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November 8, 2016

Investigators also found a container of Vaseline in his locker, but again, totally circumstantial.

Rectal Smuggler Won't Know Doody’s Position Until November |
The Ottawa Citizen reported yesterday that Justice Peter Doody heard closing arguments, but did not rule, in the trial of a former employee of the Royal Canadian Mint, on trial for allegedly smuggling gold nuggets out of the mint via the time-honored practice of inserting them into an internal smuggling compartment and then walking out with them. The roughly 210-gram (7.6-ounce) nuggets, known as “pucks” but obviously not puck-sized, are used to make gold bars or coins, and if these are basically the same thing as the “buttons” described here, are .9999 pure gold.

Posted by gerardvanderleun at November 8, 2016 12:32 PM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

Peter "Doody" and rectal smuggling.

Almost like it was planned this way, by Mr Flatulence himself, Mel Brooks.

Perhaps it requires a digital inspection.

Posted by: ghostsniper at November 8, 2016 1:24 PM

Why do they call something anal-og a digital inspection?

Posted by: DrTedNelson at November 8, 2016 5:19 PM

Doesn't appear that Vaseline would help much for insertion or extraction.

Posted by: Terry at November 8, 2016 5:33 PM

It all evens out in the end.

Anyway, I could be mistaken but, I believe the word means digit-al, as in fingers (digits of the hand) and the manipulation (inspection) thereof.

You're the Dr, so correct me and I'll bow to your knowledge.

Posted by: ghostsniper at November 8, 2016 5:36 PM

I have no idea which would hurt the most: Inserting that thing or removing it.

Posted by: Jack at November 10, 2016 7:55 AM

Back in the day, when the gold dredges were operating around Fairbanks, the guy in one of the dredges' weighing room has the very appropriate nickname, Goldielocks. Before going to work he's heavily pomade his hair. Then, at work, while weighing the gold dust, he's run his fingers through his hair. After work he go home wash his hair over a basin and then pan the wash water.

Posted by: Jim O'Neil at November 11, 2016 10:09 AM

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