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Strange Daze

Motorcycle Sacrificed to the Great God BLM!

Driver of Truck has his say:

The Culture War was something declared on us, when our lives and churches were invaded by these stinking, statist trolls. Their motives are demonic, but we leave that to God: for our purpose can only be to destroy them, in the near term. The pulverization of the Left and all its projects, would be good for us, and in itself, but also good for the leftists. Here let me resort to the “argumentum ad Hitlerum”: we did the Germans a favour by getting the Nazis off their backs. Had we been pacifists, and surrendered, we would only have gone to hell with them. There is no holiness in surrender, except to God. It is our duty to “bend the knee” to no other.

Intel ousts its chief engineer, shakes up technical group after delays. Having failed to appease the Seven Nanometer Gods, the Council of Elders at Intel cast their Lead Technowizard into the void, and shatter the Magekeep into disparate pieces, entrusting their protection to a legion of Bureaucracy Golems nestled deep in the Pits of Corporate Synergy. Hackernews takes a break from furiously ordering two-hour Prime delivery of Chinese counterfeit Hydroflasks to express deep concern for the death of American manufacturing. They follow up with some noise about national defense, but soon they have to get back to work shoveling other people’s information into the hands of stateless international corporations incapable of patriotism or humanity.

There’s also the possibility that reality has simply gone on holiday and will return to put all of this back in order. Some unknown crisis will reveal the massive cracks in the foundation of the current economic model. Everyone will suddenly snap out of the fog of plenty and rush for the exits. After all, the Bronze Age economic model was unable to hold up under the pressure of the Sea People. The current economic model may simply collapse under the weight of a billion Africans.

Who deserves a funeral? How could any person who has lost a loved one during the pandemic see this blatant hypocrisy and not be incensed? You had to decide which family member could enter the hospital and be the last to see their father alive. You had to have last rites read over the phone. You could not touch the casket before it’s lowered into the ground. You could not embrace each other as the dirt was shoveled. All the while, the same politicians who lectured you about making sacrifices to stop the spread traveled with impunity, attended large funerals without proper social distancing and avoided quarantines upon their return.

How to Hold Beijing Accountable for the Coronavirus – In May, 120 countries represented in the World Health Assembly agreed to an “impartial, independent and comprehensive evaluation” to “review experience gained and lessons learned from the WHO-coordinated international health response to COVID-19.” This strange and potentially restrictive wording represented a compromise allowing Beijing enough wiggle room to avoid any serious investigation. Chinese President Xi Jinping made this intransigence even clearer by stating the investigation should only begin after the pandemic is contained. Although a WHO advance-planning team left for China on July 10, it is highly likely that any international investigation will be significantly curtailed by the Chinese government.

The name of George Floyd, the career criminal who died in police custody at the end of May, was at first invoked mantra-like to justify or at least to explain this explosion of savagery. Now, a couple of months later, there are still ritual invocations of his name but, really, you don’t hear too much about Floyd. The real agenda has come more and more to the fore. Barack Obama summed it up when he said, in 2008, that he was after the fundamental transformation of the United States of America. Cities like Portland give us a glimpse of what that transformation would entail.  The clips of the savages burning Bibles put me in mind of Heinrich Heine’s solemn observation that Dort wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man auch am Ende Menschen: ”Wherever people burn books, they also end up burning men.”€

The city folks who move to get away from the mess they have voted for have a complete mental disconnect as to why voting for trendy progressiveness ruined their city. They think voting Democrat means they are saving the planet, helping the poor, that it makes them a good, caring person. They think voting for that young, hip socialist city councilor is edgy and progressive. They also think they are sticking it to dumb right wing rubes when they vote for stupid trendy left wing BS. My dad’s neighbor in his 55 and up community who is a New Yawka and a retired cop that is supposedly a right wing conservative told me he couldn’t believe that you don’t need a license to purchase or own or even carry a gun here in Maine. He thinks we should have a waiting period to buy a gun. (even after watching cities burn while the cops did nothing) Sorry, but even big city Republicans do not share the same views as more rural Americans.

Don Surber: NYC won’t recover: The Democrat governors and Mayors are playing a game of chicken with Trump. It’s a huge gamble with all the chips, the car title, the deed to the house and their grandmother’s diamond engagement ring on the table. If he loses they get the federal bail out they so desperately needed even before covid. If he wins they are screwed, game over. Maine just had a $100 million tax revenue shortfall for Q2, they were expecting $27 million. I guess the reason this high school educated self employed auto mechanic saw that coming 4 months ago is because I pay a monthly sales tax return, weekly federal payroll taxes and quarterly state payroll taxes. I figured out that if my small essential business had to temporarily lay off employees, and saw our sales tax payment cut by more than half that closed bars, restaurants, retailers, hotels, hair salons, etc were going to pay exactly $0.00 in taxes. How come the smarty pants in Augusta couldn’t see this?

Molon Labe!

