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Strange Daze

In China, some years ago, I was invited to go to a trial, a man who was accused of stealing some items. After the evidence came in — you had evidence from the prosecution, the defendant testified — and then the judge ordered the doors opened. Hundreds of people poured in from the streets. The judge said, “Now we’ll hear from the masses.” The masses started yelling, “Convict! Convict! Convict!” Of course, the judge convicted, because the masses were the ones in a communist country who had control over the justice system. I never want to see that happen in the United States of America. A Few Thoughts on Law and Justice
Sense of Events: Seattle police call it quits. What’s next? Vigilantism University of Tennessee law Prof. Glenn Reynolds wrote in June about the absence of police:

We’ll see a lot of vigilante justice. And what are people gonna do about it? Call the cops? Remember, in the end the police aren’t there to protect the public from criminals, they’re there to protect criminals from the public. Communities dealt with crime long before police were invented, usually in rather harsh and low-due-process ways. The bargain was, let the police handle it instead. No police, no bargain.

His initials were the first clue…Berlin bans rally by vegan chef and conspiracy theorist Attila Hildmann The vegan chef claims Adolf Hitler was a “blessing” compared to Angela Merkel, accusing her of preparing a global genocide.

I cannot eat barbecue without first saying grace. It’s not like this with any other style of cuisine. For example, I recently tried eating sushi. Not only did I forget to say grace, apparently I also forgot to make sure my food was dead. But with barbecue it’s impossible to look upon tender, carbon-encrusted glistening pork and not remove your hat to say a few words of heavenly thanks. You cannot find barbecue like the kind I’m eating at mere restaurants, eateries, or cafés. You only find it in backyards, pit trailers, or at places my people call “joints.” These are usually establishments with gingham table cloths, rough-milled walls, napkin dispensers, and Merle Haggard on the radio. A Barbecue Joint – Sean of the South

The Media’s Political Suicide A media that exists to tweet articles about Trump’s terribleness and a story about an oppressed person whose plight proves the need to have open borders, no police, and free everything is unreadable. Not just to conservatives, but to everyone who isn’t looking for a righteousness or rage fix in the morning.

Chicago Chicago, that toddler-killing town…

John Brown (and then half a million other Americans)Died for This?

How Fox Sports will use virtual fans created in Unreal Engine to fill empty stadiums in MLB broadcasts –   Baseball is back. But the MLB will look a little different in the COVID-19 world, with empty stadiums full of silent cardboard cutouts instead of thousands of screaming fans in an effort to avoid spreading the virus. That is unless you’re watching on Fox Sports. Starting this weekend, the network will not only be piping in fake fan audio, but it’ll also be filling the stands with digitally rendered fans for its MLB broadcasts, starting with this Saturday’s Yankees-Nationals game.

Whatever happens, we have got
The Maxim gun, and they have not. — Hilaire Belloc (1898)

And the AssKraken wizekracks just write themselves…    Somebody get Liam Neeson … ’cause it’s time to release the Kraken!!! Seattle’s new NHL team just revealed it’s new name and look on Thursday … officially going with the legendary sea monster. FYI, a “kraken” is like a giant, angry octopus. Other options were thrown around — including the Sockeyes — but the org. says it listened to the fans and gave them what they wanted.Above: The Green New Trees-Full-of Octopi Deal according to heiress-actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Below: Communist Green New Deals. Compare and Contrast.

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  • Kevin in PA July 26, 2020, 6:08 PM

    A Few Thoughts on Law and Justice. “I never want to see that happen in the United States of America.” It seems to me there are similarities between the Cultural Revolution in China and the Marxist antics currently unfolding in some U.S. cities. Mob rule / Mob “justice”. And it will continue until Americans put an end to it. So, Professor Reynolds is on to something. Nature abhors a vacuum and these useful idiots haven’t a clue what is likely to happen to them.

