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November 27, 2016

So what really was Fidel’s Cuba?

A huge tick – sucking blood for sixty years.
First, during the years of the Soviet Union, turning the country into a client state of that defunct system for a few billion dollars a year; enough to keep people fed, well mostly. Then the USSR fell and the tick crawled elsewhere in the desperate search of lifeblood – and those were terrible years, called the “Periodo Especial” in Cuban nomenclature (google it). Rickets, nutritional-deficiency-induced blindness. Starvation. Then along came Hugo – a product of the temper tantrum that paid huge dividends, and the tick latched on. Until Venezuela dried up Fidel is Dead | Joel D. Hirst's Blog

Posted by gerardvanderleun at November 27, 2016 9:42 AM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

The tyrant is dead, the tyranny is not.

To have lived all these years with this seeping wound against freedom just 90 miles off our shores, is a conundrum which is, to my lights, a tragedy explained only by the progressive belief in egalitarianism. Of which, of course, Cuba is no example. Except in the minds of Che loving Communists and their fellow travelers.

As long as the Castro regime remains in power, it is a mistake to visit this island prison. All money spent there goes directly into the regime’s pockets. And thereby strengthens their control. American tourism is the vehicle that the Castro regime hopes will replace the life giving subsidies of the USSR, and subsequently, Venezuela. Cuba has never been able to exist without subsidies from better off Communist countries. To forbid American tourism would help hasten the fall of the prison walls Castro has built.

Posted by: Jimmy J. at November 27, 2016 12:44 PM

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