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Now Democrats Are Stuck With Biden So, now the bar is raised for the debates since Kierkegaard’s fanboy is the master of rhetoric and the font of all wisdom. He can’t just come out, stand there, and win by not forgetting to zip up his fly or by foregoing groping a production assistant. He’s going to have to deal with Trump, who is as vital and focused as Biden is desiccated and lost. Sure, Joe will have the moderators Candy Crowleying for him big time, trying to cover for his incoherence and take Trump off his game. If Trump is cunning and bloodthirsty, which he is, he’ll ignore the media offensive line, blitz right at Biden, and smear him all over the field. Trump has achievements, promises he’s kept, and if you listen to his speeches (he’s back on the road with smaller crowds), he’s making more promises that he’l keep. What’s Mr. Jill got? His theme is ”I’m kind of nice, and pay no attention to the agenda of the communists pulling my strings.” He’ll raise your taxes, ban fracking, suck up to the ChiComs, let rioters run rampant, defund the cops, and try to take your guns. And the Dems’™ plan has worked so well that they literally have the worst possible candidate to defend this idiotic agenda against the best and most aggressive GOP politician in decades.

Biden Speaks to the Crowd

Reality has been Cancelled Some bits of the postmodernism taught to me appealed. I liked the notion that language could construct reality. I was writing a novel at the time and every author wants access to a form of word-magic, one where storytellers can make the world. However, I thought this applied only to fiction, not the real world my Statistics II textbook delineated. Once again, I made the mistake of saying so; another argument ensued. This is a sure-fire way to get a reputation as a pain in the arse, so I buttoned my lip. The fact I won a university medal (equivalent of class valedictorian or starred/congratulatory first) was entirely down to (a) being creative (b) doing the reading (c) taking many, many bong hits before I wrote my papers and sat exams. Yes, I turned up to central examination venues smelling like weed and stoned out of my tree.

San Francisco To Provide $1,000/Month To Pregnant Black, Pacific Islander Women To Improve Health Outcomes The Abundant Birth Project will provide the monthly supplement to approximately 150 women in San Francisco for the duration of their pregnancy and the first six months of the baby’s life, with the goal of eventually providing the supplement for up to two years post-pregnancy, according to a press statement from Mayor London Breed.

Joe Biden Can’t Debate – Rush Limbaugh Speaking of which, there is a little tweet that Biden sent out yesterday at five in the afternoon. He said: “It’s hard to believe, but Monday marks 50 days until Election Day. To kick off the final stretch, Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris are hosting a grassroots fundraiser. You won’t want to miss this, folks. Chip in to reserve your spot.”

Now, I looked at that, I said this has gotta be a joke. Hillary and Kamala Harris are going to be spearheading a grassroots fundraiser? These are two of the most unpopular women in American politics. Why in the world would they be leading this thing? They are running a money grab? A grassroots money grab? Talking about roots, why couldn’t they have gone and got Pelosi? She just got rid of her roots at the hair salon. Her hair always looks so good. It could have been the three witches from Macbeth. I’m just kidding when I call ’em witches. Just joking here.

Just as the wealthy and powerful in Athens assumed democracy worked best when they controlled it, the American oligarchs favor democracy because they believe it insulates them from the public. The factions at the top are prevented from open warfare because they have a common enemy, the general welfare. Thus, they are always willing to cooperate in order to maintain their position, even if it means one faction gains at some small expense to another faction.

Look at the difference between these two images of the 3 Gorges Dam in China, one by Google Maps, the other by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) Last week, Google Maps images of China’s Three Gorges Dam began circulating on Twitter and soon made their way to WeChat. The images show distortions in the shape of the dam, prompting some to fear it could burst. However, in response to concerns over the dam’s safety, Cao Yi (曹毅), director of the Operations Department of the Three Gorges Group Basin Administration, told The Paper the Google Maps image in question was not taken directly by a satellite but had been processed by a series of algorithms. He said that the deviations were caused by algorithms that were different from those used by the official Chinese map.

A Large Regular: Report: MLB to ban alcohol from postseason celebrations in 2020. Let’s take a sport that’s boring to begin with and suck even more joy out of it. You be you MLB.

Never Yet Melted サ Then, They Came for David Hume It remains a mystery how, practically universally, the people who have risen to the top in the West’s most elite institutions are all such idiots and cowards that they will instantly surrender to the insolent and irrational demands of students intoxicated with a contemptible and pernicious ideology. Somehow it has happened that the responsibility for transmitting and preserving knowledge has been placed in the hands of people who are incapable of, and indifferent to the moral obligation of, distinguishing irrationality and barbarism from the fundamental values of liberal education.

Posing and posturing have become a mass phenomenon, the tattooing of our time. Of nothing is this more true than contemporary Woke morality. Whereas not long ago young people of the middle classes sought to express their sympathy for the lower and supposedly oppressed orders by imitating their tattoos and way of dress, imitation being the highest form of empathy available to egotists, they now express the same desire by making Wokeness the touchstone of their morality. They think they are rebelling when, of course, they are conforming. They do not realize that it is more difficult, and more courageous, to contradict a friend than to criticize a society.
“It is more difficult, and more courageous, to contradict a friend than to criticize a society.”
The sight of young middle-class people taking the knee—an expression with which we are now lamentably familiar—and putting their hands up as if they are about to be shot, disgusts me. It is the same kind of bogus sensibility, if that is the word for it, that encourages people to wear carefully torn jeans, as if by doing so they were expressing solidarity with the poor. Instead of proper gratitude for being able to afford decent food and clothing, thanks to the efforts of all preceding generations, they prefer to pretend to feel guilt. If anything has been institutionalized, it is not racism but guilt, though guilt of a peculiar, ersatz, dishonest kind.

