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Choosing Sides | The Z Blog This is the reality we must accept. This war the ruling class is waging on white people is not a product of a small cabal within the ruling class. It is all of them. Worse yet, the war has become a profit center for them. Would anyone be shocked if Fox News, after having cancelled one of their own, starts selling “free speech face mufflers” in the Fox News store? Maybe have Tucker pitch them on his show, right after he condemns Blake Neff for his horrific language.

Legendary Flames! World’s Most Iconic Hot Rod Could be Yours to Own The flame-streaked, most iconic specimen of the hot rod world is up for auction. The unmistakeable 1932 Ford McMullen Roadster, which famously appeared on the cover of Hot Rod magazine in 1963, is going under the hammer at Mecum Indy 2020. Sure to get many an enthusiasts’ motor running, it’s available between July 10th – 18th.

Trump in a Mask = BATMAN!

The Beginning of the End of Whites in South Africa | Frontpage Mag

Doug Ross @ Journal: Google Declares Me Guilty of Thought Crimes, Sends My Blog Posts to the Memory Hole To put it bluntly, Google appears to be deleting search results that criticize its use of algorithms to enforce totalitarian political bias. Looks like I hit a nerve. What’s next? Is Google going to start deleting blog posts with which it disagrees?Never do a news or politics search on Google. Use DuckDuckGo if you want the truth

Then: “Only Nixon could go to China.” Now: “Only Trump could decouple from China.” Internally Communist Chinese leaders know what time it is. The decoupling will happen and is happening. Western businesses have learned not to trust China – “China is asshole”. Leaders in China are probably worried about feeding their nation and also that the middle class there will be looking for someone to blame once the shit really hits the fan…

MUST READ: Body Cam Transcript Tells a Different Story on the Death of George Floyd    The transcript from the body camera worn by J. Alexander Kueng shows clear evidence that George Floyd was suffering respiratory distress before police laid hands on him. He died from a Fentanyl overdose, not from being choked out by Minneapolis police. This news will not bring joy to the crazed, leftist mob screaming to lop off the heads of the Minneapolis police officers who stand accused of “murdering” George Floyd and little attention has been paid to the transcript since its release on July 7. I hope to correct that oversight.

/U7XHUnNa62″ / Twitter

Seneca, The Thing, Changing Careers, and Little Ben Shapiro  Hang on, old people — “ don’t pack your bags and get ready to board the trains for the new Sanders-Cortez Leisure Camps  just yet.  There’s another type of intelligence — crystallized intelligence.  This intelligence is based around taking the information that you know and combining it (plus new facts) to form a synthesized view of the world.  That’s a whole lot of syllables that just mean one simple old word:  wisdom.  The best news is that crystallized intelligence doesn’t decline until senility hits.  Wisdom is accessible until you’re drooling.

In order to stop attempted gun confiscations dead on a purely force-on-force level, only one in 317 American gun owners needs to remember that our first American Revolution began as spontaneous popular resistance to a gun-confiscation order. Only one in 317 American gun owners need to remember their duty under the U.S. Constitution as members of the unorganized militia – “the body of the people in arms”. Only one in 317 American gun owners need to shoot back. Is that a plausible fraction? Yes. Yes, I think it is. Count me as one of them. Correspondingly, the critical fraction of American gun owners that would have to be hard-core enough to resist confiscation with lethal violence in order to stop the attempt is lower than 1 in 317. Probably much lower. Especially if we responded by killing not merely the doorknockers but the bureaucrats and politicians who gave them their orders. Which would be more efficient, more just, and certain to follow.

They are nice people, willing to tolerate any Church of Nice, or even a Church of Nasty if there are business opportunities, such as vast new markets in Araby or China. Without reading Locke they imagine that we should tolerate tolerance, except for people who are in their way; and tolerate intolerance, too. The important thing is “evolution” — not necessarily in the strict Darwinian sense, but in the spirit with which the artful Clinton (the one with the male member) welcomed Red China into the WTO. For, according to the theory, once they get used to making cartloads of money, they’ll buy into “democracy” and all that. They’d never jeopardize global trade.

The Black Lives Matter Effect is Killing Black Children

That the capitalists are now queueing to pay off BLM doesn’t surprise me. They could damage the market for Nike shoes. It’s not just that they are panty-wet cowards. At a deeper level, they have sold out their souls. They are naturally sympathetic to the Peking politburo, for instance, and given the opportunity, to organ-harvesting, because that’s where the profits are. If the price is right, they will pay any extortionist’s fee into the bargain. They’re for cutting through red tape, and making the deal. For if they don’t make it, someone else will.

