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Democrats pivot to promoting in-person voting Democrats spent the early months of the coronavirus pandemic urging their base to vote absentee. But as threats of U.S. Postal Service delays, Team Trump litigation and higher ballot rejection rates become clearer, many are pivoting to promote more in-person voting as well. Why it matters: Democrats are exponentially more likely to vote by mail than Republicans this year — and if enough mail-in ballots are lost, rejected on a technicality or undercounted, it could change the outcome of the presidential election or other key races.


Biden flashes sekrit White Power sign

Minneapolis PD to business owners: Reinforcements aren’t on the way  “As far as a long-term plan I don’t have one. I have lost 30% of my street officers since the end of May. Budget cuts from COVID-19 and an additional 1.5 million from the council in August we have let go 17 CSO’s and canceled a recruit class of 29. A potential Cadet class slated for January of 2021 was also eliminated. It takes about a year to get a police Officer onto the streets with hiring, backgrounds, and field training so reinforcements aren’t coming anytime soon. We are doing everything we can with what we have. I hate to see great businesses like yours and the rest of your corridor being victimized and feeling unsafe. Please let me know if you have any more questions.”

They don’t have a long-term plan. Reinforcements are not on the way. How would you feel if you received a message like that from the police? This sounds more like the script for a war movie about a hopelessly trapped platoon than a news report about a municipal police force.

Adding to their woes in this specific part of the city is the fact that the 3rd Precinct doesn’t even have a police station. The rioters burned it to the ground in May. Since then, they’ve been working out of makeshift offices at the Minneapolis Convention Center which isn’t even located in the precinct. The police department was negotiating to lease space from a local business warehouse for a temporary command center, but those negotiations fell through earlier this week so they are still effectively homeless.

Buy that beachfront property in Somalia now! How The World Might Look In 250M Years With Current Borders

HT: Venlet

NBA Players Wear Special Lace Collars To Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg    Power forward Anthony Davis also expressed his happiness with the collars. “It’s good to honor her today with these lacey things. Commissioner Adam Silver and President Xi Jinping told us to wear them so we did. I just took this little doily thing from under a table lamp at my mom’s house and cut a hole in the middle. Easy.”

What Candy Can Teach Us About the Origin of Mysterious Stone Forests

97 Acres and a Mulignan –  The American mainstream media, without a hint of skepticism or even a gentle guffaw, glowingly covered the news last week that two overweight black women in Georgia are spearheading an effort that led 19 black families to purchase 97 acres of undeveloped land southeast of Macon to establish a new, all-black city where black people can be free from the whites they claim are constantly terrorizing them and killing them, even though anyone remotely familiar with both interracial and intra-racial violent-crime stats would immediately realize her entire premise is a howling lie.

The first warning sign should have been that the two women, Ashley Scott and Renee Walters, were initially duped by a satirical ad placed by the dying town of Toomsboro, GA, that their entire city was for sale for $1.7 million, which, truth be told, is cheaper than midsized condos in most major American cities.

Uncle Ben’s rice set to change name, logo The name originated from a “legendary Texan farmer, Uncle Ben who was known for his exceptionally high-quality rice,” according to an archived page from the company’s website, CNN reported.

Last Best Chance to Capture Supreme Court –    In this battle, there is no room for conscientious objectors. Even “Never Trumpers” and Republicans for Biden have to take a stand. For if they play a role in killing Trump’s nominee, and Biden wins in November, they will have helped to turn the Supreme Court over to leftist Democrats who will fill both the Ginsburg seat and that of Justice Stephen Breyer, 82, and hold the court for years. Consider the issues that the new nominee will decide. The cause of right to life. Affirmative action. Religious freedom. Immigration. Gun rights. All could be lost if the opportunity to fill the Ginsburg seat is forfeited by Republican defectors. The 50-year struggle to recapture the Supreme Court would be over.

Don Surber:   This was locked down in 2018. When Mitch said he would hold a vote. I knew he had the votes because he does not hold votes without knowing the outcome first. To do otherwise would be careless. As Don Corleone said, “It’s an old habit. I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can afford to be careless, but not men.” McConnell is not careless.