    Next, those fat chicks are hideous, but I sure enjoyed watching a couple of them getting knocked on their asses as they tangled with the police. Yeah, the struggle is real. It must be a real struggle to waddle her fatness anywhere! And the chubster with the “I can’t breathe” shirt, well, is it any wonder? Lose about 300 pounds and that problem may diminish.

    BBQ? Did someone say BBQ! That was a righteous write-up and I must concur.

    Chicago – A national embarrassment on every level.

    Trump’s new Press Secretary is a delight. No nonsense, just the facts. I thoroughly enjoy how she turns the questions around on the W.H. Press Corp idiots. She is a breath of fresh air….and tough.

    And, finally, Mss. Dreyfus, WTF are you talking about?

  • Jewel July 26, 2020, 9:56 PM

    There is a delicacy I wish to make called Lasanha Brasileira. It is shredded smoked short rib, layered with béchamel sauce, ham, mozzarella, noodles, marinara, for three to four layers, and then slowly cooked over a charcoal grill.

  • Nori July 26, 2020, 10:15 PM

    This is a most disturbing Strange Daze,what with the young women with their asses on backwards.
    Or are they double-assed? Sitting must be quite easy.

    A-10 Warthogs,you magnificent bastards!!! You will keep flying,@ least til 2040.
    GodBless You,Everyone.

  • BlogDog July 26, 2020, 11:18 PM

    Can we call the distaff Antifa rioters “Fupa Troopers?”

  • Stargazer July 27, 2020, 5:06 AM

    The A-10 is an incredible (and lethal) flying machine. I watched one in action once. It was like it could dance in the sky.

  • Snakepit Kansas July 27, 2020, 5:32 AM

    Dershowitz is further to the left than he thinks he is. After all the Joos have gone through being victimized since the Old Testament, how can he argue for abortion? Then “reasonable gun control”, whatever that is I am sure starts with registration. His concern for White Nationalists, that are supposedly everywhere. After watching these Chicago videos of non-stop killings and almost no regard for life, then no, most white folks don’t want that segment of society moving into their neighborhoods. Does that make me a white nationalist?

  • Annie Rose July 27, 2020, 5:56 AM

    Strange daze indeed in my Chicagoland area. Sunday night news started with Mayor Liarfoot using her tough guy voice to tell us how she has ordered Trump to not dare to send federal officers into Chicago, because “there is no violence” here. Then for the next 10 minutes a straight-faced reporter (don’t know how she could keep her face so neutral) detailed the mass shootings and killings just for that day in Chicago. I guess they weren’t “violent” shootings and killings, so that’s OK.

  • Kevin in PA July 27, 2020, 6:15 AM

    What time is dinner? After reading your description of Lasanha Brasileira, which I deduce to be a Portuguese/Brazilian version of lasagna, my mouth is watering!

  • Jack July 27, 2020, 8:48 AM

    I subscribe to Heritage Foundation’s weekly email and this morning I received the latest. It began with this, the last sentence of which should be made known:

    Good morning from Washington, D.C. As rioters continue to have their way in Portland, Oregon, it’s increasingly clear that there is a plot to change America. Heritage expert Mike Gonzalez has a new book out that exposes the myths that help perpetuate identity politics and explains why it is urgent to change course. Also, Heritage has released a new special report that analyzes the different approaches countries around the world have taken to manage COVID-19. Plus, the U.S. Army is teaching a course titled “Operation Inclusion,” promoting the belief that if you support enforcing immigration law, or say things like “all lives matter,” then you’re a white supremacist.

    That was bound to happen.

  • Jewel in PA July 27, 2020, 9:12 AM

    Not sure when, Kevin, but bring the Cards Against Humanity and we’ll make it Family Game Night.

  • ghostsniper July 27, 2020, 10:32 AM

    Dear Jewel,
    Perfection (or near nuff as Remus would say) comes from dedicated practice.
    I’m willing to come over and offer assistance, encouragement, and the best part, disposal of the “mistakes”.
    Thank you, and waiting diligently,
    Your friend,

    The A10, from the front/slightly angled view, with that hellified minigun dealing death and destruction, “appears” to be hovering in mid air. Or dancing as stargazer described.


