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July 7, 2016

I make wooden crates to hold a dozen Mason jars. Each crate costs me about $3,


and will last the rest of my life or my kids' lifetimes.
They no longer make crates to carry Mason jars or much else – it is cardboard or plastic shrink wrap – use once and toss away. So there is nothing out there to hold your canned goods except crappy plastic wrap or paper – plastic wrap is not reusable and paper dissolves when wet and attracts insects. Nobody makes wooden crates anymore – unless they are decorative. I own wooden dynamite boxes from the 1940’s – still serviceable and still carrying or storing things. Today, dynamite is shipped in cardboard or special plastic, and the containers are not useful for anything else – specialized design, just for dynamite sticks… Hypercomplexity, Obsolescence, Plastics --oh my Rural Pioneer ®

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