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November 28, 2016

Immigration. Here Hillary and Obama did great work for Donald.

As Obama frantically brought in as many "refugees" as possible from everywhere, anywhere that might not be compatible with the people upon whom he would force them, Hillary promised to import huge numbers of Muslims.
It was luminously stupid politics, but politically she was luminously stupid, so it fit.

It is why she is not President.

She knew that the backward peoples of Flyover Land ought to want hundreds of thousands of Somalis and Pakistanis and who-knew-what to live with, and if they didn't, she would force them and it didn't matter because she had big donors and everybody in the media loved her.

However incoherent and ignorant Trump was, the Establishment was determined to elect him. Elect him it did. Uniquely Talented: Only the Democrats Could Have Lost to Trump | Fred On Everything

Posted by gerardvanderleun at November 28, 2016 6:39 PM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

Lemme ask you, what good is "draining the swamp" if only to repack it with the same old snakes that have lived there for decades?
If Trump didn't know already, he is finding out now, it's not the people, it's the system that is flawed.
No doubt Trump has been very successful in the quasi-free market (QFM) where logic, intelligence, common sense, and testosterone are the business man's tools.
But the american gov't has a whole different workshop that it works in that is counter to that of the business man.

Success in the QFM requires the business owner to hire competent help and compensate them in a manner that is beneficial to the business.
Success also means dismissing hired help when they are no longer beneficial to the business.
If an employee is a liability to the business now and in the future clearly the business manager (BM) has made a poor business decision (BD) which negatively effects the business's bottom line.
Hundreds of gov't BM's (politicians and bureaucrats) over a period of decades have made thousands of poor BDs which have been negatively effecting the gov'ts bottom line for a long time.
The gov't is currently $20,000,000,000,000.00 (Twenty trillion dollars) in debt because of poor decisions.

In the QFM when a BM does such a thing his ability to do so is removed and he is no longer a liability to the business.
The BM is replaced and the negative effect to the bottom line is remedied quickly.
If this is not done in a timely manner the business will fail and many people, investors and others, will lose a lot of money.
When the gov't makes poor decisions that negatively effect the bottom line the costs are passed onto others that are completely unrelated to the infractions.
The people that are held financially responsible for the bad decisions of the gov't have no opportunity to stop this behavior.

First, it is morally wrong to force people to pay for the actions of others.
Second, it is also morally wrong to not hold people accountable for their actions.
Both of these things are at the root of continuous gov't failure and filling the swamp with people that lived in violation of those two things will insure the gov't will continue to run as it always has.

There are despicable people working for the gov't and those same type of people work in the QFM but they have limited impact as explained above.
But it is the underlying system of gov't that creates an environment where the same swamp predators continue to ruin the business model over and over with no accountability to themselves.
In the QFM these predators are criminals but in the gov't they are lauded and rewarded, as Trump is doing right now.

Essentially, the gov't business model is a failure so it is no wonder that it fails and it will continue to fail until the model is changed.
I am not certain Trump alone can change the gov't business model so draining the swamp is basically a waste of time because the new predators will continue to destroy the bottom line the same as the old predators have. In other words, putting a new paint job on a car with a blown engine will not get you to your destination.

I'd like to see "Trump's Complete Vehicle Repair Center" do a full ground-off rotisserie restoration of the entire gov't model based upon sound QFM principles and staffed by persons that are not experienced in swamp tactics. If he does that I and millions of other citizens will have renewed faith in the system but if he does not we will continue to carry extreme scepticism and scorn on all gov't practices.

Posted by: ghostsniper at November 28, 2016 6:55 PM

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