    The most gross of the obese became that way on gov’t (stolen) money, EBT.
    Easy come easy go.
    They blow all of it instantly on sugar and/or salt laden snack foods then beg and commit crimes for the rest of the month.

  • Kevin in PA July 27, 2020, 10:55 AM

    I had to search to learn what the heck is “Cards Against Humanity”. I had no idea that such a game existed….and for the record, I don’t consider myself to be a horrible person.
    Here’s a link for anyone else in the dark about this “party game for horrible people”.

  • Aggie July 27, 2020, 12:20 PM

    The Soviets experimented with nuclear weapons technology for quite a few civil applications, including creating dams to form water reservoirs and (similar to this case) using a subterranean device placed to create storage chambers in massive salt layers for holding produced liquids. It didn’t work, incidentally.

  • Casey Klahn July 27, 2020, 1:22 PM

    Nukes were to have caused a Nuclear Winter, with fires and smoke a shit. I knew different, and that C Sagan was full of shit to the squeaking point. Explosives, as often as not, extinguish fires. Sagan had to postulate all weapons detonating, and he forgot to factor in that the first strike targets were nukes. A nuke is not detonated sympathetically, like dynamite. It is a device and must detonate mechanically. He was full retard, and wrote the book that full retard libs used as their anti-war bible. I freaking hate scientists whose hubris is that fulsome.

    They get fatter as they each one enters the frame. That is comedy gold.

    Seattle Crackers is the likely nickname for the sport with few blacks involved: ice hockey.

    I won’t lie, I’m always impressed with the A-10. Except when they’re down for maintenance, or won’t fly at night. Ot their prissy pilot gets a hangnail. And your POTUS and SecDef decides to leave your artillery at home. Like happened in Afghanistan. Keep your AF jets; give me mortars and artillery. Artillery takes the fight to an elegant level, and only evil men disdain their own artillery.

    McEnany is a national treasure. She has taken the PressSec job to the next level. She has game.

    I saved the letter from the Seattle COP. She just told Seattle to sit on it, and she went from a cautious okay with her to new star status. SheLike: No gas, no policing. Simple as that. Has GovInslee toured Seattle? With the boarded up mile? Now he has the stones to run for reelection. That alone shows his character. TBH, I have some respect for Seattle police, but they’ve never quit known which side of the glass the beer flows out. Kneeling. Marching with pride parades. Succoring the criminal homeless, and then busting middle class whitey for jaywalking. It’ll take something extra for me to gain new respect for them. They need the L in LEO to stand for Losers. They big loserz now in Seattle.

    Is Seattle even there, anymore?

  • Gordon Scott July 27, 2020, 2:34 PM

    Hey, we nuked Mississippi back in 1964, twice. It was an investigation into using them for mining. It turns out they are not good for that.

  • Jewel in PA July 27, 2020, 2:52 PM

    Yes, Kevin, a horrible but very funny game to be played only by grownups. Like Apples to Apples in that you draw a main card with a statement or question, and all the players toss in one card to try to win it with the best card.
    Last night’s best question was this: When Obama is no longer president, he can spend all his free time in pursuing _____________.

    The winning card was “Donald J. Trump”

    My daughter bought this game in high school. 5 years ago.

  • ghostsniper July 27, 2020, 5:45 PM

    Jack sed: “…then you’re a white supremacist.”
    The only people that have a problem with that are sissified bed wetters and genetic defects.

  • Jack July 28, 2020, 9:01 AM

    Ghost, I agree. But our f’king military is teaching new rules for impressionable young soldiers who’ll likely follow any order from hardened old senior enlisted and younger field officers who only want to put in their time and retire or otherwise keep their noses clean.

    I can shoot back at any of them if push comes to shove.

  • Roger in Republic July 29, 2020, 2:42 AM

    I didn’t know that Antifa had a tank battalion!