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Strange Daze

The egret, graceful and contemplative, is gone now too.

Its beauty will not be seen for many more months. —KA-CHING!

“Like an old superannuated clown on his last benefit performance, I should like to say something serious. Just that, speaking for myself, over the years, looking not very assiduously or systematically or learnedly or virtuously, but always looking for a light in a dark time, the only one that I have found shone first in Galilee.” — Malcolm Muggeridge

Raconteur Report: The 2021 Quincy Adams Wagstaff Lecture What happens from the streets won’t be vigilantism, either. It will be street justice in a dirty war, until Leviathan collapses from the Death Of A Thousand Cuts. Some folks think the population isn’t built for that, but they’re about to find out firsthand how poorly the organs of government aren’t built for it either.

How do you tax someone when there’s no mail delivery, in either direction? When the internet is perennially down? How do you patrol the streets when your police cars spontaneously combust? When the lesser minions of bureaucracy go out, and never come back? And worse.

Government here has spent 240 years ensconced in a cocoon of their utter inarguable invincibility, because they’ve never had to operate in enemy territory for so much as five minutes, since the British burned D.C. in 1814.

The American people, conversely, have been operating in occupied enemy territory non-stop since at least 1912, if not far longer, and their ingenuity and perseverance in the enterprise knows no bounds.

My money is on hangings and guillotines for the guilty before this ends, rather than camps, and collateral damage will be overwhelmingly in one direction. Anything contrary will merely hasten the fall of the illegitimate regime. A fate devoutly to be wished.

You Me and The After: YEAR ZERO One morning last week I noticed that one flower had bloomed from new wintering buds. Lemon trees do not do well in cold weather so I have been fathering them in and out of the shop each day. Their nights are spent under a warming light. Not the best environment, but better than the overnight lows of late. And the little flower is a hint of things to come. A survivor. A leader.  I have taken this little event to heart. A lesson. It most likely is no more than any other plant that endures. All living things have to struggle somewhat against down times to keep doing what living is supposed to be doing.

The airline attendant on the Delta flight home was even worse than the usher at Hard Rock Stadium.. She seemed actually looking for a confrontation with anyone who would not meekly comply with mask conformity. But you had to grit your teeth (under your mask) and quietly seethe. Which brings me back to sadness and anger. There’s only so much we can collectively take. I fear we are quickly reaching the point of many becoming the Michael Douglas character in the movie Falling Down. There’s a reckoning coming fueled by a river of underlying sadness and anger in this country. You can feel it coming.It’s famous, this house – The Las Vegas Underground House. The two realtors refer to it simply as “the bunker.” Built by an eccentric millionaire at the height of Cold War hysteria, it’s six-thousand square feet of paranoid, aspirational fantasy. The first thing anyone notices is the carpet – too-green, meant to resemble grass, sprawling out lawn-like, bookmarked by fake trees, each a front for a steel beam. Nothing can grow here. It imitates life, unable to sustain it. The leaves of the ficuses seem particularly plastic.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants In Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder, Nassim Taleb describes the type of antifragile inventions and ideas that have lasted throughout history. He describes himself heading to a restaurant (the likes of which have been around for at least 2,500 years), in shoes similar to those worn at least 5,300 years ago, to use silverware designed by the Mesopotamians. During the evening, he drinks wine based on a 6,000-year-old recipe, from glasses invented 2,900 years ago, followed by cheese unchanged through the centuries. The dinner is prepared with one of our oldest tools, fire, and using utensils much like those the Romans developed.

Shadows From the Walls of Death – A Book That Can Literally Kill You At the end of the 19th century, about 65 percent of all wallpaper in the United States contained arsenic, and Dr. Kedzie already knew something that would later become scientific fact – that, over time, the wallpaper-decorated walls released this poison that slowly killed inhabitants. Arsenic ended up in the air, in food, on people’s hands, it made them sick, and sometimes killed them.

A horrible thought about the homeless crisis – Bookworm Room It occurred to me — and this is where I say that I had a horrible thought — that Narcan is largely responsible for the plight we find ourselves in. In the old days, people with serious drug habits died from overdoses. You couldn’t get to a critical mass of homeless drug addicts. They Darwined themselves out.

