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REPORT: Wuhan Doctor Reveals Chinese Govt Scrubbed Coronavirus From Death Certificates… “Add ‘Another Zero’ To Death Count” Therefore, the doctor states that “it is better to add another 0” to China’s coronavirus death toll, which at the time, had been reported at 3,869. The source describes the instructions, in line with the Chinese Communist Party’s strategy of withholding data from the World Health Organization and the world writ large, as persisting for several months: “I received the instruction in February. It continued until the zero infected person was announced on April 18.”


Woman calls out husband over ‘shocking’ life decision: ‘I told him my honest feelings’ The problem? Her husband, who’s 25, has apparently set up an “entire Taco Bell dining booth” in his home office.

Washington DC police officer ‘fighting for her life’ after shooting kills teen, injures dozens The gunfire erupted at a cookout with hundreds of people gathered outside, a neighbor told WUSA. Several social media posts advertised the annual “34th-n-EAT” block party to be held in the area Saturday night with bottles of alcohol and a DJ.

Wasps are not moral agents, and cannot do other than they do. I am perfectly aware of this, yet each time I watch the spectacle of the wasp and the grasshopper, I experience the same emotions. At the same time, I am aware that the emotions I have are not reasonable or a proper guide to action. It is a useful reminder that strong emotion is not, of itself, a reason for doing something, let alone a useful guide to policy. The heart has its reasons that the head knows not of, Pascal said; but it is just as true that the head has its reasons that the heart knows not of. Reason and feeling must be in some kind of balance. At the moment, feeling in the ascendant, at least in the West, with disastrous results.

They could have got away with merely recommending masks. Most would have worn them, for the fear of many is strong. But governors made it a brand new crime not to wear one, just as it was a crime in many locales to go outside more than once a day during the lockdowns. At least the lockdowns were when the virus was raging. Mask criminalizations happened largely after it was fading. You are now a criminal for not surrendering to irrational fear. We agreed, most of us, to these new lasting restrictions. (Remember how we created the TSA and Homeland Security in our fear?) Where in the law did this crime come from? How many new crimes, like in Australia, will be discovered? Will we recover from this madness, or will we become worse? Like this:

Trump is no longer a roll of the dice and in uncertain times, that’s a great asset. Dementia Joe, strapped to the tiger like a saddle, is the big gamble. What we may witnessing is not a revolution, but one of those times when the Left forgot they were riding the tiger and toppled off, only to be eaten by the tiger, or in this case, his keepers.

This is why every corporation suddenly got the BLM bug within hours of that movement’s restarting its engine. The people behind this stuff spend all of their days in the steamy flatulence of racial grievance propaganda. They go to and run diversity workshops for and at their company. They attend conferences where this stuff is preached to them. They ride around in their cars pleasuring themselves to the soundtrack of that minstrel show called Hamilton.

The efficacy of mask wearing does not matter, as it is now just another amulet people can wear in public to express their adherence to a particular cult. In the case of the scolds yelling at people about their masks, they believe their mask loyalty is a license to harass the world. Social misfits at the bottom of the social hierarchy now use the mask issue to attack the normal people for not liking the mask policy.

The DiploMad 2.0: “C’mon, Man!” As he sits in his basement and fades into evermore obvious senility, dementia, general mental incompetence (you pick) he gets championed, much akin to dead El Cid strapped to his horse, by a motley crew of America-hating, left-wing radicals and tech billionaires who see this zombie as a pathway for them to transform the country into something bizarre and unrecognizable.

Ignore, gentle reader! : Essays in Idleness

* “Inspired malevolence, or criminal stupidity?” … It’s not always an either/or.

* Totalitarianism begins with liberal parenting.

*The kind of drooling, slathering, chronological bigotry that modern education efficiently instils.

*Stalin sincerely believed in his ideals. So did Hitler. Each had other foibles, to be sure; but if our standards will be sincerity & idealism, then Stalin & Hitler will be making a comeback.

Never Yet Melted » Unusual Atrocities and Insanities of the Left: 3. “Stop Marginalizing Roundworms!

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  • Sam L. August 11, 2020, 11:02 AM

    “It would be terrible if ppl in downtown highrises near the looting went and bought canned goods or similar heavy items & if they wrote messages on them like the military does with bombs & patiently waited for this to occur again.
    Could you imagine how terrible that would be?”
    Yes, I could, but “terrible”? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

  • Kevin in PA August 11, 2020, 12:28 PM

    re; DiploMad, “C’mon, Man”
    “a man with some half-century of political experience and with zero accomplishments for the country in all that time. Throughout his career, he has been a punchline to a joke. From his misadventures with hair plugs, his plagiarism, his wild and rambling lies about heroic encounters and derring-do, his nonsensical sentences, and his bully-boy manner, Joe has been, well, let’s be kind, a clown.”

    Damn! I wish I could write like that. Searing, concise, brutally honest and devastatingly poignant.
    And that bit about ‘misadventures with hair plugs’….all this time I thought those were scars from his lobotomy.

  • tim August 11, 2020, 1:20 PM

    The header, “Strange Daze” may need to be changed to better reflect our current, and most likely permanent, situation to something more like ‘Are You Freakin’ Kiding Me Daze’ or ‘Just Shoot Me Now Daze’ or, my favorite, ‘Really Fucked Daze’.

  • Auntie Analogue August 11, 2020, 3:57 PM

    My dear tim, let me propose this parody of a legendary Moody Blues’ album: ‘Daze of Future Trashed.’

  • Kevin in PA August 11, 2020, 4:46 PM

    Or bring on the SMOD Daze.

  • Mary Ann August 12, 2020, 7:07 AM

    Auntie Analogue, good one!

  • buddhaha August 12, 2020, 8:24 PM

    You think FL to Ny is bad? 3178/783 is a 4.06 to 1 ratio.
    Try Seattle to Boise: $2112, Boise to Seattle: $119. 2112/119 = 17.75

    I dunno, might have something to do with the first video?