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November 4, 2016

You and I are what is wrong with America. Our homes are what is wrong.

Now… you can’t fix the federal government. You can’t fix the crime rates.
You can’t fix the school system or the justice system. You can’t fix any of that. That isn’t under your control. But your home is under your control. You can fix your home. And if you fix your home, and I fix my home, then all of these other problems? They fix themselves.
The battle is right in front of you. The war for civilization is your family. Do not ask what is wrong with America. Ask what is wrong with your home. We’re all broken. All of us. But, by God, we are gonna fix this. We’re going to fix our homes. And we will do everything in our power to help you fix yours. - - What Is Wrong With America? - Men Of The West

Posted by gerardvanderleun at November 4, 2016 11:47 AM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

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This is a pointed article, but a bit of a shallow one…

HOW were our homes broken? How was it accomplished, how is it continuing to be accomplished, and what can we, as individuals and as groups, due to fix them? WHY were our homes broken? (actually that question could be the gist of an entire book)

The simplest answer, last question first, as that the nuclear family is the distillation and the most powerful expression of our basic tribalism… In fact, it allows us to more-or-less sublimate our tribalism so that we can turn our energies to thinking of our nation-state as one extended Tribe… the largest possible tribe. Without that release of individualism, of the simple form of tribalism, of being able, as individuals, to follow our biological imperative of reproducing and caring for the next generation, anything but utter chaos on a larger scale is impossible. The Family is all-important, but it is small enough that we are capable of looking at the larger picture.
The problem with this, among the neofeudalistic overlords, is that an attentive populace is a populace that is difficult to control… it is a populace from which springs challenges to their ultimate authority, upstarts that are capable of the upwards mobility that threatens to supplant THEIR small tribes. Thus it MUST be destroyed at all costs, leaving nothing for the plebes to turn for tribal support and belonging than the structure controlled by the neofeudal families themselves. Good little slaves get too brave when they are fighting for their children and know their family has their back.

The first goal was to separate men from women. This was accomplished by the clever dodge of encouraging women to feel like the voting process, by which a man is head of the household and tends to vote in his family’s interests, into ‘universal suffrage’ whereby a man and a woman can vote, not as a family, but as individuals. This immediately threw a massive bar of conflict, and opened the doors of politics into the parlor itself.
The next step, obviously, was to create even more dispute within the family and separate children from their parents. As always, the putative reasons seemed fine on their face… educate children, prevent child labor sweatshops… but in practice, the effect was to separate families. Children could no longer work with their parents during the day, truancy laws prevented it, and where the truancy laws fell off, child labor laws ensured that no child could observe his parents at work. This had the psychological effect of causing a massive loss of respect in the family as well, because children that did not work with their parents saw ‘daddy going to work’ and then ‘coming home’ divorced from their own experience of skull sweat… obviously daddy played at work and the children were expected to languish at school because daddy hates them.

Added to this was the massive influx of previous mothers into the workforce after world war 2, and the neofeudalists were beside themselves… Mother and father were BOTH away from the children, effectively causing a complete split in the family unit. This was encouraged by feminism’s claims that women were SUPPOSED to be working as well as men, and were SUPPOSED to ‘live their own life’ while disparaging the horrors of having a family.

But there were still a few families hanging in there despite the enormous separation. Obviously, more would have to be done to turn the population into self-contained drones that desperately looked to their leadership for EVERYTHING. Self-reliance is a sin… enter paranoid ‘child abuse’ laws where children could actually have their parents arrested with virtually no evidence, ‘violence against women’ acts where men could be jailed on the slightest pretext of conflict within the home, ‘no-fault divorce’ where a parent is encouraged to abandon family at a moment’s dissatisfaction…And now, Title IX laws, sexual harassment laws, ‘Gay marriage’ to wreck the concept of a family and replace it with a mere cohabitation agreement, and a million other ways to destroy a family with even the flimsiest excuse, mostly aimed at men, since they are the ones that lead households and are less likely to abandon a family upon which they count, and which passes on their legacy.

ahh, the final bastion- Christianity. Christians still believed that men should lead their families, that marriage is important, that children and families should be loyal to each other, and that there is a greater authority… objective morality and god… that weakens their power base and still leaves room for those baseborn fools to exert their will as a group! That still leaves a wrinkle in the neofeudalist’s plans to turn our country into their private heaven, and so Christians must be altered, subverted, or expunged at all costs!

That leaves us where we are now… The Christian churches have been almost entirely corrupted to accept all of the neoofeudalist’s decrees rather than doctrine. Women priests, gay congregations, atheists as church leaders… add in unparalleled support for immigrants that do not share our christian values and are separated from their own tribal support network, and the goal of a neofeudalistic Utopia is nearly complete!

there are only two ways to fight this… the simple way, and the complicated way. The simple way, is, of course, a violent uprising. Anyone that does not believe such is close is truly fooling themselves. The more complex way is to slowly unspool all the changes that have destroyed the family. All of them. Even the ones that supposedly have pure aims, because they are used as a wedge to pry apart the family with even the loftiest goals.

Posted by: ghostsniper at November 4, 2016 1:56 PM

@ ghost

Your posts here on AD have become very good since your return from 'vacation'.

Posted by: Terry at November 4, 2016 3:37 PM

Anthony Esolen (currently being persecuted by his 'Catholic university' for his orthodoxy, has stated as much in this interview.

Posted by: Jewel at November 4, 2016 4:00 PM

@Terry, I can't take credit for that. I don't know why but the last sentence didn't show up in that post. That sentence said it was copied from the comments section in the linked article. I think that comment is better than the article.
But thanks just the same.

Posted by: ghostsniper at November 4, 2016 5:58 PM

No need to throw out the baby while keeping the bathwater. Traditional values and common sense values are not always the same. Traditional values developed over time and some were considered heretical when first proposed.
Women voting? Why not allow them to vote if they are citizens?
As a "new" tradition how about a "well-informed" test to be passed before one is allowed to vote?
How about periodic vetting of potential voters to remove traitors? Surely the CIA could advise on protocols.
Children in sweatshops rather than in decent schools? I vote for schools that reinforce the family and patriotic values of yesteryear, for example, the schools of the 1940`s and 1950`s, when parents and teachers taught by word and example. Who among us has served on local school boards and attended PTA meetings regularly?
Our shattered and degraded society is the result of the organized efforts of the Statists weakening all oppostion and making the citizenry dependent on the
State for necessary and desired freebies.
The Statists used the salami method of one slice at a time, while the rest of us were busy with other things.
We trusted but did not verify.

Posted by: howard nelson at November 4, 2016 9:49 PM

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