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July 3, 2016

“The Great Liberal Death-Wish” (1966)

One can easily see how plausible this death-wish hypothesis would be.
For instance, take the case of universal suffrage democracy; a liberal product if ever there was one. In retrospect it will seem obvious that no device could have been more calculated to discredit and destroy the whole concept of representative government, as some perceptive observers like De Tocqueville clearly understood when it was first put in hand. We, in any case, should need no convincing, having seen how easily the theory of one-man-one-vote turns into the practice of dictatorship—whether in the Anglo-American style of the all-powerful party machine fortified by mass-communication media, or in the communist style, and its variants in former colonial territories, of the one-party state fortified by terrorism. In the light of these developments it will surely seem to posterity that only minds consumed with a death-wish would go on recommending the application of such a formula to newly independent African states where it could not but result in the substitution of black bully-boys for the dispossessed white ones. --- tcjfs

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