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July 19, 2016

Americans take eight years to become doctors. Irishmen can do it in four, and achieve the same result.

Each year of higher education at a good school – let’s say an Ivy, doctors don’t study at Podunk Community College – costs about $50,000. So American medical students are paying an extra $200,000 for…what? | Jeb Kinnison

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Not sure I get this. My son graduated from medical school just last month. It was four years. The first two were classes and labs, the second two were rotations of four weeks each in different hospitals to work in the different medical specialties. The the medical degree was awarded and the next day he began surgical residency. That is a five year residency but some specialties are three, such as pediatrics.

I will say this, if the Irish system includes no residency or something like it, then I do not want any just-graduated doc anywhere near me with a scalpel.

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