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Something Wonderful: Mozart | Lacrimosa from Requiem in D minor | Theremin*** choir and piano

[HT: Jewel who notes in passing, “Here’s a young man playing with himself, and yet he never once touches his instrument inappropriately.”]

*** The theremin (/ˈθɛrəmɪn/; originally known as the ætherphone/etherphone, thereminophone or termenvox/thereminvox) is an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact by the thereminist (performer). It is named after its inventor, Leon Theremin, who patented the device in 1928.

The instrument’s controlling section usually consists of two metal antennas that sense the relative position of the thereminist’s hands and control oscillators for frequency with one hand, and amplitude (volume) with the other. The electric signals from the theremin are amplified and sent to a loudspeaker. — LaWik

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  • Jewel October 9, 2020, 4:18 PM


    Here’s another wonderful something. It’s a cross between a guitar, a piano and a stenographer’s machine. And it works! As a pianist with iddy biddy hands, I could learn to play this. My classical guitar skills wither from arthritis and short painful reach.

  • julie October 9, 2020, 4:57 PM

    How unexpectedly lovely!

    I never knew a theremin could be played in a way that wasn’t… well, so theremin-y.

  • jwm October 9, 2020, 6:18 PM

    Mozart’s Requiem is my all time favorite piece of music. I wore out two LP’s of Herbert Von Karajan conducting the Berlin Philharmonic playing it. The Lachrimosa is the saddest, and most haunting piece of music in the mass. This young man’s rendition captures all the sadness, and the theremin really gives it an other-worldly quality. Oddly enough, I first heard about this piece in Playboy Magazine’s interview with Timothy Leary. Go figure.


  • WiscoDave October 10, 2020, 2:06 AM

    Full of tears will be that day
    When from the ashes shall arise
    The guilty man to be judged;
    Therefore spare him, O God,
    Merciful Lord Jesus,
    Grant them eternal rest. Amen.