Thanks to Narcan, though, while a serious narcotic habit leads people to horrific lives of degradation and suffering, that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, Narcan means these people keep going like energizer bunnies. For example, in San Francisco, the whole equation would have been different if 3,000 people hadn’t been saved from imminent death (although I suspect many of those 3,000 were repeat offenders).

Those people would no longer have been on the streets. They would no longer have engaged in crime, and their deaths might have scared a handful of others straight. That would have substantially lessened the horrors of San Francisco streets, both for other homeless people and for the ordinary people trying to conduct their lives in the middle of a nightmare world.

Raconteur Report: Anecdotally: Keeping It Real, Yo (E.g., in this pandemic, any drug overdose should be stamped “DNR” – Do Not Rescuscitate – on the forehead in indelible ink, and left to decompose where found by EMS. And the FDA should ban all Narcan administration for the next 12 months, to cull the herd of a lot of wastes of skin and oxygen, for a generation. Public intoxication that lands you in the ER should be an automatic assignment to a chain gang starting the morning after, with summary trials conducted on the ambulance ramp of the hospital, for a six month stint of hard labor filling potholes in the desert in summer, and shoveling mud and snow all winter, full 180 days, sunup to sundown, Monday-Saturday, no parole for anyone, neither age nor gender considered. The second offense should be a yearlong stint in the state prison, same punishment, felony conviction. I doubt we’d ever see a third offense. “Change My mind”.)

World’s Largest Sea Slug Looks Like an Alien From Another Planet I knew slugs could get pretty large, but I never imagined one as big and heavy as a medium-sized dog.

How to lay and track a scout trail — Directions: Arrows constructed out of sticks are the most helpful way to give directions, but less fun for this same reason. Subtler tactics include tying a tuft of grass to point the right way, or placing one rock on top of another then using a third rock to indicate direction. This latter arrangement is particularly difficult to distinguish from any old pile of stones, and has been responsible for many a wild goose chase.

The Virginian: Stop Gaslighting the Year 2020. The people who tell you to shelter in place, don’t go out to eat and don’t travel spend their time in public – Those people go to fancy restaurants with dozens of friends and take vacations with their families obviously don’t believe what they are telling you. You are being lied to. Ask yourself why. See through the gaslighting. Fight back for the truth.

Year in review |the Top 10 Things to have for 2021
1 TP
2 Food
3 Guns and ammo
4 Alcohol – medicinal and disinfecting, at the same time is fine
5 Physical media-books, dvds, cds
6 Set of Encyclopedia
7 Birth control
8 Garden stuff- seeds, fertilizer, bugspray, canning jars and lids
9 Armor
10 black hoodie and jeans

Remaindered meat trays Every other day or so I cruise the meat aisle at my grocer looking for the ‘remaindered’ meat….the stuff that is marked down 30% or 50% to sell immediately. Perfectly good stuff, but it needs to be used or frozen immediately. And then…on rare occasions…the two combine to create: the remaindered meat tray.

Grief in the Covid era will weigh on the American psyche for years to come “I don’t think I’ve been able to complete — complete’s the wrong word but — but I don’t think I’ve been able to fully process his death,” Smith said. “It’s on television every day — every day is Covid, whether it’s reports on how the government mismanaged it, or the latest infection rate or the death rate or even the hero first responders. There’s no escape from this death. It’s glaring and fully frontal for me, and I can’t stand it but I can’t change it.”

Vox Popoli: Seems a little high If you happen to be a fly-by or new reader who isn’t likely to stick around once the election crisis concludes, I would encourage you to take this one lesson with you: everything is fake. The news, the science, the hits, the celebrities, the bestsellers, the wealthy, the economic statistics… they are all elements of a false and ever-mutating narrative intended to shape your perceptions. Perception isn’t reality, but since perception always affects Man’s decision-making, shaping his perception is one way to change future reality.

Toldya: The sodomite progression of domination is: Tolerance, Acceptance, Ratification, PARTICIPATION. Sodomites now demanding that heterosexuals engage in sodomy with cross-dressers | Barnhardt And make no mistake, the primary target of this will be children. as is clear by the imagery below. What is depicted is clearly a pre-pubescent child, presumably a boy with long hair dressed as a girl by his criminally insane diabolical mother.

