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Well… okay then…

Phrase that pays: “No law enforcement officers were injured during the incident.”

Just Askin: Are they going to update Mikey Reinhoehl’s pronouns to was/were?

Elsewhere in the darkening world where they let psychopaths roam the streets: Records: Suspect arrested at protest one week before deadly stabbing | KOIN.com Cassy Leaton, 22, and Najaf “Nate” Hobbs, 39, were stabbed on June 16 near Northeast Davis Street. Police arrested Phillip Lawrence Nelson, 39, two days later. He faces two murder charges and is being held without bail. Just days before he allegedly killed Leaton and Hobbs, though, Nelson was taken into custody at a protest in downtown Portland. Court records show he was arrested on charges of interfering with a peace officer. Those charges were dismissed the next day.

Where’s “The Talk” When We Need It? –   With the verdict in, liberals have lost their minds about Rittenhouse. They tell outrageous lies about him, lionize the ex-cons he shot and aggressively censor anyone who takes his side. Rep. Ayanna Pressley and Sen. Chris Murphy called Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” and “white nationalist,” respectively (in non-congressionally immunized tweets, for any lawyers who might be interested). Meanwhile, for suggesting that Rittenhouse may be innocent, both Rittenhouse’s attorney and I have been suspended from Twitter. Oh by the way, over the weekend, an hour away in Chicago, 54 people were shot; 10 are dead. Woke media: Everyone involved was black, right? No big deal.

ABC: Joe Biden Isn’t Senile, That’s What The Russians Want You To Think Has anyone noticed a slowdown with Joe? He isn’t drooling, he isn’t muttering to himself any more than plenty of other people do, but something seems different. Or maybe rather than different, something seems deeply familiar. No, it isn’t the sort of cognitive decline we’ve all seen with loved ones. Rather, according to ABC’s latest nuke, the encroaching senility that has our former vice president hiding in his basement is simply… Russian propaganda. Don’t laugh! This is serious stuff. National security! It took four reporters, with help from a fifth to write this story. It runs nearly 1,600 words.

Cuomo admits ban on NYC indoor restaurant dining may send people to NJ Megan Rickerson, 34, owner of the Someday Bar on Atlantic Avenue, said, “I can’t pay rent. I can’t pay my staff. I can last a couple months, maybe three.”

“Outdoor dining is not a savior by any means,” she said.

“Between drug use and homeless people harassing customers, customers don’t want to wait to dine outside. And there are cars flying by at 40 mph.”

New Yorkers Are Fleeing to the Suburbs: ‘The Demand Is Insane’   On Long Island, six people made offers on a $499,000 house in Valley Stream without seeing it in person after it was shown on a Facebook Live video. In the Hudson Valley, a nearly three-acre property with a pool listed for $985,000 received four all-cash bids within a day of having 14 showings.

Mostly peaceful by James Bowman |  Four years ago, Democratic “sanctuary cities” and a judiciary and a deep state ever more inclined to make up the law as it goes along did not loom so large in ordinary people’s consciousness that they would automatically have identified the Democrats as the party of lawlessness and arbitrary rule. I don’t think that can be the case today, with the mob on the streets of Portland, Seattle, and other Democrat-dominated cities. Can there then be a majority of ordinary people on the side of lawlessness and arbitrary rule? All the instruments at our disposal to measure such things seem to suggest that there is. Therefore, either the instruments are wrong, even more spectacularly than they were in 2016, or America is now substantially pro-Revolution for the first time since 1776. As there is more recent precedent for the instruments being wrong, and as it seems unlikely that the country could have changed so much so quickly, I’m putting my money on another Republican victory.

Their Summer Of Discontent The truth behind these riots is that they have nothing to do with local issues or legitimate grievances. They are simply a happening that is drawing in the disaffected white youth that provides bodies for Antifa. Get up close to an Antifa crowd and what is striking is how unimpressive they are individually. The males are skinny and awkward, while the females are loud and ridiculous. These are young whites who have no place in the neo-liberal order, so they end up in Antifa.

Don Surber: Highlights of the News    Also AP ran a story, “Meals on heels: San Francisco drag queens deliver amid virus.” More flattering publicity for LGBTQ. Where’s the story about Samaritan’s Purse and other Christian groups that feed the hungry amid the virus and long before there was a virus?