Forest Fires Aren’t at Historic Highs in the United States. Not Even Close –  

CDC says it erroneously posted guidance that said coronavirus spreads through air and travels beyond 6 feet
The Kube launches HoaxGen  Komrades, Are you a journalist working for the mainstream media? Is your boss asking you to come up with another fake story about Trump? Inventing hoaxes can be hard work, we know! But now your troubles are gone thanks to the revolutionary new HoaxGen™.

That’s right! Thanks to ThePeoplesCube.com, you can automatically make up your next TrumpHoax without going through the effort of creative thought! You just run the program and you will get a randomized hoax.

Joe Biden: these are not gaffes  Very very disturbing. And this is far from an isolated incident, as you probably are well aware. What’s especially alarming about it – aside from the media silence, of course – is that Biden doesn’t seem to recognize that he’s said anything wrong with the 200 million figure. Even if he’s reading off a teleprompter that’s hard for him to see (and I’m going to assume that’s the case), at some point his mind should kick in and he should catch himself.

But that doesn’t happen here, and it doesn’t happen often with him. It’s as though the words on the screen are totally disconnected from thought. It’s just the habit of reading, a skill he developed as a youngster, that persists.

Also notice how he walks forward alone – a rather lengthy walk – in a mask, which he immediately takes off to speak. Why wear a mask on the walk when there’s no one around? My guess is that it’s become a virtue-signaling trademark and a way to distinguish himself from Trump, as well as something that gives him a secure feeling. And yet, just a moment into the speech, he coughs and covers his mouth with his bare hand.

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  • Kevin in PA September 24, 2020, 10:45 AM

    I can not imagine why any businesses would wish to stay in Minneapolis…..and that city along with many others (Democrat controlled) should not get one single dollar of federal aid money to rebuild.

    NBA players are a joke….a bad joke.

    Yard signs in my neck’o the woods are indicating the same. It could be a nationwide trend, or maybe a vast right-wing conspiracy. You never know.

    Clearly Uncle Ben’s has drank too much Kool-Aid.
    “to enhance inclusion and equity and setting out its new brand purpose to create opportunities that offer everyone a seat at the table.” Who buys into this crap?

    Don Surber and Pat Buchanan are both astute observers of American politics and they are both correct in their summation.

    Neo raises a serious concern. How could anyone vote for Biden? Fumbling, bumbling, mumbling and outright lying. Even the gate of his walk appears tenuous.

  • John Venlet September 24, 2020, 10:53 AM

    Based on my recent foray and runs around Northern Michigan, that prediction that Biden comes in third, after firewood, seems legit.

    For what’s it’s worth, hardly a single soul wears a mask the areas I traveled, and the Amish, whom I met with for a build project, eschew them completely.

  • ghostsniper September 24, 2020, 1:48 PM

    I’ve despised that cuck Jimmy Kimmy from the first time I saw him and I wait anxiously for the fire that he dances around to consume him. I will laf til I cry, over and over.

  • Casey Klahn September 24, 2020, 5:09 PM

    Jimmy’s a disgrace to all manhood everywhere, white or any color you can think of.

    The Trump derangement generator; tres funny. He eats babies after dark for dinner, doesn’t he?

    If Biden does start larping the white power sign, it’ll become fashionable.

    Overall situational comment. As we used to say in uniform, “That, Private, is some shit.”

  • James ONeil September 25, 2020, 11:26 AM

    I know, I know, I’ll be kicked out of the curmudgeon club for saying this but I enjoyed some of Jimmy Kimmel’s early shows, way back in the day, when He first started & I watched at least 20 minutes of TV a week.

    BTW: I assume the deleted video above had something to do with him.

  • Vanderleun September 25, 2020, 11:31 AM

    Your curmudgeon card has just been renewed for another two decades.

  • julie September 25, 2020, 12:36 PM

    Re. the land yachts, I have often thought in recent years that it would be wonderful if an American car company would just go back to making basic cars without all the ridiculous tech. The sort of thing the average teenager can tinker with endlessly without needing a tech certification, a complicated computer, and a license to sell brand-name equipment. I hate modern cars that can’t just let you drive, but have built-in naggers, trackers and assortment of “helpful” gadgets that seem to serve more to distract the driver than anything else.

    Also, just watching him open the door of that first car, you already know how it feels, how the interior smells, and how it really does seem to sail down even the roughest roads. Cars just aren’t like that any more, and that’s a real shame.