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March 06, 2005

baldilocks: Jordanites Push Back
But did you notice anything about the headlines? They don't say that the car was shot. They say that the journalist either was shot or imply that the soldiers were shooting at the journalist. And what will most readers notice? Not the details, but the headlines. You know it, I know it and, most of all, they know it.

In spite of the countless instances in which speeding cars have been used as weapons in the Iraq Theater of Operations, these people brandish Eason Jordan's bogus weapon at those in life or death situations.

Every time I think I know just how much the mainstream media hate the US military, something new happens and a new low is reached.

In other news, UN troops still raping little girls.
Banterist - So, You Want To Be A Germ Freak

What it really comes down to is practice. Practice is what separates the average aspiring singer from karaoke master Ashlee Simpson. Practice does indeed make perfect. The more time you spend thinking trace amounts of pee or probably influenza, the easier it will eventually come to you. With enough practice you could be like Elton John, but instead of mastering the piano you'll be skilled at detecting fecal threats.
Being American in T.O.: Canada Archives

Nevertheless, Martin's decision not to participate in the proposed missile shield is being factored into this latest setback by "some" Canadians:

"Some Canadian industry observers wondered just how much support to expect from U.S. officials clearly disappointed about Canada's recent decision to stay out of the American ballistic missile defence program."

Get over yourselves. Canada's decision to stay out is not relevant. The manner in which Martin chose to make the announcemnent without informing President Bush first and the timing, which occurred while Bush was attending a summit with Russian President Putin, reflects poorly on Martin but it doesn't derail missile defense. We'll defend ourselves, and Canada will continue posturing. In other words, business as usual, and many would like business to include re-opening the cattle and beef market.
Bill Peschel: Ulrich Haarb�rste's stories about Roy Orbison being wrapped up in cling-film and best Internet Essays of the still sort of short year...

These are the most interesting essays I've found, from blogs, journals and bulletin boards, funny, heartfelt, even unnerving.
The Blog from the Core - Three by Donne II

My pilgrimages last mile; and my race
Idly, yet quickly runne, hath this last pace,
My spans last inch, my minutes latest point,
And gluttonous death, will instantly unjoynt
My body, and soule, and I shall sleepe a space,
But my'ever-waking part shall see that face,
Whose feare already shakes my every joynt;
Then, as my soule, to'heaven her first seate, takes flight,
And earth borne body, in the earth shall dwelll,
So, fall my sinnes, that all may have their right,
To where they'are bred, and would presse me, to hell.
Impute me righteous, thus purg'd of evill,
For thus I leave the world, the flesh, the devill.

(Holy Sonnets VI)
brain, grow-a: Naked Lunch New York

The absolute bottom 50 fast food franchises: Somewhere between Sam McDonaldson's and Pimple Hut
Brutally Honest: Islamofascism - a dirty word to some

Last night I decided to leave the following comment at Mike's Waving and Drowning:

Mukhtaran's life illuminates what will be the central moral challenge of this century, the brutality that is the lot of so many women and girls in poor countries.

Who is Kristof kidding here Mike, or am I misunderstanding him? Is he attempting to say that poverty is the problem here? Because if he is, then there's a moral challenge here that far exceeds the one Kristoff is evoking... the absolute myopic blindness of those who refuse to see Islamofascism as the evil that it so uniquely represents...

Mike saw fit to delete my comments and send me this e-mail:

I'm deleting this one. Do you want to try again and not slander an entire nation of people?
BuzzMachine... by Jeff Jarvis

The future of news

: I'm writing this post on the train returning from perhaps one symposium on the future of news too many. They can be very frustrating, howing the same rows over and over until you find yourself stuck in a rut: Who's a journalist? What's journalism? How do we support newsgathering? How can blogs be trusted without editors? How can big media be trusted without bloggers? Why is the sky blue? What do women really want? Arrrrrghh! So why do I go? It ain't for the food. It's because I care about the news business and know we need it; I want it to survive. And I care about citizens' media and know we need it and want it to grow. I believe the two must do that together. And so I come and do my schizo dance (to the point that Merrill Brown had to ask me more than once when using the first person whether I was speaking as MediaMan or BlogBoy).

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