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July 13, 2016

"And how can you run, if your money is no longer any good and the vehicles no longer work?"

The elites have spent so long in the clouds that they don’t have any contact with how the world really works. Buoyed by the legacies of their ancestors who created their wealth and their membership in the elite institutions in academia, media, finance and government they don’t really have to worry about actually making, well anything. As far as they see stuff, it all just shows up, from someplace else. They don’t understand that that private jet they fly in required thousands of hours by hundreds of hands to fabricate all the complicated engineered parts that all have to fit together in order to work and requires still more hours of highly skilled and technical knowledge to keep operating. For that matter, everything they touch requires the same level of hard work from the very people who’s lives they are messing up.
The problem is that the gleaming enclaves are totally reliant on massive resources outside those enclaves. Does Davos produce any food? Does Aspen? San Francisco? New York? Certainly not enough to feed the elites in the style they have become accustomed to. So, if the system beaks down, which seems to be the goal from what they say, it’s not going to be pretty in the gold coasts of the world. And how can you run, if your money is no longer any good and the vehicles no longer work? I’m confident in my ability to keep myself alive if I have to, but are they? That’s a bet I would not be making. Yet here we are.

This Is NOT A Gamble I Would Make | The Arts Mechanical

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