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January 29, 2016

We're the Only Animals With Chins, and No One Knows Why

“It's really strange that only humans have chins,” says James Pampush from Duke University.
“When we're looking at things that are uniquely human, we can't look to big brains or bipedalism because our extinct relatives had those. But they didn't have chins. That makes this immediately relevant to everyone.” - The Atlantic

Posted by gerardvanderleun at January 29, 2016 10:35 AM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

My mutt has a chin, little as it may be, and she get's it wiped off as well as her entire mugs, eyes, eyc., with a damp towel after every meal.

Only humans have the arrogancy to search for silly things they believe they are unique in. They like to overlook the fact that humans are the only animal that are malicious.

Posted by: ghostsniper [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 29, 2016 12:23 PM

Maybe we're designed to be able to take 'It' on the chin. When we forget what It is worth taking on the chin, and giving thereafter, we waste some of our humanity.

Posted by: Stug Guts [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 29, 2016 12:59 PM

Where else would you put the goatee? On your butt?

Posted by: Lance de Boyle [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 29, 2016 3:17 PM

The chin interrupts the force vectors of the head.

Posted by: Casey Klahn [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 29, 2016 4:02 PM

Not true at all. My sister's pug has a chin. Several chins, in fact.

Posted by: Grizzly [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 29, 2016 5:23 PM

Chins are like knockers. We selected for them because we liked them, not because we needed them. Pretty soon you needed one to be liked.

Posted by: james wilson [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 29, 2016 6:02 PM

I suspect that chins evolved to help man eat a greater variety of foods. i.e. chew better.

GS is right.

Posted by: Ken [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 30, 2016 9:14 AM

humans occasionally do stupid shit. you need something to sock.

Posted by: uglykidmoe [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 30, 2016 9:44 AM

The chin is there to facilitate speech and because GOD thinks it looks good on people. Betcha!

Posted by: pbird [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 30, 2016 10:12 AM

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