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July 1, 2016

What happened? My answer: the romance died.


I think what did it, more than anything else, were the images of SJWs.
Everyone wants to discuss heady thinker with a pioneering, brilliant and attractive thinker, but what we saw instead were the pretentious lumpenproletariat that had learned to make its way through “education” by parroting and restating known theory. They were fat, tattooed, inarticulate, pointlessly angry, and most of all, ugly. The romance died when we saw the end result of modernity: alienated, frustrated people repeating dogma as if it would fill the holes in their souls. These were not life’s winners, but its losers, compensating for that fact with power and authority. In short, these were the same dimwits who ran the Soviet Union into the ground: obedient tools with an inner instability that propelled them forward through need. The Romance Has Died

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