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February 17, 2009

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For Obama on the stump, the choices were endless; in the Oval Office suddenly only bad and worse. So the new president, the favorite of the ACLU, is now in the ironic position of maintaining the hated Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act reforms, keeping the repugnant Patriot Act, retaining “extraordinary renditions,” and continuing — task forces and promises aside — operation of the Gulag at Guantanamo. The Audacity of Irony by Victor Davis Hanson on National Review Online

And today's bailout winners are... people who spent too much on their homes compared to their incomes! Congratulations you irresponsible fools, come on down and get your checks! -- Ace of Spades HQ
10 Easy Steps To Advanced Photography Skills | How-To | Smashing Magazine
Sippican Cottage: News? Nyet. I read the news in the most desultory fashion because it's so useless to read twaddle filtered through incoherence and basted with a faction reduction. I hear, literally, gibberish.

Pay no attention to the man behind the President: "The White House is looking to install a small video or computer screen into the podium used by the president for press conferences and events in the White House. "It would make it easier for the comms guys to pass along information without being obvious about it," says the adviser. -The American Spectator : In All Fairness All of which begs the question, "Can Obama talk and chew gum at the same time?"

The Daily Gut "Who needs an old dead Hitler when you've got a modern one, here and now, preaching the death of Israel?"

A Brave New World | The Doctor Is In In our drunken materialism, we bought what we could not afford with money which we did not have; we promoted and elected those leaders who will tell us the same lies which we told ourselves as we catapulted blindly into our current crisis.
University PC Gone Wild: Be On The Lookout For A Male Pedestrian ォ Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

Compelling headline of the day: Nuns in Kentucky Ice @ The Anchoress
Don Surber on Analog TV going bye-bye: Get a new TV, grandpa. The Philco was not supposed to last forever. We have to stop the world to let these technological snails catch up?

Ve haf wayz uf making you luf her: You Gotta Love the First Lady. No, Really, You Have No Choice. - washingtonpost.com Really? Well, gag me with a Cuisineart!

Burning Brave New Frenchmen for Fuel: A non-religious ceremony The deceased person is perceived as a distinguished guest, a focus of attention to whom access is very special and solemn. This aspect of access influences the pedestrian-flow design for the entire site. -In progress: Rennes Metropole Crematorium by PLAN 01 | Arch Daily

The No-Business Plan of Media: The slo-mo but accelerating business disaster that resulted — loss of audience, fading profits, layoffs — should not detract from their considerable success at mastering the basics of propaganda. -The media doing what it does best these days, feeding us disinformation « Fabius Maximus

4-Block World: The Logical Result from Decades of the Who Are We To Judge? Philosophy

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