Even MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Beat NBA, MLB Opening Night Ratings CNBC reports the NBA average viewership on opening night to be 2.9 million. However, whether 2.75 or 2.9, the NBA not only bent the knee for the anthem, they also bent the knee to Rachel Maddow.

We mock (for many good reasons) the “trans” movement in America. The idea that the immutable programming in each of our 30,000,000,000,000 cells (3×1013) can be changed with hormone injections and some surgery is just…nuts! And that’s the point. Sometimes we forget that most of the people who subject themselves to this profound mutilation are themselves profoundly disturbed.

America has lost her mind and her bottle and is allowing people to avenge their mediocrity by destroying what others have built through hard work and enterprise. And the media is encouraging the scum to destroy.

Alyssa Blanchard is a Chicago schoolteacher who lives on the South Side and is presumably black, because you’d have to be insane or deeply suicidal to either teach at Chicago public schools or live on the city’s South Side if you’re not. She was recently carjacked by a group of vibrant teens and used her skills of discernment as a middle-school teacher to estimate that children as young as 11 were among the ’jackers. The day after these kids with endless potential stole her BMW at gunpoint, they used it to commit another carjacking at a local hospital.

The plan of course is simple. Nominate Biden, select a black woman for vice president, let the Bernie Bros write the platform, keep Biden in the basement until Election Day, win, and have him resign shortly after the inauguration. Presto! The First Black Woman President! Ah, but if Biden cannot make it to November 3rd, Democrats have a major problem.

Masks as magical thinking:  The common man’s zealotry for masks does not come from rigorous scientific analysis. Instead, it comes from baser forces. For the most part, it seems to come from a sincere desire to do what is right. For a subset, it comes from a desire to feel better about himself by doing something he believes is right or important. For an even smaller subset, it is about being perceived by others as a better person. The English word for the latter is “sanctimonious,” or in the vernacular, “Karen.” The common man’s belief that masks are effective is based in magical thinking. More specifically, it is cargo cult thinking.

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  • Charles R Harris August 5, 2020, 3:55 PM

    Can we all chip in and buy that man a bigger truck?

  • ghostsniper August 5, 2020, 6:01 PM

    Just get a scoop for the front of the one he has, so he can pick the next bike up and part it out to his friends and associates.

  • John the River August 5, 2020, 6:05 PM

    Up to this point in my life I was happily unaware that after murdering her and her unborn baby, her body was then desecrated and mocked.
    I could have (happily) gone without being aware of that fact.
    Let me know when it’s time to start lining up the Democrats/Socialists/Antifa/BLM scumbags and executing them. I’m in.

  • Lance de Boyle August 5, 2020, 8:13 PM

    “You’re a fucking biiiitch. You wanna dooo me? Come and dooo meeeyah.”
    How come they all sound like (or as if) they are Valley Girls?

    These guys are habituated to ordinary violence and mayhem. They’ve watched a million scenes. It’s daily life. They need to be gut punched by a whole nuther reality. Time for scalpels and bone saws.
    To wit. Returning to their favorite venues one dark and stormy night, they find a few of their comrades in pieces, clearly cannibalized. A jaw in a dog’s mouth. A stripped spine dangling from a chain link fence. Half a head in a cross walk. Rats dragging guts down the alley. An upper torso upright on the sidewalk. The lower torso sitting on a bench.
    They need bone deep Lovecraftian horror. Smug self-assurance quickly dies when Chad McSmartypants sees his girlfriend’s face nailed to a tree.
    Yeah, overdosed on Hannibal.

  • Terry August 5, 2020, 9:19 PM

    “Time for scalpels and bone saws.”

    A much better and more effective choice of tools is, machete and axe.

    Once you are visually awakened to the horrors communists are capable of, the memory will be with you forever. I still have nightmares sixty years later. Vivid memories.

    I was naive in my belief that these horrors would never come to my country. Now I learn that this scum group Antifa is being trained in Syria.

  • Jack August 6, 2020, 6:14 AM

    Ayers and Dorn should have been whacked years ago. Sometimes it just pisses me off that those two maggots have managed to live this long. I wonder if those Beirut bombers have anything to do today?

  • the masked bandit August 6, 2020, 7:10 AM

    Strange Days is a great album by the Doors.
    Interesting times are a curse and not a blessing.
    We’re all in this together…keep your distance.

  • Teri Pittman August 6, 2020, 11:09 AM

    I keep telling people that the folks moving into new areas now are mostly conservatives fleeing blue states. They are not Lefties and don’t vote that way. See Hoag Vlogs on You Tube. He moved his family from Southern CA to TN two years ago. In the most recent video, when a local candidate comes by, he mentions that they have no intention of trying to change the culture where they live now. They are trying to fit in.

  • Vanderleun August 6, 2020, 11:24 AM

    “Strange daze have found us…”

  • Sixtyville August 6, 2020, 12:01 PM

    America has lost her mind and her bottle and is allowing people to avenge their mediocrity by destroying what others have built through hard work and enterprise. And the media is encouraging the scum to destroy.

    Fix this link, please. I’d really like to read what was intended instead of about Greece.