Blame BLM for Gotham’s sidewalk chaos Leftists celebrated and claimed it was belated justice for the 2014 death of illegal-cigarette vendor Eric Garner while in police custody. But the decision is killing what’s left of the city’s small businesses. It’s also creating an increasingly dangerous situation on the sidewalks, making them hard to navigate, as well as allowing disreputable vendors to sell unsafe food, like the repugnant, worm-filled crabs The Post reported on.

Balmis Expedition: How Orphans Took The Smallpox Vaccine Around The World t Dr. Joseph Flores, the King’s court physician, was the one who suggested sending a Spanish corvette to the New World with a large number of children who could act as receptors to the vesicle fluid, passing it from child to child during the long voyage across the ocean, thereby forming a living transmission chain. It may not have been an acceptable or ethical vaccination method by our current hygienic and professional standards, but it was a very creative and effective way of carrying the vaccine within the constraints of the technology at that time.

Lockdown: a deadly, failed experiment – spiked The assumption that lockdown is the only way to prevent Covid deaths has become embedded in mainstream thinking. Apparently, the only permitted questions are if we are locking down early enough, hard enough or for long enough. Lockdown has similarly become the default response to rises in cases (though sometimes these now take local rather than national form). But the conventional wisdom that more lockdown means fewer deaths simply does not hold true in the real world. There is globally no association, let alone causation, between lockdowns and Covid deaths. And yet the harms of the policy are extreme.

Signaling Virtuous Victimhood as Indicators of Dark Triad Personalities

We investigate the consequences and predictors of emitting signals of victimhood and virtue. In our first three studies, we show that the virtuous victim signal can facilitate nonreciprocal resource transfer from others to the signaler. Next, we develop and validate a victim signaling scale that we combine with an established measure of virtue signaling to operationalize the virtuous victim construct. We show that individuals with Dark Triad traits—Machiavellianism, Narcissism, Psychopathy—more frequently signal virtuous victimhood, controlling for demographic and socioeconomic variables that are commonly associated with victimization in Western societies. In Study 5, we show that a specific dimension of Machiavellianism—amoral manipulation—and a form of narcissism that reflects a person’s belief in their superior prosociality predict more frequent virtuous victim signaling. Studies 3, 4, and 6 test our hypothesis that the frequency of emitting virtuous victim signal predicts a person’s willingness to engage in and endorse ethically questionable behaviors, such as lying to earn a bonus, intention to purchase counterfeit products and moral judgments of counterfeiters, and making exaggerated claims about being harmed in an organizational context. Keywords: Dark Triad, unethical behavior, victim-signaling, victimization, virtue-signaling.

Hand-colored photographs of Japan on the brink of modernity, 1870s – Rare Historical Photos After his lumber family business was destroyed by a tsunami in 1854, Suzuki traveled to Yokohama where he became an established photographer. Many of his photographs were hand-colored, which is why they appear more realistic and modern than the black and white photos of that era.

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  • M. Murcek January 4, 2021, 10:14 AM

    Clapton has gone from Guitar God #1 to pretty much an afterthought. I’d rather listen to Joe Bonamassa.

  • EX-Californian Pete January 4, 2021, 10:26 AM

    Wow, what a huge and varied “Strange Daze” column!
    Too much to comment on all at once, but I did get a laugh out of the “FIGHT BIGOTRY” BS campaign, and found myself wondering just how much more insane and sick the Liberals can get. So now, refusing to have sick, disgusting sex with a mentally ill person in drag is “BIGOTRY” !?!?!?!?

    I disagree somewhat with the “Top 10 must-have” list above.
    #1 should be guns & ammo.
    #2 should be potable water.
    #3 food.
    #4 hand weapons/tools.
    #5 Outlaw ALL warning labels on every single product and let Nature and Darwin’s laws take effect.
    Et cetera…
    Et cetera…

  • nunnya bidnez, jr January 4, 2021, 10:45 AM

    “Blame BLM for [NYC]’s sidewalk chaos…..belated justice for illegal-cigarette vendor Eric Garner”


    But who to really blame for Garner’s death?