Robert De Niro says coronavirus decimated his finances

The great majority of those processed through our “education” systems espouse “Marxism” in some form, today, but the kids are hardly Bolshevik. Their ideology is so diluted by ignorance and stupidity, that they may freely drink the Kool-Aid. (“A rainbow of flavours,” as their advertisements boast.) For the moment, it doesn’t kill them; it just makes them mentally ill.

Bad news becomes hysteria in crowds, new research shows

In place of the old beliefs of a civilization based on godliness, judgment and historical loyalty, young people are given the new beliefs of a society based on equality and inclusion, and are told that the judgment of other lifestyles is a crime. … The “non-judgmental” attitude towards other cultures goes hand-in-hand with a fierce denunciation of the culture that might have been one’s own. – Roger Scruton

NBC Contributor Reveals He Never Tested Positive For COVID After Network Followed His Alleged Recovery

Sophia Gad-Nasr on Twitter: “If you touch two CLEAN blocks of the same metal together in space, they weld! Atoms in solid metals move a bit. Touch two clean surfaces together, and the atoms can’t tell they’re in different blocks so they become one group of atoms, ie ONE SOLID. (Gif:” / Twitter

The Democratic presidential nominee is a waxwork dummy hiding in his basement. Joe Biden can scarcely utter a correct English sentence and has the haggard countenance of a fatigued nonagenarian.   In his few television and internet appearances, the former vice president is ambiguous about defunding the police and continues to regard BLM as a valuable political ally fighting racial inequality, even though in the last month it has revealed itself proudly as a white-hating Marxist urban terrorist organization.

In Red China, you cannot criticize the president. In America, you cannot praise the president.

The Fragility of the Woke | The televised stereotype of the antifa activist is a physically unimpressive but violent-talking revolutionary. He seems to strut in laid-back, blue-city Minneapolis but wisely avoids the suburbs and small towns of the nation’s red states. He spits at police when standing beside fellow agitators but would never do that when alone confronting an autoworker or welder.

REVIEW: ‘Joey: The Story of Joe Biden’ by Dr. Jill Biden, Ed.D. – Washington Free Beacon The simple fact that Dr. Jill chose to write a children’s book as opposed to a more time-consuming memoir should strike fear in the heart of those who wish to see President Donald Trump reelected in 2020 and beyond. She is clearly committed to caring for her husband and his degenerative brain condition, which might be the only thing that could prevent him from finally becoming president.

It is complained, by the Nevertrumpers out there, that he runs a chaotic government, in defiance of “the way things are done” in the District of Columbia. For instance, he wakes of a morning, and decides to shut down the economy, just when it is going fairly well; then of another, tells his whole cabinet to delete a few thousand economic regulations, without specifying any, or giving tedious hints. This is heroic. Annoyed with statue-topplers, he announces ten-year gaol terms. Having endured years of abuse from his adversaries, he rises bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, to fling a few more tweets at them. He should be giving exercise tips to that drudge, Biden.


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  • Harry July 13, 2020, 10:16 AM

    It’s ok, the kid’s wearing a mask. And he (she) can probably already recite, “Pigs in a blanket. Fry ’em like bacon.”

  • Gordon Scott July 13, 2020, 10:35 AM

    I have seen four videos of daylight executions in New York in the past three weeks.
    There have been a bunch of similar shootings in Minneapolis. The difference is the New York shootings are done on the street. Here they’re done from and to cars. Also, Minneapolis shooters are much more likely to wound or kill the children who are with the target.

    I’ll have to ask the cops if the kids were wearing masks.

  • GRVE July 13, 2020, 11:12 AM

    The Cougar was easy. Is that a Mule or Donkey?

  • MIKE GUENTHER July 13, 2020, 11:53 AM

    @GRVE…Kind of looks like a Bear.

  • PA Cat July 13, 2020, 12:28 PM

    Apropos of the Orange Aristo-cat in the shopping line: he (most marmalade cats are males; it’s a genetic thing) isn’t following any rules of merely human devising. Felis catus is simply exemplifying the catly version of noblesse oblige, namely the responsibility to set a good example to the big clumsy critters waiting with him.

  • BlogDog July 13, 2020, 12:35 PM

    Jill Biden wrote the only book hubby Joe can now understand.

  • Kevin in PA July 13, 2020, 12:39 PM

    I didn’t spot the cougar, but I believe the unidentified critter is actually a Havelina.

  • Kevin in PA July 13, 2020, 12:41 PM

    Not Havelina = wild pig

  • ghostsniper July 13, 2020, 1:10 PM

    The cougar is halfway between the boars ass and the right wall.

    Marmalade. Never heard that description before. And yes, all-orange cats are males. Cats with orange and any other color can go either way.

    So, no 2 same metals have ever touched in space before now? I find that hard to believe.

    Boat Mutt: “She always makes me sit in the front in case she runs into something I get it first.”

