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February 23, 2009

VIA Tuesday 2/24

You just keep talking, Barry. That's what you're good at. Consumer Confidence Collapsed to Record Low in February... The Conference Board’s confidence index dropped more than anticipated to 25, the lowest level since data began in 1967.
And at the end of month one, Barack Obama is... just slightly less popular than Bush was.
Enough depression talk, let's look at the bright side: Black Hole Eats Star
Big Dick's Place: DOW 5,000 This thing was never about salvaging the economy. It was about gutting the corpus of the American economy of any and all value for the immediate construction of a machine apparatus that would not only make Lyndon Baines Johnson and Franklin Roosevelt scrunch their crotches in admiration, but would make the sadistic Mongolian Lenin whistle inincredulous appreciation.
Too late for current DC administration: Brain scan replaces job interview in 5 years
Charity begins in Gaza: Shovel ready, yes. U.S. plans "substantial" pledge at Gaza meeting "The United States plans to offer more than $900 million to help rebuild Gaza...."
"This is an elite that has been raised to oppose elites." Bobos, or bourgeois bohemians, are, to put it bluntly, the new establishment. Bill Clinton is a bobo. So is anyone else who has the income and power that only fat old men in oil paintings used to have, but who also has the mores, personal tastes, and culture of a 60's radical college student.

Want to improve race relations? Time to say adios to Black History Month: BLACKFIVE: Two models for Improved Race Relations There's the first model for improved race relations, the Eric Holder model. I disagree with this model. It doesn't work. And it seems to me that people who want to talk about race all the time -- like the white hippies -- while often well-intentioned, are the real dividers. Fortunately, there's a second model, one that works much better. I'm calling it the Morgan Freeman model.

Here's a thought: "Bail Out The Good Home Owners, Let Them Spend Their Mortgage Payments." -- The Strata-Sphere A Mortgage Bailout That Would Really Stimulate The Economy
The chimp doesn't fall far from the tree: The chimpanzee who wentcrazy in Connecticut last week is the son of a chimp who also escaped and was shot by a neighbor.
Dust devils are also very common on Mars, and they leave intricate patterns in their wakes as they vacuum dust from the martian surface. This figure shows a bunch of examples, including some dust devils caught in motion" - Dunes, Ripples and Streaks « The Martian Chronicles
Card Sharps Illustrated: An ATM card theft videotaped in Barclays Bank
Ike's second warning, hint: it is not the "military-industrial complex""... that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite."
Evan Sklar: Running With Schwitters A few choice picks from the great photomontagists of postwar Berlin.

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