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February 15, 2016

Understanding: Just In Time Inventory


This innocuous package of toilet paper was manufactured and rolled off a production line (and there are no paper mills within radius of hundreds of miles from where I live) a mere 5 days prior.
That means within 5 days that package was: warehoused, sorted, shipped to the supermarkets master hub, sorted again, shipped via their own distribution network directly to the store, received, sorted, then stocked onto the shelf where I purchased it for consumption. All within 5 days. This can not, I repeat; can not happen unless there is nothing in the pipeline prior, as in, cases sitting in some warehouse waiting to be purchased and distributed. i.e., there’s no warehouse, as opposed to, some giant big building holding days worth of production. Let alone weeks. - – MarkStCyr.com

Posted by gerardvanderleun at February 15, 2016 6:26 PM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

Inventory == expense.

Posted by: leelu [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 16, 2016 6:14 AM

EL BRTZ means USE BY in Punjabi. You bought some outdated Pakistani toilet paper. That's why it has a brownish look.

Posted by: BillH [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 16, 2016 6:31 AM

It's called JIT and all of the big stores have been doing it for years.

JIT = Just In Time (delivery)

Guess what?
Back stock has been a thing of the past for at least 20 years.

A standard Walmart gets 4 to 8 tractor loads per day and everything on those trucks is on the shelves within 24 hours.

The only thing in the back rooms are bicycles hanging from the rafters and a bunch of damaged/returned stuff waiting to be shipped back.

If the shelf is empty you're SOL.

Posted by: ghostsniper [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 16, 2016 8:11 AM

JIT TP OK, but you better not have the the two step.

Posted by: Vermont Woodchuck [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 16, 2016 9:38 AM

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