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Something Wonderful: The Parrot’s Abandoned Egg

Tired of wading through the open sewer of this society?  This will heal you. (Via The New Neo)

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  • OldTexan May 17, 2022, 4:24 PM

    Very moving, watching that little live bird hatching and clinging to life, a miracle. I have seen baby chicks hatch out however I never knew birds had a belly button which makes total sense. (as I posted on Neo NeoCon) I appreciate all your sites, and thank you.

  • jwm May 17, 2022, 6:31 PM

    Best thing I’ve seen today.
    Thank you.


  • ghostsniper May 17, 2022, 7:27 PM

    Amazing, you can see a heartbeat in that fluid mass, at 2:00.

  • Terry May 17, 2022, 7:44 PM

    I was raised on a small farm. I recall saving/helping or attempting to save all sorts of birds and other creatures. The smallest was a nest of quail eggs. The mother was killed and eaten by a hawk. I think there were four eggs or maybe five in the nest. With my mothers help we raised them all.

    Yep, that’s what we horrid white people do.

  • Jack May 18, 2022, 6:29 AM

    I love things like that because I believe that is how we are truly supposed to be. That salvation took a lot of time and work but now it exists to remind all of us of what a little love and attention can do.

  • madmarc May 20, 2022, 6:00 AM

    Ok, that one made my eyes water. And I’ve never raised anything but blisters in my 63 years. Well done. Healing is right, when that little critter took wing, I was inspired. Will have to go and search what sort of feeding it requires.