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This case involves not just a determination to get Flynn convicted of something (anything) while all the time uncovering nothing, but also the following: an attempt to get at Trump through Flynn, a perjury trap set for Flynn, a coerced guilty plea (through a threat to prosecute Flynn’s son), the contemplation of prosecuting Flynn on a law that has never been enforced against a US citizen (and should be inapplicable anyway to someone who is part of a president-elect’s security team, as Flynn was), the long-term withholding of information from Flynn that he was entitled to, various seemingly corrupt lawyers on both prosecution and defense (Flynn’s first defense team, that is), and a large group of “public servants” in the FBI and elsewhere who seem to have no respect whatsoever for the law except how to use it to snare their perceived enemies. And I doubt I’ve covered it all. The Flynn case: Nice son. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to him. – The New Neo

On those armed protestors in Michigan: This is your final warning | Armed and Dangerous This is the American constitutional system working correctly and as designed by the Founders. When the patience of the people has been pushed past its limit by tyranny and usurpation, armed revolt is what is supposed to happen. The threat of popular armed revolt is an intentional and central part of our system of checks and balances. We aren’t at that point yet, though. The Michigan legislators should consider that they have received a final warning before actual shooting. The protesters demonstrated and threatened just as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and other Founders expected and wanted citizens to demonstrate and threaten in like circumstances.

Of course it did: New York paid $69 million for ventilators that never showed up: report

Why Walking Matters—  What we probably don’t realize is that walking can be a kind of a behavioral preventive against depression. It benefits us on many levels, physical and psychological. Walking helps to produce protein molecules in muscle and brain that help repair wear and tear. These muscle and brain molecules—myokines and neurotrophic factors, respectively—have been intensively studied in recent years for their health effects. We are discovering that they act almost as a kind of fertilizer that assists in the growth of cells and regulation of metabolism. They also reduce certain types of inflammation.

Inside the Diamond Princess, the Coronavirus-Infected Cruise Ship on a Nightmare Voyage On what was supposed to be the cruise’s final night, February 3, while the Four Amigos were enjoying a multicourse meal in the mirrored Savoy Dining Room, they all agreed that they hoped the trip would never end. Suddenly the ocean liner’s intercom came to life. In his Italian-inflected English, the ship’s captain told all on board about the infected passenger. Accordingly, he said, when the Diamond Princess reached Yokohama, everyone would need to stay on the vessel for an extra day while Japanese health officials screened them. The Jorgensens gave each other a look that said: What does that mean for us? But soon enough, guests went back to their surf and turf. Before long, baked Alaska was paraded out, accompanied by marching band music and diners festively waving their napkins.

To challenge yourself you have to hunger for the truth, have the humility to doubt yourself, the time and energy to read alternate sources, and the intelligence to evaluate them. And then you have to have the courage to face what you’ve seen and go against what most of the people you know deeply believe and risk becoming The Other, or keep your mouth shut.

Gallup: Trump surges to approval high, best ever OK from independents The latest Gallup survey found that 49% of adults approve of the president’s job, up from 43% two weeks ago. Trump has never crossed 49% in the Gallup survey.The pop came despite crushing media criticism of his fight against the coronavirus and push to reopen the economy.



Respected medical personnel flaunting medical degrees in stuff like “epidemiology” and “infectious diseases” – and never forget that SOMEBODY was last in every class at med school — tell us that we have a couple of options: EITHER we have to test 330 million people twice a day, minimum, before we can ever go eat in restaurants again – OR, maybe we must all hide under our beds until nobody anywhere on Planet Earth ever has the Wuhan Flu again.

SNITCHES FOR STITCHES: Personal information from 900 St. Louisan tipsters exposed on social media   The Facebook post headline said, “Here ya go. The gallery of snitches, busybodies, and employees who rat out their own neighbors and employers over the Panic-demic.” A person whose Facebook profile name is Jared Totsch told the I-Team that he posted the documents knowing that there might be consequences for the people named within. “If they are worried about retaliation, they should have read the fine print which stated their tips would be open public record subject to a Sunshine request, and should not have submitted tips in that manner to begin with,” wrote Totsch. “I released the info in an attempt to discourage such behavior in the future.”

Apple Data Shows Shelter-In-Place Is Ending, Whether Governments Want It To Or Not Bye-bye shelter-in-place. Hello re-opening. Apple’s Mobility Trends report shows that traffic in the US and other countries like Germany has pretty much doubled in the past three weeks. It had been down up to 72%. And location data provider Foursquare says that gas and fast food visits are back to pre-COVID-19 levels in the American Midwest.

