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“For now, in the annus insanus of 2020, we are afflicted by a pandemic of media phoniness. Plastering the facts with attitude—tilting the story to the party line, moralizing it, sentimentalizing it, propagandizing it—is the way of noisy, distracted cable news and, increasingly, of all media. Not a sparrow falls without the New York Times, in its news columns, telling the reader that the bird was shot by a “white supremacist.” News is laid before the citizen’s mind so packaged and tarted up

Woman Shocked to Discover Two Long Needles Embedded in Her Brain

America’s race wars have officially gone meta when a white man who thinks he’s black attacks a black man for criticizing a white woman the white man thinks is black. y All that we’re missing is the white man who thinks he’s black thinking the black man is white and attempting to play the race card on him.

Chevrolet Releases California-Compliant Horse And Buggy

The Mysterious Out of Place Artifact – The Stone Egg from Lake Winnipesaukee

Democrats pivot to promoting in-person voting Why it matters: Democrats are exponentially more likely to vote by mail than Republicans this year — and if enough mail-in ballots are lost, rejected on a technicality, or undercounted, it could change the outcome of the presidential election or other key races.

Archbishop Viganò: Trump is preparing to fight against the demonic forces of the deep state™ I therefore join all the participants in this extraordinary celebration and all American Catholics, who see in President Donald Trump the greatest defender of the supreme values of Christian civilization: of life, from conception to natural death; of the natural family composed of one man and one woman and children; and of love for the homeland: One Nation under God! And, most importantly, he stands for defending the right to freely practice our Faith, thus allowing us more fully to honor God.

Hiding a 10,000 Year Clock inside a Mountain It ticks once a year, the century hand advances once every 100 years, the cuckoo comes out on the millennium, and it will keep time for the next 10,000 years.

Let’s see, the left attacked pickups for using too much gas. Then they attacked pickups for killing pedestrians. You know what really harms the environment? Burning down stores, cars, and police stations. You know what really kills people? Defunding the police and watching the murder rate double. You know what really hurts retirement plans? Having a mob of lefties ruin your business.

State With No Electricity Orders Everyone To Drive Cars That Run On Electricity Back to stability : Essays in Idleness There are two candidates for President of a neighbouring country, which will have a general election in six weeks and one day. They are, “Trump,” and “Not Trump,” respectively. There is tremendous enthusiasm for both candidates, though only one of them is a living biological entity. There may be others running — a rumour says one of them is named “Joe Biden” — but no one cares about the “also rans.” Should “Trump” be elected, there will be violence and chaos. Should “Not Trump” be selected instead, there will be chaos and violence.

The Social Construction of Black Self-Destruction | The new Zeroth Amendment to the Constitution reads “No Black man must submit to being arrested if He’s really not in the mood to be arrested.”

The Cognitive Dissonance And Confirmation Bias Of Cases | AmeriKa Gone Mad Considering, despite the fact that we are having massive protests and riots across America, these people are not suddenly, like in China, dropping dead in the streets from “cases”. None of these people are suddenly getting so sick from the “cases” that they are overwhelmingly filling our hospital beds. Considering, and despite the fact, that Trump is having massive rallies, these people are not suddenly, like in China, dropping dead in the streets of “cases”, nor are they overwhelming our hospitals with “cases”. Consider that despite the “cases” it’s okay to protest and riot because it is your right. Consider that you can not go to church because of “cases”. Consider all the things you allowed to do despite the “cases”, and all the things you are not allowed to do because of the “cases”.

Abortion does not resonate with the woke women like it did for their mothers. For starters, the proliferation of prophylactics makes abortion an unnecessary option for bourgeois women. Second, most of these women are more worried about their pronouns than having sex. While there is always some man willing to have sex with a woman, no matter her appearance, the modern woke woman is pushing the boundaries of that assumption.

The Mad 1920s Fad of Pole-Sitting Alvin Kelly had numerous rivals, most notably Richard Dixie Blandy who was struck by lightning several times during his career, and famously drank 92 bottles of whiskey and smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day during a 125 day sitting, 200 feet off the ground.

Researchers Discover Unexpected G-Wave Superconductor | IE Say hello to the g-wave superconductor!

daily timewaster: Serbia and Kosovo Agree to Name Disputed Lake After Donald Trump

Airavatesvara Temple’s Optical Illusion – Kumbakonam, India – Atlas Obscura

The most polite horn ever from r/Damnthatsinteresting

Everything won’t be in order. There will always be more items to prepare or study. You may sense that tomorrow would be a better time or perhaps even next month. That old companion Failure will be waving to you at the gate and promising to catch up. But if you are wise, you will keep moving and will shrug off the excuses that tug at your elbow. It will not be a short trip and every step will count. Expect delays, frustration, depression, and weariness. They are all part of the journey and those tales of a smooth path are myths. Watch the sky. Listen to the world and enjoy the small things. Savor your progress. This is your time.There’s a Jeep Wrangler Dangling Off a Cliff in California After Some Fool Drove Up a Bike Trail

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  • buddhaha September 26, 2020, 9:55 PM

    I’m sure that the car salesman told the Wrangler driver that his vehicle was “trail rated”. 🙂

  • John The River September 27, 2020, 5:37 AM

    Donald Trump gets a whole lake, Ronald Reagan only got a seat by a river in Tbilisi.

  • Ed September 27, 2020, 6:18 AM

    The needles-in-the-Chinese-girl-skull bit was featured in an episode of “House MD”

  • ghostsniper September 27, 2020, 8:21 AM

    I’d have driven that jeep right out of there. Put the left wheel in the rut and stay there, just like everybody else did, I mean, how do you think that rut got there?

  • Neuday September 27, 2020, 10:45 AM

    Ghost, you might be a great drivers, but to me the modern “Jeeps” aren’t like the older ones. Yes, with limited-slip diff in front and locked in back, you probably could get out of that situation, provided traction. Modern Wranglers have open diffs in front and some sort of limited slip in back, so in this situation the front axle is essentially worthless once one side loses traction. If the rear axle loses traction, you’re screwed. Given the long wheelbase of this vehicle, he might have gotten center-posted and digging out might shift the vehicle to the right and off the edge, so it was game over. If he had a high-lift jack or a good winch he’d have been ok. I really don’t understand people who go off-road without at least one of those two.

    I was a hardcore Jeep guy in a previous life with a built-up CJ-5 and ran around the high Sierras with an offroad club of mostly CJ’s, Toyota FJ-40s (often with V-8s), and the occasional CJ-3B “flatfender”. Some of the rigs had arc welders on-board because stuff breaks, which means having an alternator capable of driving an arc welder (yeah, baby!). All I learned is that all this hardcore crap only allowed a guy to get stuck even farther from help, so unless you had a buddy or 2, you never, ever went out farther than you were willing to walk back.

  • ghostsniper September 27, 2020, 1:28 PM

    @Neuday, at one time Jeep was advertised as the only “real” 4×4 in the US. Circa 1977 a friend and I were cutting through the woods in a jeep during a training exercise and he drove over a downed tree that was too big and popped the rear driveshaft out of the punkin. He threw driveshaft in the back and we drove back to post on front wheel drive only. I don’t think my 2001 Chevy Blazer 4×4 2dr will do that or any other 4×4 made today.

  • DrTedNelson September 28, 2020, 3:04 PM

    Just an FYI: the Jeep was rescued by an off-road club.