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December 29, 2004


NICK COLEMAN, TATTLE-TALE: The Minneapolis Star Tribune's Overpayed and Undersubscribed Resident Bozo, Nick Coleman, has been amusing himself, if not his ostensible readers, by slamming Power Line. Not content to just add some spew to his standard blather, Coleman dives deeper into the pit of the spurned by pulling the chump-trick all online scum resort to once they have been bested, "tattle-tale to 'the Boss',"

"We keep it very much separate from our day jobs," said Hinderaker, meaning the boys don't blog at work.

But they do. Johnson recently had time at his bank job to post a despicable item sliming Sen. Mark Dayton. If I had the money they think I do, I'd put it all in TCF. Then I'd pull it out.

If you've been online much at all, you'll recognize this cheap bit of work. It's called, 'I can't get the better of these guys by argument or intellect, so I'll just try and get them in hot water at work.'

Onliners know this steaming hunk of spite for what it is, but Coleman, stuck in the Goofy suit at his "job" is far too unclued and unglued to recognize it for what it is. Then again, he's not likely to recognize himself for what he is, just another Bozo on the brokedown media bus.

Posted by Vanderleun at December 29, 2004 05:58 PM from American Digest


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