The DiploMad 2.0: Other than the ChiCom Virus, What? Another one of the great hoaxes has been the #MeToo (MT) movement. As with its big brother, global climate change, it starts with a legitimate concern–pollution in one case, sexual abuse in the other–and morphs into a political/social movement aimed at expanding governmental power over our lives, yes, once again, we see the drive for power. If we didn’t need a reminder of the political motivations behind MT we have to look only at how its most ardent practitioners have treated Bill Clinton and Joe Biden; compare that to how we have seen them treat Justice Kavanaugh and, earlier, Justice Thomas with the lynch mob back then led by no less than then-Senator Joe Biden.

Of course, harassing citizens is not about protecting anything. The Right often makes the mistake conservatives have made for generations in assuming the Left has a practical reason behind their actions. Ideologues do not need a practical motive like money or power. In fact, worldly goods are not motives for ideologues. Rather, they are means to an end. The ideologue seeks power and influence in order to advance his agenda, which often just means crushing his opponents.

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  • PA Cat May 4, 2020, 10:33 AM

    I see that Miss Olive has recruited some editorial assistants.

  • Mike Anderson May 4, 2020, 11:25 AM

    A TRUMP boat-wrap! W-a-a-y more more expressive than a simple GFY.

  • ghostsniper May 4, 2020, 1:47 PM

    Mike sed: “A TRUMP boat-wrap! W-a-a-y more more expressive than a simple GFY.”
    My wife knows some sign stuff and she said that wrap cost at least $4k. (they had to put the boat on dry land to install it)
    That boat had 4 engines at about $15k each, so the owner isn’t concerned with coin. Maybe the whiners heads will ‘splode now.

  • Nori May 4, 2020, 2:03 PM

    “Okay,everybody back on their heads”
    Gov.Gruesome there looks like he just “got” that joke.

    Actually,it’s We the People who’ve been forced to stand on our heads in the s**t.
    Coffee break time. A very long time,courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee,and black rifles.

  • Donald Sensing May 4, 2020, 7:35 PM
  • Dan Patterson May 5, 2020, 9:17 AM

    Hey all y’all.
    Among the once bright, secure, and treasured items making up my understanding of a social safety net the most recently corroded and untrustworthy is the law enforcement professional.

    In my naive youth and blinkered adulthood, those officers of the law were revered, held to a high standard of morality and sound judgment. And that meant all of them; to my understanding, all members of the system were on the same page I was: Justice means truth, an honest review of the facts, and equal treatment of all parties under all circumstances. Stories of mistreatment or inappropriate violence by the police were always met with disbelief, and any thought of an officer of the court misapplying the law was dismissed out of hand. Not possible, so don’t bother me with such outlandish lies!

    Those members of the law enforcement community are positively sworn (sworn!) to uphold the Constitution and enforce the law and that is exactly what they do, and that’s all they do. Justice is blind, I told myself that time and again. And I believed it. Because I wanted to believe it, just like Tinker Bell wanted me to.

    Until one day, recently, the weight of experience and evidence spilled over the levee and the critical dipper full came from that smarmy ass Comey and his total bullshit tap dance. He sat there, basking in the self-righteous knowledge that he was getting away free as a bird as he allowed another crook to get away free as a bird. Seemingly making it all up as he went along. Lying bastard asshole son of a bitch.

    And not a soul, not a damned soul present, not one swinging dick in the lot of the useless pissheads, said one word to confront his black lies. Damn them every one.

    So the justice system is a rigged game, boys. Don’t play with your head up your ass. LEO, DA offices, the courts, none of them are seeking justice. They are out for a score, a win, truth has little to nothing to do with it. And it’s been that way for a long time; I’m just new to the game.

    And the Constitution seems unknown to local LEO because they are just doing what their Lieutenant and Sargent, said and since they have become a paramilitary operation we, as in we the people, are the enemy.

  • Dan Patterson May 5, 2020, 9:21 AM

    I am obviously over the top with that comment. Not all, not every, and not each are corrupt. But enough are to taint the soup that’s for sure.

  • Sam L. May 5, 2020, 12:20 PM

    Flynn: As I’ve said elsewhere, Mr. Trump needs to don his Hercules outfit and divert the Potomac River thru the FBI building. Then razing it.

  • ghostsniper May 5, 2020, 1:57 PM

    @Dan, I didn’t think you were over the top at all. But I believe you were a bitch for apologizing. Yes, ALL of them are criminals.

    Did you know that if anyone witnesses a person committing a “misdemeanor” and fails to report it to the proper authorities they have in fact committed a “felony”? Let that sink in.