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Strange Daze

George Floyd’s death is significant as it marks the first black victim in America to die with the Wu-hoo Cooties, but not deemed to have died from the cooties. MOTUS A.D.: If It Does Not Fit You Must Submit

White Americans have made vast efforts over the past sixty years to exterminate all manifestations of white racism. And yet, each new generation of black youths still likes to loot shoe stores. It’s a puzzlement.

Vote, contact your politicians, exercise your rights as a free people, push back in whatever way you can against the encroachments of the anti-freedom, anti-liberty forces that are better prepared, more organized, and certainly louder and more aggressive. Boycott the most outrageous of the corporations that are mostly arrayed against their own customers…the silent majority, the guy next to you at the bar or the little league game or church. Buy weapons and learn how to use them. Create informal or formal networks of like-minded people. Speak out at town council meetings, campaign events, and every public forum, and support only those politicians who are willing to join you in pushing back against the forces that will destroy American Exceptionalism. The question is: are we going to awaken, and if we do, will it be to bend the knee or to exercise that “terrible resolve?”

Biden Has No Good Options The last time Biden had to make a key strategic decision his choice was “#MeToo? Just kidding!” There’s no way he suddenly does better with the hard calls coming toward him. Sadly for the Dems, despite their fantasies about replacing him on the ticket, they have no choice but to rely on Biden’s skill, savvy and brains. They are doomed.

Retired St. Louis Police Officer Assassinated Live on FaceBook By Mostly Peaceful Protesters I’m always amused by the Keyboard Kommandos who defend, justify, or actually enthuse about Antifa violence. I always check their pictures to see if they’ve prepared themselves for the violent world they are shepherding into being. They never seem to have prepared themselves. They always look like skinny (or obese) pussies who only feel the surge of testosterone when watching other men act.

And so I just keep wondering: what do these people think is going to happen to them in the Burning Times?


Man Dies Trying to Blow Up ATM on Philadelphia Sidewalk

Violent, armed looters overrun Santa Monica Music Center: ‘They took everything from us…

As Frank DeScushin observed: It’s bizarre to see people Tweet “A riot is the voice of the unheard!” when the black voice on race issues is the one promoted by The Establishment (media, academia, politicians & corporations) with all those same parties censoring or demonizing any dissent. The Bonfire of the Insanities 

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  • Lance de Boyle June 6, 2020, 2:38 PM

    Oh, thanks so much for the uplift Gerard. And here I am ALL out of anti-depressants. Fine! I’ll go to Jim’s Pawn and Gun and buy another case of OO. And then it’s back to the fields to gather straw for your new, cool hat.

  • Auntie Analogue June 6, 2020, 3:04 PM

    One complaint about the Lincoln Memorial photo in this post: it’s faked, it’s Photoshopped. I found this out the hard way when I copied it and sent it to some of the “Woke” who instantly had cheap ammunition to barrage back at me. Mr. Van der Leun, please: next time a heads-up on fakery would be much appreciated.

  • Gordon Scott June 6, 2020, 3:55 PM

    Remember how everyone stopped buying Gillette razors because they decided to get woke? Now I’ve had to cancel my subscription to Dollar Shave Club. DSC’s business took a huge leap after folks bailed on Gillette. But this morning, the head of DSC sent me an email letting me know he had promised Black Lives Matter $100,000, plus lots of heart emojis. He’ll be seeking treatment for the injuries he sustained patting himself on the back.

    I’m pretty sure Black Rifle Coffee will not disappoint me.

  • captflee June 6, 2020, 4:21 PM

    Things have been a bit spicier here than the utterly useless local press would have you believe, not so much the commies and their brain dead acolytes downtown, but the native criminal class, looking to “get paid” while the constabulary is otherwise occupied, has on occasion apparently geared up in multi-vehicle caravans and hit the road in search of suburban plunder. Whenever I hear SABLE (popo helo) up, I check in with an aircraft tracking site and follow SABLE around so as to deduce where things might be happening; a couple of nights ago the helo diverted from doing donuts centered on Front St. away from downtown, up Market at 30 kts, and onto some lesser streets, until it stopped making way and resumed tightly orbiting over a residential area. When my son returned the next morning from his watch at the jail, he started telling me about a congeries of various gangbangers arrested enroute to wypipo ‘hoods with a little of the old ultraviolence in mind, pulled over where I had thought something was up. An additional gleaning from the tracking site is the presence locally of a probable SIGINT aircraft operated no doubt by Feds of some ilk, a twin engined Beechcraft, repeatedly flying a very specific route, one that my retired squid P-3 aircrewman baby brother told me was pretty much a by the book procedure back in the day when he was snooping on the narcotraficantes in South America, there being a paucity of subs to hunt in those Fukayama “end of history” days. Don’t know if we have Antifa in town; I understand their on scene leaders have secure comms, which might explain the aircraft, as ordinary sail fawn transmissions could just as easily be picked up by Stingray.

    A possible accessory for your shotgun is one of those slings that holds 25 or so shells. Handy if, like me, you are usually clad in shorts for most of the year.

    If you know any realtors of oceanfront property or boat/aircraft salespersons.you might send them Mike Adams’ way…looks like the terminally woke at “the Dub” are gearing up for yet another go at him. Based on past performance, the long suffering people of the Old North State are “fittin’ ” to stroke Prof.Mike yet another large check.

    Pity that it’s a fake, otherwise it would be one of the greatest illustrations of the concept of unintended consequences ever.

  • captflee June 6, 2020, 4:33 PM

    Eliminate the middleman and buy direct from Dorco, although you may have to give Amazon money to do so. DSC is an easier target- they would feel the effects of consumer action long before Amazon would.

  • Lance de Boyle June 6, 2020, 5:33 PM

    Front St. Brewery?
    Or some low dive?
    I’ll buy.

  • captflee June 6, 2020, 5:58 PM

    In’sh’allah our crazed governor will someday soon unlock the bars, though I suppose restaurants with bars are open . It has been rather more years than I would care to admit since I bellied up to the bar, so I shall have to do some research and find some joint what has a decent selection of single malts.

  • Gordon Scott June 7, 2020, 6:00 PM

    I have been doing my small part. A couple of weeks ago I brought a folding table to meet a friend at Chick-Fil-A in Bloomington. We ordered online, parked in the designated space and set up the table and two stools. The staff brought out our food, and told us the folks inside were thrilled to have picnic-ers again (families apparently do this in normal times). People going through the drive thru lane were giving us thumbs up.

    Restaurants with outside dining opened up this week. We started on Monday at Rusty’s Tacos, which has a patio with tables. We were the first customers. I asked the guy about eating on the patio. He told me, “Yes, but you have to call for a reservation.”

    I walked out to the entryway and yelled, “Hello, I’d like a reservation for the patio.”

    He yelled back, “Okay, got it!” As we were heading out to the patio a young couple walked in and asked to eat on the patio. They didn’t believe me when I suggested yelling from the entryway. Their loss.

    We did a similar thing at Green Mill on Thursday, but we phoned in our reservation standing outside the front door. Then we walked in, and were shown to our table by a masked gal. It seems these places are really happy to have people dining in again.