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March 16, 2017

The people who find their way onto the college campus, or the government campus, are not there to confront life. They are there to escape it.

Spend any time at a government facility and you quickly see, if you are the noticing sort, that it is a different world. The Department of Nice is pretty much an adult daycare center, like everycollege campus. Except it is not a college campus. It is a government facility allegedly doing necessary work. Trying to findanyone who can tell you what it is they do and why it is necessary is not recommended. It's not that anyone will get upset at your questions. It's that no one in government land is defined by what they do. They are defined by their credentials. The Department of Nice | The Z Blog

Posted by gerardvanderleun at March 16, 2017 6:49 AM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

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