Kamala wants top billing – The New Neo The fact that these two have any support at all among voters is a testament to the hard work the MSM and the Democrats have been doing for the last four years to make half of the American public feel that Trump is almost literally a demon who must be exorcised from government at all costs, even at the cost of electing these two and rewarding the hard left.

It’s a funny thing (not funny ha-ha). In the Democratic primaries they both were doing poorly, and yet somehow these are the last two standing, although not by popular demand. Ever since nominees became selected in a primary process rather than a smoke-filled room, I cannot recall a time when two less popular candidates even in their own party have been nominated.

Conservatives’™ Crushing Counterattack In the Culture War And then there was the reaction to the despicable Netflix Cuties film, a child molester’s fantasia that disgusted the nation. Look, far be it from me to stop the blue bubble-dwelling cultural elite from selecting ”You dumb Jesus people don’t appreciate why pedophilia is no big deal” as their hill to die on. As long as they die on some hill I’m not too picky about which one, but if they want to choose the one that’s even going to creep out a lot of the Democrat Party’s voters, go for it.

My official policy is now to

Report From the Minden Tahoe Trump Rally Trump feeds the crowd and Trump feeds off the crowd. Lots of energy. We did not hear the majority of the speech it was so loud. Friendly bunch of people I’ve seen. The majority are all primed for the Insurrection Act Post-election.
On a side note, cell phones go dark once Trump arrives. No communication. Kind of interesting.

Lots of snipers.

Howie Carr: Joe Biden continues to lose notes, mind I’ll leave you with one of Joe’s longer perorations of the week, as usual an attack on the incumbent. He began with a sneeze and then let it rip: “He promised his administration would enforce every last buy in American provision on behalf of the American people and what makes his wild claims and hopes, he now hopes we don’t notice what he said or won’t remember and when he does follow through or doesn’t do when follow through, the exact opposite.”

You see it on the Internet videos of once great cities—New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, St. Louis —in their death throes. Coronavirus totalitarianism and the riots should be listed as causes of death, but there is common underlying comorbidity: statist collectivism. The productive tax base is fleeing, but it’s been milked and extorted for years by profligate, corrupt Democrat politicians (all of the above cited cities have been run by Democrats for decades) to line their pockets and buy votes. From each according to his ability to each according to his vote…

The rest of us watch the urban detritus videos in horror: homeless encampments stretching for blocks, boarded up stores and restaurants, beggars, food lines, thieves, random violence, impoverished mothers and children, people urinating, defecating, masturbating, and shooting up in full view, discarded needles, broken windows, abandoned and burnt-out buildings, decimated neighborhoods, and the ubiquitous cockroaches and rats. Only if you understand that this is what the collectivists had in mind can you understand the chaos and unfathomable evil enveloping the world. Our dystopia is their utopia.

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  • Horatio September 16, 2020, 9:41 AM

    Joe won’t be in office longer than it takes the ink to dry on his Inaugural ramblings, and Jill takes to commit him to a mental care facility…the Ho, on the other hand, will make AOC look like a piker

  • PA Cat September 16, 2020, 9:58 AM

    Here is a news item that our host might want to add to today’s “Strange Daze” list. Gerard is lucky that he was a student at Berkeley back when he could Walk While White without being murdered. HT Insty, who notes that the murder took place toward the end of August, but a reader sent the link to him only recently.

  • Andrew X September 16, 2020, 10:35 AM

    RE: He’ll raise your taxes, ban fracking, suck up to the ChiComs, let rioters run rampant, defund the cops, and try to take your guns.

    Lies! Ridiculous lies, falsehoods and untruths! Joe Biden will do NONE of that!

    Kamala Harris will.

  • WDS September 16, 2020, 11:55 AM

    All these peace accords brought about by President Trump must be a real
    “punch in the gut” for old John F. Kerry and the overpaid teleprompter readers
    in the MSM.

  • azlibertarian September 16, 2020, 12:35 PM

    Regarding the six year old who was pulled out of school and then has, in effect, been in quarantine ever since, I know exactly how that goes.

    #2daughterofazlib is married to a guy in our military. At the start of the year, they had been stationed overseas with 2 of our grandchildren, and were due to rotate back to a stateside assignment sometime this summer. As the Wuhan Flu got started, we kept imploring her to leave early before international flying was shut down completely. They had their reasons, but they didn’t want to do that. Finally, it became clear enough to my daughter and son-in-law that it was time to go, and they went with a gusto. They made their decision at about noon on a Friday, packed a few bags, picked up the grandkids (6 and 3) from their school at 2-ish, and then were on a 4pm flight. The kids were ripped right up out of their world….no goodbyes to their school friends, no hugs with their neighborhood friends, their dad and the dog were going to be left behind.

    They’re all together now….s-i-l and the dog followed them here about 6 weeks later…and are established in their new, and permanent home here in the states. I’m a military brat myself, and I know how difficult it can be to uproot your kids. The kids are doing much better now, but my wife and I see that these 2 grandkids aren’t still quite themselves. That Chinese flu has kept them from making neighborhood friends and any “school” they have (scare quotes intended) is a very poor substitute for what the word means to any of the rest of us. They’re great kids, and we are forever thankful for that, but they’re still lonely, and that is a sad thing to watch.