    Since the late 1960s, cigarettes have been vilified and made nearly illegal; meanwhile thanks to the relentless push by NORML, marijuana has been nearly legalized, promoted and ritualized. Tobacco has borne the brunt of regulation and taxation, while grass has been getting a free pass lately.

    A pack of cigs is over $13 in NYC, more than most lower working-class people can afford. So, an entrepreneur like Eric Garner sells “loosies” for a dolla apiece, his customers get their fix, and he gets a nice profit. That’s the American way.

    Garner had a great location, across the street from the Social Security offices, down the block from a dozen bus-stops, a short walk from the Staten Island Ferry terminal. I know the area well.

    I don’t blame Garner for what he did, I don’t blame the cops too much; mostly I blame 50 years’ worth of politicians demonizing tobacco, enacting outrageously high excise taxes which lead to the black market Garner was engaged in.

    $13 for 50-cents worth of agricultural product, $3 worth of advertising, $10 worth of TAXES?? The only people making out like bandits is the government. The People are the losers; Garner lost his life because of government policies.

  • Fletcher Christian January 4, 2021, 11:37 AM

    nunnya bidnez, jr:

    $13 for 50¢ worth of slow poison…

  • MIKE GUENTHER January 4, 2021, 12:36 PM

    Mr. Christian,

    Whatever happened to “my body, my choice?”

    There all kinds of things we ingest that aren’t good for us…Weed, Wine and other types of alcohol and according to Vegans, red meat. Oh, and let’s not forget about coffee…or is it good for us now this week?

    For me, you’ll have to pry the Rib Eye steak and cigarette out of my cold dead hands. I’ve given up everything else.

  • George_Banner January 4, 2021, 2:05 PM

    First they peddled covid-19 and I said nothing cause I’m a pussy.
    Then they peddled murder hornets and I said nothing cause I’m a two times pussy.
    They the stole the election by fraud and neither me nor SCOTUS said nothing cause we are three times pussies.
    Then they peddled the super covid-19 (now with more infection!!) and I said nothing cause I’m a four times pussy.
    Then they peddled the South-African covid-19 (now super more infectious) and I said nothing cause I’m a five times pussy.
    And I wonder how many pussies a pussy I am and I’m afraid the number is probably around the six digits.
    And I wonder how’s that different from “I’m not gonna fight you no matter what you do to me” that’s the fagots motto and I’m afraid the answer is “not all that much”
    And I remember something I saw around March 2020 that went “the Founding Fathers would be piling up corpses by now”
    And I’m not piling up corpses.
    And I’m thinking that maybe I should be piling up corpses because enough is enough.
    And I don’t wanna be a 999,999 times pussy.
    Do you want to be a 999,999 times pussy?
    No? You don’t?
    How many times pussies are we?
    What are we?
    What the freak are we?!
    What kind of fagot puto pussies are we?!!
    We won two world wars.
    We put our flag on the Moon . . . by hand! BY HAND!! An American dude went to the Moon in an American vehicle, Mooned there, got out, stood on the freaking Moon and planted our flag there.
    What does it take to win America back for Americans?
    What does it take to turn this around?
    What does it take to give CPR to our late Constitutional Republic the United States of America (July 4th, 1776 – November 3rd, 2020)?
    This? This is ridiculous!!
    Trump is alone, up there.
    And 80 million of us, armed to our teeth, are holding our dicks.
    And kamala putala is going to let go of Willie Brown willie, get up and walk into the Oval Office to be “president”?
    Because soros says so?
    First the kenyan traitor and now this one?
    Gotta be a joke . . .
    Are we a joke?
    Did we become a joke and nobody told me?
    Are we now a post-modern cartoon or something?

