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July 3, 2016

There’s a new darkness haunting the world today.

Terrorism, naked and unashamed – seeking to strike fear in order to obtain power.
A terrorism of the mind – because the terrorists lack great minds. When you can’t think, it’s always more comfortable to stop others from doing so; like the communists did. They have no place of their own, the terrorists don’t – not lawfully, not legitimately. We know how they would act if they did. Like communists old and new have their bread lines, their gulags and their molding, rotting buildings inside which the people cower from their neighbors – the jihadis have Raqqa and Mosul; had Timbuktu, Kabul and Fallujah. Cages full of burning girls; beheadings; throwing people from buildings; handless people walking the streets; quiet places, bereft of music or laughter or love; torture chambers under hospitals full of starving children and the wounded product of a fight that they will never stop – because their ideology has nothing else to offer. There’s Always A Darkness | Joel D. Hirst's Blog

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