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June 19, 2015

The Tocci Brothers


The approximate birth years stated don't seem to put them at the age they seem to look in this photo taken in NYC in 1891 or later:
Giacomo & Giovanni Battista Tocci were born in Locana, Italy, sometime between 1875 & 1877. Their father was so shocked by the twins' appearance that he was sent to a mental asylum for a month. The boys appeared to be one boy from the waist down, but were 2 full boys from the waist up. And, as doctors all over Europe examined them, their anatomy was pretty much that way. Each twin could feel & control only 1 leg. They never learned to walk upright, but they could crawl. The twins got along with each other most of the time, but would settle their differences by punching each other. After a childhood of exhibition in Europe, the Tocci twins came to America in 1891 and stayed for 5 years. In 1897, after barely reaching adulthood, Giacomo & Giovanni retired to a villa in Venice, becoming recluses from the public for the rest of their lives. Little is known of them afterward. There were rumors that they had married 2 women, but it was never confirmed. They died sometime after 1912, but it is not known exactly when. - - Pinterest

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