  • OneGuy January 4, 2021, 5:35 PM

    The article on men being unwilling to date transgener women brinks new meaning to that disparaging term “unfuckable” Unless I know nothing about biology and what modern science can do transgender women are literally “unfuckable”

  • Casey Klahn January 4, 2021, 6:03 PM

    George_Banner, agreed.
    “Trump is alone, up there.
    And 80 million of us, armed to our teeth, are holding our dicks.”
    I read that today, all 10 former SECDEFs wrote a letter saying the military should not be used (by Trump) in the transition. These 10 super-fux, these cux of incredible size, have read the MSM articles that say Trump is considering using the military in a coup. The, the libs all nod their heads and say, “yeah, boss, yeah, dat’s true right dere!” Then, you read the articles, and they are totally full of shit. There is no statement by Trump to the effect that the military is a lever in any way, shape or form in this transition fight. It is a total fabrication, and elite WA believes every word. Just like Russian Collusion, a complete slander. My eyes are about to catch on fire from being so pissed at the cux who wrote that letter. Where there is no issue, they make one up just to cause a fight.
    The NG has already been used, and there has been no lack of politics involved in that, given the cunt who runs DC. Look for their use in DC in 2 days from now.
    Deep State WADC is bottom-of-the-barrel. I think my eyes are actually bleeding from this.

  • ghostsniper January 4, 2021, 7:19 PM

    If I manage to read this entire line up that $18m underground bunker might not seem so bad, if I can have it on a deserted island some where, slammed with guns, guitars, gurlz, and grub.

  • gwbnyc January 5, 2021, 6:53 AM
  • Dirk January 5, 2021, 7:27 AM

    It’s mid winter, temp hovering between 0 to 30, we have a humming bird hanging around, we left the feeder out for this lil fella, .

    This hummer gives me hope. Hope that we to can make it, with a bit of Hope, luck!.

    Life is nothing without hope, mixed with a lot of luck.


  • Casey Klahn January 5, 2021, 8:39 AM

    Very tippy top headline at NewsAmmo this morning.
    You, the Trump supporter, are a violent extremist. Not BLM. Not Antifa. Not Black Panthers. This is the fiction being written in the news. One of the Proud Boys, an Hispanic man, I think, has been arrested for burning a BLM flag. How many BLM burned American flags this year? How many arrests for that?
    They are gaslighting the living shit out of you right now. The past 3 GOPe presidential wins were challenged vociferously by the demoncrats, but don’t even think of challenging Biden’s stolen election. Hey, if it was stolen, how would we ever know? Sosh media has barred any discussion of it. Big Brother much?
    I’d say things are at the boiling point. Keep your head on a swivel.

  • ghostsniper January 5, 2021, 5:52 PM

    Casey sed: “They are gaslighting the living shit out of you right now.”
    You know it man. No matter which way thing thing runs out those media monsters need to go. This shit can’t stand. It is outright criminal.

    Right now, at 8:45pm est, from CNBC: “Georgia’s critical Senate runoffs are too close to call as polls close”. Now which way you think that’s going to go?

    Right now, at 8:46pm est, from Wapo: “Los Angeles is running out of oxygen for patients as covid hospitalizations hit record highs nationwide”. The brazen bald faced lies reveal the criminal dementia at the foundation of the world massive heist. They have no limits, nor should any of us when the time calls for duty.

  • jwm January 5, 2021, 8:10 PM

    I’m thinking that the tranny poster is a spoof. It’s Godfrey Elfwick level trolling. But like all good trolling it does have an element of truth to it. Guys don’t like it when their girl is having a period. Guys hate it when their girl is having an erection.


  • Casey Klahn January 5, 2021, 9:22 PM

    jmw: I snorted up my gimlet at that one. Good job.

  • Casey Klahn January 5, 2021, 9:24 PM

    Some of the conservative sites are fifth column – designed to talk your language and then cut a fine knife slice that just oozes a little blood each time. You figured that out, I’m sure.

  • azlibertarian January 6, 2021, 5:31 AM


    In my neck of my desert woods, we don’t have the terribly low temperatures that you speak of and so I see hummingbirds in my back yard year round. I’ve got 6 feeders visible from my porch and if and when I can convince Mrs. azlib, I’d like to add another 4. “My” hummingbirds are fun to watch. Do you know what a group of hummingbirds is called? A group of hummingbirds is called a “charm” and I think that is perfect. But my hummingbirds are not charming…not at all. They’re very territorial and will chase another right off a feeder. Sometimes its like watching a couple of F16s engage in a dogfight. Every now and then I’ll see a couple of males do an aerial “chest bump”. When I stand near a feeder, one will often dive right in front of me, maybe 6 or so feet in front of my face, and chirp at me as if to try to chase me off too. They may be small, but they’re not afraid of anything.

    And somehow that gives me hope too.