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Something (Not)Wonderful: SitRep on Friday? Not Relaxing

The bad news last Friday is that there were very large Russian subs off our coastline. The good news is that it’s Monday and the world is still here. The bad news today is that the Russian subs are still there.

Meanwhile, back at the US Naval base on the Potomac,

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  • OneGuy July 18, 2022, 12:36 PM

    They are always “there” somewhere just as ours are too. The ONLY reason we know they were “there” is because it is intended to intimidate. The threat hasn’t changed one iota for knowing this.

  • steveaz July 18, 2022, 2:53 PM

    I see a huge problem with this guy’s reasoning.
    USGOV looking for submarines, with taxpayers’ monies, btw, does not equal ‘Submarines.’

    Keep in mind, the state of California thinks our pillow stuffings might kill us. But their rigorous warnings and protections regimes notwithstanding, it does not mean that deadly pillow stuffings are literally stalking the store shelves of Walmart hunting for human prey.

    Once primed to startle by media, we are extremely herd-able by media. I’m glad I don’t live on the East Coast.

  • Jack July 18, 2022, 3:59 PM

    It’s always interesting how super powers like to fuck around with concepts of MAD. So what if Russia has a big sub with monster torpedoes? I consider hardware like that prohibitively costly to design, build and maintain and it is very novel and interesting but hardly intimidating because if some headless Russian would elect to use that thing American offensive weapons will destroy the heart and soul of Russia and within a short time thereafter, likely the entire civilized world as we know it.

    It is hard to imagine anyone being so recklessly childish but there they are.

    • Terry July 18, 2022, 5:44 PM

      Jack, my intent is not to write a scathing reply to your comment but to ask you to re-read exactly what you did in fact write for the whole world to read.

      Appears to me you made a near full circle change of view in approximately one hundred words.

      My comment, for whatever it may be worth (not much) is the US military would not be making any decisions whatsoever in a conflict with the Russians. The obozo and his comrades would make all decisions. I truly believe the US military has been neutered of competent commanders.

      • Jack July 19, 2022, 6:56 AM

        Terry, I will be the first to admit that I occasionally drop the ball or maybe write gibberish but I fail to see where I changed my point of view on anything or how my comment would excite your need to restrain yourself from countering my comment with something ‘scathing’. How could what I said possibly offend or trigger you?

        The paragraph only states that it doesn’t matter what Russia builds as an offensive weapon and that if Russia did initiate a first strike with the thing that within a short period of time the US would reply in kind and with nukes.

        It is likely that I have more contempt for Obama and liberal politicians than most people but I won’t go into that here. As for what role the US military would play in taking command of the entire situation in the event of an offensive attack upon the US, I think the truth lies somewhere in between but I seriously doubt there would be much hand wringing on the part of the military.

        I would happily wager that unless you or anyone else is anonymously involved as a decision making player in the scheme of world affairs and particularly those related to Russian subs and hyper sonic missiles and the like, you know no more about what would happen, or by whom or how or when a response would be made, than anyone reading this blog.

        You can circle back to me on all of this if my comment does not somehow register with you.

  • Dirk July 18, 2022, 6:42 PM

    My god a SUB!

    It’s just a matter of time before China starts patrolling the west coast of the US routinely. Kinda like we’ve been doing off China for 60 years.

    Thinking I’ll volunteer for the “ OREGON Coastal Defense group, similar to WWII. I’ve met men and women in their 80s, who participated during WWII.

    Old guys with cannons! Lol, could be fun.

  • bob sykes July 19, 2022, 4:45 AM

    It’s a 2 megaton warhead.

    • steveaz July 19, 2022, 5:08 PM

      If the 2 Megaton ‘knife’ is already at our ‘throat,’ then it’s Game Over for the American overseas experiment, and the Acela Corridor is officially at War. Are we really there, Bob? Are we really like a mugging victim in an alley with the point of a Bowie knife stuck in our ribs?

      I don’t know. We’ve been subjected to a lot of fake news and government lies lately.

      It would take a pretty stupid ‘government’ to squander our status after WWII, such that we are now in such a vulgar strait. If squander it they have done, then that’s some model of staid Republicanism we got a workin’ here. Is it any wonder they’re not signing up for American-style democracy in Malaysia and Myanmar and Turkey?

      At least we have a lot of cool tennis shoes and coffee mugs and stuff, tho.

      If I was a Japanese, or a Filipino, or even an Australian government, I’d be taking a hard look at Plans B, C, D and E, and beyond, right now.

      They’re no dumbies, so you can be sure that they are.