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Stop Making Me Support Donald Trump!

Via House of Eratosthenes

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  • Casey Klahn September 11, 2018, 8:16 AM

    Very pointedly shows that dialogue is dead in America. Finito. McOver. Pffffpt!

    Talking to libs is a waste of air.

    Since it’s 9-11, I’ll add my remembrance of a lib visiting my home a few moths after 9-11, and exclaiming how tired she was of seeing the flag. That is, indeed, some shit. But, no disrespect, right?

    Don’t get me started. I’m pissed, today.

  • Eskyman September 11, 2018, 3:53 PM

    You’re not alone, Casey. I’m pissed too.

    It’s bad enough that today is 9/11. This should be a memorial day, where we remember the victims of the muslim sneak attack that killed so many, and reminisce about how we repaid that with terrible retribution; but we didn’t ever retaliate, did we.

    No, we went on some more nation-building exercises in Iraq instead. George Bush proclaimed that islam is the religion of peace, and afterward we really opened the floodgates: now we have hundreds of thousands if not millions of muslim barbarian savages living in our midst. That really pisses me off! We should have learned after 9/11 that “the only good moslem is a dead one.”

    Then today, since it’s not a holiday and it’s business-as-usual for the gun-banners and the liberal progressives who want to destroy the American culture, or what’s left of it anyway, I went to the Fairgrounds in Del Mar, CA. There I spoke in front of a committee who are planning to close down the Del Mar Crossroads of the West Gun Show, that has been in operation for over 30 years without any “incidents.” Before the meeting opened for discussion, someone on the committee gave us some news: there had been an incident a week before, where some young man brandished a gun and fired a shot into the air. He was apparently upset that he hadn’t been allowed into a rap concert that was taking place there at Del Mar; the official thanked the sheriffs and other law enforcement for dealing with this person ‘effectively and professionally.’ Whatever that means. This didn’t happen at the Gun Show, and of course this “news” wasn’t intended to influence anyone (you believe that, right?)

    Then we started discussion; the plan was to shut down the Gun Show for a year, to “study the problem further.” Then the decision would be made whether to re-open it. Speakers were invited to discuss this plan, and were each given two minutes to make their case. I did my best, as did others, but I can see the writing on the wall: the Gun Show won’t go on.

    There was a large block of people in attendance that all wore matching bright orange T-Shirts, that had liberal talking points on the back and said “Close The Gun Show Loophole” on the front. It would have been better if the shirts had just had a yellow streak down the back, as all of these lemmings spoke of was fear. They were afraid; they feared for their children; they were frightened of the “assault rifles” that spewed bullets, which they said were sold at the Gun Show; on and on it went, with little truth mixed into the numerous lies.

    How depressing, on 9/11. To remember our country attacked by outside forces that hate our freedoms and want to eliminate them, and eliminate us; and to find some of our own citizens that also hate our freedoms and want to eliminate them and those of us who still support America. For shame!

  • Snakepit Kansas September 11, 2018, 7:45 PM

    Where are Sherman and Patton when we need them? Take the handcuffs of Madis!

    The difference today is that the average American is not in fear for his/her life, nor way of life, like during WWII. My Dad was afraid as a child that the Huns were coming to get him. We don’t carpet bomb civilian populations like we did against Germany, Japan and others during WWII. That was total war, and dropping nukes was lighting candles on the cake.

    My kids and I were at the USAF air show at McConnell AFB in Wichita this past weekend. FANTASTIC!!! We waited in line for 45 minutes for me to get photos of them in the cockpit of the venerable C130. Both of my kids got their mom’s brains and have interest in engineering, piloting….time will tell. They could actually be flying this very aircraft in the close future.. While on the flight line, a B2 flew in low, real low, then hit the afterburners at a low angle, heading north. American pride was spilled all over the flight line. No apologies.

    Scare the Hillary loving American soccer mom of her way of life and the life of her children, and the worm will turn.