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May 16, 2005


In the decades yet to come when I am old and grey and full of sleep, my children may ask from their self-induced daze when it was that I first knew the great blog explosion of the Oughts had come to a screeching, burning, blazing halt.

I shall, without a bit of misty sadness, look deep into their trusting eyes and tell them, "Well, it was that fateful day when Ariana Huffington, using money she had ripped off from the clueless male millionaires in her life, invited every previously extinct media life form onto her page.

"Yes, in just one day, the stupor that was Huffington and Associates was uncorked and poured out over the net driving millions of otherwise intelligent people back into the waiting arms of AOL and even, for some of the really traumatized, into the arms of the United States Postal Service.

"Which is why, my children, that millions of Americans of all political hues supported the Federal Internet Dismantlement Act of 2006. Faced with a choice between an Internet that carried 'The Huffington Post' and using postcards and stamped letters with a fifteen day delivery lag, the people were as united as one in their choice."

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