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February 5, 2016

It’s “deer-dodging season” around Moab, Utah.

Herds of deer have been driven down into the valleys by the mountain snow.
Bored deer entertain themselves by standing around in the roadside bushes waiting for cars and trucks to come along so they can launch kamikaze attacks by bounding across the road in front of drivers. It’s a bizarre sport - played by deranged deer on one side and anxious drivers on the other – with deadly results for both sometimes. Every hunter has a deer-dodging story. “Almost got my buck – an 8 pointer – just grazed his ass when he shot out in front of my car.” -- Robert Fulghum

Posted by gerardvanderleun at February 5, 2016 9:59 AM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

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Several years ago a nice buck ran into me right at the driver's window, while I was doing about 50 mph. Face not 8 inches from mine. Deer ran away, I had a $700. repair bill and deer fur in my wheel- well.

Posted by: tripletap [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 5, 2016 4:22 PM

Tens years ago my wife and I were traveling through the Crowsnest Pass in British Columbia on our way to Trail, (wife's father was dying in the hospital at Trail), it was a bright sunny day and we drove down into a dark gully, roadsides over-shadowed by heavy tree growth.
A full grown grizzly came barreling out of the underbrush on my left(must have been doing over 35mph), ran straight in front of my car(I was doing 95 kph), and shot up on the right a near totally vertical 7+ foot embankment and vanished into the forest.

He missed us, or we missed him, by the breadth of a hand.

Posted by: Speller [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 7, 2016 2:18 AM

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