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July 30, 2016

Pre-Christian Communion Was Less Symbolic


“They took a captive,” says the Jesuit Acosta, “such as they thought good; and afore they did sacrifice him unto their idols, they gave him the name of the idol,
to whom he should be sacrificed, and apparelled him with the same ornaments like their idol, saying, that he did represent the same idol. And during the time that this representation lasted, which was for a year in some feasts, in others six months, and in others less, they reverenced and worshipped him in the same manner as the proper idol; and in the meantime he did eat, drink, and was merry. When he went through the streets, the people came forth to worship him, and every one brought him an alms, with children and sick folks, that he might cure them, and bless them, suffering him to do all things at his pleasure, only he was accompanied with ten or twelve men lest he should fly. And he (to the end he might be reverenced as he passed) sometimes sounded upon a small flute, that the people might prepare to worship him. The feast being come, and he grown fat, they killed him, opened him, and ate him, making a solemn sacrifice of him.” Killing the God in Mexico. The Golden Bough, 1922

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And in an odd parallel, that's exactly how the US government treats its black servants.

Posted by: Jack [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 1, 2016 7:05 AM

What an honor they bestowed.

Posted by: Vermont Woodchuck [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 1, 2016 7:13 AM

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