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SitRep: Ukraine Fog of War || What’s Really Happening?

In this episode we investigate some of the Russian claims of victories and advances around the country to avoid falling into a cognitive bias trap. I suggest that we’re living in a bubble thanks to the social media platforms that are pushing us more of what we want to see and not what we need to see.

This channel’s Ukraine reports have been the most balanced and insightful I’ve been able to find. Recommended.

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  • John Venlet March 16, 2022, 10:09 AM

    While I appreciate this young man’s earnestness, and his willingness to search the webs for more and accurate intel, I come away from this video not knowing anything more indepth than I’ve been able to garner myself from the web. I note that many of the video blips included in his presentation I have previously viewed around the web. When one considers that here in the U.S.A. accurate and truthful information is often buried, and then consider that Russia has criminalized broadcasting of truthful information, and that Fakebook, Instacrap, TikTok all filter the information that is allowed through to you, well, I would not say that I’ve gained any additional knowledge of what is actually happening in either Russia or the Ukraine.

    All I can with full confidence state about what is happening in this so-called war is that combatant and non-combatant men, women, and children are being killed. That feckless politicians, here, in Russia, in Ukraine, members of NATO, etc., are all complicit in putting the entire world in danger, and not just from bombs and bullets.

    Full disclosure – I watched 18 minutes of the video, and then quit.

  • ghostsniper March 16, 2022, 10:09 AM

    somebody’s opinion
    how unique

  • Anonymous March 16, 2022, 3:42 PM

    youtube channel- what is ukraine – is giving daily reports what its like in Kyiv

  • KCK March 17, 2022, 12:01 AM

    He mixes healthy skepticism and no small amount of cynicism with reports available from the web.

    You wouldn’t want a military guy giving you the war news/ sarc.

    It’s a given that Russia will win, but it’s also evident that Russia may give away its win. Keep your eyes open, friends. If this is WWIII, you’ll want to know the plays.

  • PCB March 17, 2022, 7:08 AM

    Given the concerted blackout of Russian-sourced info, it is extremely difficult (or, at the very least, estremely time consuming) to find any sources of information on the web that run counter to the Ukraine monostory (“Ukraine:good, Russia:evil” and “look how the Ukrainians are masters of the Russians everywhere they meet,” etc.) everpresent on US media and other info sources. I appreciate this guy’s efforts to provide amplifying information that fills in at least some of the glaring gaps in one’s awareness of what the Russians are actually doing. As a combat vet myself with a lot of time spent in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, can I nitpick some of his analysis and conclusions? Sure. But this is a helpful addition to the broader argument and one’s personal “situational awareness.” The clips of the Russians in possession of Javelins are, by themselves, instructive. (How long must we wait to see Russian and Chinese (and, likely, Iranian) clones of this cutting edge capability?). I appreciate AD bringing this site to my attention. (For whatever reason, this video won’t load separately on YouTube. I hope it hasn’t been taken down…)

    • KCK March 17, 2022, 8:49 AM

      My compliments. Go to his channel, Task and Purpose.

      My own opinion is that the Russians don’t spend enough time on combined arms tactics and operations, and they are especially ignorant of how tanks operate. They do mass their armor, and they do love their artillery, but they don’t coordinate. The famous “40 mile convoy” was a shit show, but it also is apparent that Ukraine was only able to do minimal damage to it. Still, Ivan lost his momentum.

      It’s impossible for me to not draw some parallels between 1939-40 and Finland here, except the Ukrainians aren’t on skis. Style points lost.

      I also note the way Stingers are used for helicopters, but not much on their intended targets: jets. From what I can see, anyway.

      Going beyond Ukraine, we have, conservatively speaking, a very hot spot where Romania, Poland, the Baltics, Finland and Norway abut Russian controlled territory. Geopolitically, the Russians have indeed besotted the dog.

      The other guys I watch are Victor Davis Hanson, and Gen. Keane. They at least try for the middle ground, politically. idk what you think of Henry Kissinger, but his ghost is being talked about – the reason is we wish for days when political leaders were professionals.

  • hooodathunkit March 17, 2022, 10:08 PM

    Understand Ukraine? Good luck. But start with Igor Lopatonok & Oliver Stone’s 2016 documentary Ukraine on Fire Recently pulled by Yootoob so you may have to search, but I found it here https://rumble.com/vwxxi8-ukraine-on-fire.html Worth the time, even if he gets some details wrong, or Geo Parry blames “neo-conservatives” when none of them are conservative.

    Putin crazy? Power mad? Recreating Empire? Read an outline of what Putin wants to do and why in Russia’s Advance and the New World https://thefrontierpost.com/the-new-world-order/

    My take is the ‘war’ is the economic war, making wage slaves of deplorable nations and people for the benefit of the Geo Bush & Mitt Romney classes. If you’re paying attention, you will see the ‘Attack on the Dollar’ in the WSJ as Saudi negotiates with China, and India with Russia, both bypassing the petrodollar. Perhaps the end of an era.

    Nothing on the horizon looks good, and much seems to have been ignited, fanned, and fueled by Our Betters™ in Washington.