Why Trump Doesn’t Just ‘Send In the Troops’ These hard truths are not to say there is nothing for the feds to do. Until the Democrat regimes decide this needs to end and cooperate, the feds should do one of the few things the feds are good at – taking down large criminal organizations. Antifa is just like the drug cartels with less testosterone, and just like the mafia except with worse clothes and less testosterone. The feds should ignore the street thugs who make up the shock troops. It was no coincidence that 100 percent of the people Kyle shot had criminal records. The feds should focus on the LARPing middle-class SJWs and the dedicated Marxist cadre and use RICO, conspiracy, and other federal charges to take them out and lock them up. When little Ashleigh from the suburbs realizes that she’s looking at five years in federal prison instead of heading back to the Evergreen State to finish her Bolivian Trans Dance of the 13th Century degree, the lawyer daddy buys her will get her to sing like a canary about her commie pals. The feds should identify and map the whole criminal organization, identify its players and funding, and wipe it out.

‘I Absolutely Cancel Myself’: George Washington University Professor Apologizes For Pretending To Be Black A George Washington University professor has apologized for pretending to be black, admitting Thursday in a Medium blog post that she is a white Jewish woman from Kansas.

The Truth, and the Anti-Black Violence of My Lies | by Jessica A. Krug To an escalating degree over my adult life, I have eschewed my lived experience as a white Jewish child in suburban Kansas City under various assumed identities within a Blackness that I had no right to claim: first North African Blackness, then US rooted Blackness, then Caribbean rooted Bronx Blackness. I have not only claimed these identities as my own when I had absolutely no right to do so — when doing so is the very epitome of violence, of thievery and appropriation, of the myriad ways in which non-Black people continue to use and abuse Black identities and cultures — but I have formed intimate relationships with loving, compassionate people who have trusted and cared for me when I have deserved neither trust nor caring. People have fought together with me and have fought for me, and my continued appropriation of a Black Caribbean identity is not only, in the starkest terms, wrong — unethical, immoral, anti-Black, colonial — but it means that every step I’ve taken has gaslighted those whom I love.

‘It just sounds like a thud’: astronomers hear biggest cosmic event since big bang  Researchers believe noise was two black holes colliding around 7 billion years ago, creating a previously unseen class of stellar object

There were reasons looters once were shot on sight. They were good reasons, too.

Black Lives Matter Rally Flyer States: ‘If It Burns, It Burns. This Is War’ – National File

College Football | Paradoxically, the collapse in television viewership may save these sports from their black players. If the stands were full, the fans could boo when the players take a knee or make some idiotic gesture. There would be social proof that normal white people resent this stuff. That would also lead the players to speak out and accidentally reveal just how much they hate white people. Playing in front of cardboard cutouts means no booing the teams for their anti-white antics.

You Can Now Spend $350 on the World’s Most Expensive Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

New California bill would lower penalties for adults who have sexual relations with a minor

The Biggest Scam in History – It is as if there is an attempt to establish a new robotic nightmare religion. The new gurus of cyber-onanism claim that nothing will ever be the same again. Artificial intelligence is encouraged as much as natural intelligence is diminished. Algorithms dictate actions while denying free will. These are the times of the aseptic homo deus, a nanotechnological creature who pretends to live for 200 years cholesterol-free, and whose mortal sins are smoking a cigarette, drinking a toast in the bar, or having sex freely—that means permanent confinement against vital intoxication!


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  • Gordon Scott September 4, 2020, 9:55 AM

    Fear not for Kyle Rittenhouse. Lin is his civil lawyer. This is the lawyer who has gotten settlements from CNN and the WaPo for the Covington kid, and more are coming.

    That last video: very clearly none of these gals live in a food desert.

  • jwm September 4, 2020, 10:04 AM

    I’m going to open with something snark-free. No further comment on the madness.
    I needed a change of routine, and something to keep my mind off the depressing sludge of news and current events. I haven’t sat down with a good old sci-fi rockem’ sockem’, ‘Oh my God they’re after us’ story since forever. The recent sci-fi I’ve read has been OK, but just OK. So yesterday I downloaded Bester’s “The Stars My Destination”. I’ve heard Gerard, and several others recommend the book for quite a while, and I finally got around to reading it. Stayed up late and finished the book in one sitting. I can’t remember the last time I did that. That was more fun than I’ve had in a long time.