    “The Black Lives Matter Effect is Killing Black Children”, why should I give a shit?

    The gov’t was chaotic LONG before Trump ever got on the scene. jeezis peeple is stoopid.

    That looks like a “Dick and Jane” (snicker) book from 1958.

  • Anderson July 13, 2020, 3:38 PM

    It’s possible for a female cat to be orange, just extremely rare. We’ve had 2 orange female barn cats in the last 30 years. One, I backed over with the tractor and the other died before she had a litter, so maybe they are sterile like a mule. My father-in-law was a large animal veterinarian for 40 years and he said he saw half a dozen in all that time.

    I can’t see the cougar. You have good eyes.

  • ghostsniper July 13, 2020, 5:47 PM

    @Anderson, not the orange marmalade PA Cat mentioned, it’s in the genes. We had an orange female but she had a little white on her chest.

    I cheated on that cougar. I right clicked the pic and opened it in another tab (Chrome) then I did ctrl-scroll wheel and zoomed in then just panned back n forth til I seen it.

  • Vanderleun July 13, 2020, 6:07 PM

    I cheated on the cougar too.

  • Snakepit Kansas July 13, 2020, 6:10 PM

    Protester saying she is disabled and hopes the cop’s family all dies: If she got off the feed bag it would do a great service to her knees and hips. Shut your mouth. Eating too many twinkees as well as talking nonsense. Become useful.

    Hot rods! I like a fast car. Kinda wish I had the ’72 GTO back from my high school days. 400 cuid, three speed Turbo 350 or 400, I think. Heavy duty anti-sway bar option, posi-track, jeweled dash board insert, Trans Am steering wheel and ice cold AC! Pop the hood and view the factory chromed valve covers, and dual snorkel air breather sitting over a Rochester Spreadbore carb. I think it got about 12 MPG.

  • Gordon Scott July 13, 2020, 6:18 PM

    Javalinas are sort of domesticatable. They’re actually quite friendly and cheerful. But there isn’t really any good reason to do it.

  • Gordon Scott July 13, 2020, 6:45 PM

    Space welding . . . they’ve known about the effect in vacuum for 60 years. So yeah, one wouln’t need to be in outer space. It works here. But it’s probably inconvenient. It was definitely inconvenient when a deep space probe couldn’t deploy its long-range antenna because some of the parts had vacuum welded. Whoops!

    But it is worth knowing that it can happen, and how. One never knows when such knowledge might be useful. Like knowing that space has a smell. The astronauts say it does. And that moon dust is like copy machine toner powder. It gets into everything, and it’s hard to get off things. That’s gonna matter on the old moon base, you know. We should all be appropriately grateful that Gerard links this stuff.

  • Cynyr July 13, 2020, 8:12 PM

    The cougar is there, don’t give up. I had to cheat, too, but once you see it…

  • Casey Klahn July 13, 2020, 9:40 PM

    I saved the image and looked at it blown up about 25% and found that cougar SOB. Is that cheating?

    Today I heard the nearest coyote den go off in mid morning daylight, and knew immediately that this was the Momma ‘yote booting out her litter from the den. It happens every year about now.

    It is good to sharpen your inductive reasoning when you want to be well prepared for the next apocalypse. Or the current one. What the hell do I know?

    On a note that interests me, Jenny Durkin, that intrepid Seattle mayor, is facing a petition for recall. She may be wondering, even for a brief moment, how it comes to this, since she has been handjobbin every Leftist she can find. See how she fails in reasoning? What a fukkin tool. The ones who apparently are promoting the recall are her beloved anitfascists. When you can’t read the stitches even on a slowball, you must have your head pretty far up your ass. Biden is polling high with his hip pocket polling toads, but lagging short with blacks. The fuck you say! He wants to select a VP candidate whose a black female. That will fool only this unthinking constituents. Wait…

  • buddhaha July 14, 2020, 1:35 AM

    I always heard that you never, ever cleaned Jo Blocks with alcohol, because without a little oil, they would get little spot welds and breaking those would screw up the accuracy.
    Don’t know if it’s true, I never owned any, and I wasn’t willing to risk screwing up someone else’s expensive tools to find out.

  • James ONeil July 14, 2020, 10:16 AM

    Thanks for cheating ghost, even in real life, if I was standing there, I suspect I might have missed it unless it twitched an ear.

    I’ve a grouse that comes out and hangs with me when I working (First time I was chain sawing, think she thought the chain saw noise was a male grouse thumping and figured any guy that could thump that loud and long must be cool!), she’s in the middle of this picture and about impossible to find:

  • John the River July 14, 2020, 3:01 PM

    Let me say a word about the White South Africans. What do you figure, how long before we’re seeing similar stories here? Friday?