 10 feet apart and one or both aren’t dead? Around here the shrapnel from the ‘sploding door would take out half the neighborhood. Casey’s right. 12 ga, and plenty of it.

    It’s embarrassing to read architects calling stuff architecture when it is not. WTF are they teaching in colleges these days?

  • DrTedNelson February 5, 2021, 9:04 AM

    Fake elections, fake positives. We live in the real world, but the news media is in a simulation.

  • Casey Klahn February 6, 2021, 9:00 AM

    I’ve been wanting to do some writing about “strange” juxtapositions. Here goes.

    The land of the free and the home of the brave. DC behind barbed wire. I realized, maybe more intensely, how that “Righty” is not the threat to the capitol. It’s BLM and Antifa they fear. Ironic, huh? The proof of this is the whole of 2020 spent storming DC and the White House by Lefty and his gang. Political violence of that order does not stop at Biden getting into office.

    Jan/Feb the height of the cold and flu season. Covid numbers arc towards the bottom of the page like a spent flare. Interesting that.
    The environment and jobs. FUKME.

    My wife told me to stop saying goddamn so much because what I say may come true. So I switched to a different swear word.

    I swear because I used to be, and this was a very long time ago, a soldier. I feel in a war mood, and so my mouth kind of acts that way. My apologies.

    On soldiering, I note that the new SecDef is ordering a stand-down of the whole armed forces for 60 days to talk politics. That’s rich. Seems they are concerned about racism and “Righty” in the ranks. When a young man (now a significant percentage of the force is female, I know) joins the service, he is 18 years old, give or take. He hasn’t spent much time forming political ideas, nor has he tested any that he may entertain. When he does go in the army, he is inculcated with the ethos of: don’t be political-it ain’t army style to be political. He enjoys and embraces that. The chain of command will now fuck that up royally for about 60 days and essentially retard the morale of the forces. Imagine the morale in the services right now. FUKME. It has to suck sideways and this on top of the fact that the country is back to being interested in stupid wars.

    OK, so the active side of the house is very non-political, up till now. OTOH, the guard and reserves are politically minded. They are, after all, civilians who have regular lives. The NG just had their fine hairs combed in DC by the FBI and Biden. How’d that go over, I wonder? I mean: how did the ranks enjoy that big deep state finger up their ass? My guess is not at all. The abuse of the troops in DC was also a suckfest, as was the obvious lack of mission. Now: finger number two as the SecDef will indoctrinate and bleach bit the forces to ensure that they tow the party line going forward.

    I want out. And, I’m not even in!

  • EX-Californian Pete February 6, 2021, 10:10 AM

    Casey, I wholeheartedly agree and echo your words. I’m sure most of us here feel the same.

    I remember seeing an interview a long while back with an “escapee” from a Communist country- can’t remember which one, and he said something that burned right into my soul-

    “Communism can be voted in fairly easily, but if you want out of it, you always have to SHOOT your way out.”

  • D S Craft February 10, 2021, 3:40 PM

    “How Quickly America Now Rids the World of Covid-19 | Principia Scientific Intl.” That’s because the virus is no longer needed. Its job is done.