  • Desert Rat September 4, 2020, 11:14 AM

    Watched a press conference given by Biden just a short time ago. All they could ask about was Trump. All Biden could talk about is Trump. Nothing of substance discussed. No deep-seated political beliefs or ideas for running the executive branch came out of poor ol’ Joe’s mouth. Just “ORANGE MAN BAD” over and over and over. They are asking people to vote for Biden solely because he isn’t Trump. That’s it. That’s all they have.

  • Anonymous September 4, 2020, 11:41 AM

    Guess what? Gabriel Agard-Berryhill, the 18-yr old Antifa youngster who was turned in by his grandma (who had bought him his recognizable vest) has been arrested for violating the terms of his first release, for arson at the courthouse (his terms disallowed returning to the protests).

    I guess he was hoping to be available in case there were any more naked ladies. Guess what else? The Federal Marshals arrested him this time.

  • Gordon Scott September 4, 2020, 12:09 PM

    It’s a funny thing. The Hennepin county attorney (the one our governor/dictator shoved aside in the George Floyd case) actually brought some charges in the latest riot–the one that went off based on false information.

    The Hennepin county attorney has yet to bring any charges from the first riot, except for the pawn shop owner accused of shooting a looter.

    The feds have brought charges for the first riot. But no local charges were filed, and those arrested for curfew violations had the charges dismissed.

    Funny, that.

  • Fletcher Christian September 4, 2020, 1:48 PM

    Gordon Scott:
    The term “food desert”, as I understand it, should probably be “healthy food desert”. Over-processed garbage loaded with fat, sugar, and unnatural chemicals, and practically devoid of micronutrients and fibre, can be bought just about anywhere. Typical American supermarkets, for example.

  • Gordon Scott September 4, 2020, 2:11 PM

    Fletcher, you’re right about the “healthy” part. But the whole concept of food deserts is a scam designed to suck in grants to create an organization to combat food deserts, with appropriate good pay, good benefits, and access to more grants.

    I was part of a group to start a cooperative grocery in the neighborhood. It didn’t work. I should have been more suspicious when I heard other members talk about how all the black people in the neighborhood were going to come in for fresh produce, because they couldn’t get ANY. Me, I just wanted a place to buy really fresh eggs.

    We were at one member meeting and people were rattling on about how north Minneapolis was a food desert because people couldn’t get a ride to the supermarket. We were supposed to come up with produce boxes for such people (free, of course, to the receiver). I said, to this racially mixed group, “So let me get this straight. You’re saying that black people will not bother to feed their kids properly unless we shove cucumbers into their hands?”

    This did not make me popular. But most got that look that says “cognitive dissonance” and then their brain rebooted, and they continued on as if they hadn’t heard me.

    I live in north Minneapolis, a Vibrant ™ neighborhood. There are dozens of organizations like that. Some exist to grant money to others. Corporations like Wells Fargo throw money in from time to time. That money sloshes back and forth. It’s a very interesting network, and once you’re in, you live well and don’t really work for a living.

    Every so often one of these orgs comes crashing down when it’s discovered the executive director is using funds to pay for hookers and blow, or something similar.

  • gwbnyc September 4, 2020, 8:32 PM

    Jessica A. Krug
    Areas of Expertise

    B( . Y . )BS.

  • James ONeil September 5, 2020, 12:10 PM

    Gerard, as a distant, never met friend, I strongly recommend you cut back a bit.

    If reading the ones you do post in strange d’s, pushes my blood pressure so darn high that I find I have to go outside in the pouring rain and split at least a quarter cord of firewood to calm down (Alas, a niggardly but nagging voice in my head is prompting me to be more truthful; my, just finished, calming wood splitting break occurred during a light sprinkle & I didn’t split much more than an eight of a cord.) , I shutter thinking what effect the ten times those that you must be reading to find the ones you post is having on your health!